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Wikimedia Foundation elaborates on recent demand by French governmental agency to remove Wikipedia content.

As some members of our community are already aware, a disturbing situation has developed involving Wikipedia and a threat by France’s Direction Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur. We would like to be transparent about our understanding as to what has occurred to date and try to answer any questions the community may have regarding this incident, with the sensitivity required to minimize Wikipedians’ exposure to further unjustified risk.


On 4 March 2013, the Wikimedia Foundation (the “Foundation”) was contacted by the Direction Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur (“DCRI”), a French intelligence agency. The DCRI claimed that the article Station hertzienne militaire de Pierre-sur-Haute on the French language Wikipedia contains classified military information and that publication of such information violates French Penal Code, Article 413-10. The DCRI demanded removal of the article in its entirety without any further substantive explanation.

The Foundation takes allegations of national security threats seriously and investigated the matter accordingly. However, it was not readily apparent what specific information the DCRI could consider classified or otherwise high-risk. Without further information, we could not understand why the DCRI believes information in the article is classified. Almost all of the information in the article is cited to publicly-available sources. In fact, the article’s contents are largely consistent with a publicly available video in which Major Jeansac, the chief of the military station in question, gives a detailed interview and tour of the station to a reporter. This video is now cited in the article. Furthermore, the page was originally created on July 24, 2009 and has been continually available and edited since. We do not know why the DCRI believes that the article has suddenly become an urgent threat now.

We requested more information from the DCRI, such as which specific sentences or sections they believed to contain classified information. Unfortunately, the DCRI refused to provide any more specific detail and reaffirmed their demand that the entire article be deleted. Therefore, the Foundation was forced to refuse their request pending receipt of more information that we could use to fully evaluate their claim.

On 30 March 2013, we discovered that the DCRI, evidently dissatisfied with the Foundation’s response, contacted a volunteer with administrative rights (a “sysop”) who resides in France. This sysop is not responsible for the hosting of the content on Wikipedia, had no role in the creation of the article, and is not part of the Wikimedia Foundation. As we understand it, the sysop attempted to explain his limited role as a volunteer and directed them back to the Foundation’s legal department.

Unfortunately, the DCRI did not accept this answer and insisted that the sysop use his administrative rights to immediately remove the article, or face serious and immediate reprisals. Under the shadow of these threats, the sysop removed the article as directed. We are reaching out to the sysop and, to the extent he wishes, intend to support him to the best of our ability during this frightening experience. We ask that you respect his privacy as we work through this matter.

삭제에 관하여 fr:Wikipédia:Bulletin des administrateurs/2013/Semaine 14#Secret défense이 있어 왔으며, 우리가 이해 하는 바, 해당 기사의 갱신된 버전은 차후 커뮤니티의 다른 회원이 복귀시켰습니다.

재단의 입장

When governments have security concerns about Wikipedia articles, they should direct those concerns to the Foundation, and only to the Foundation. We believe it is unnecessary, irresponsible, and often counter-productive for any governmental agency to contact users or volunteers of any Wikimedia website directly to address issues that should be worked through in close collaboration with the Foundation. In the past, we have worked together with a number of agencies around the world to resolve their concerns in ways that were both consistent with the needs of the agency and the principles of the community.

While we have never received a request of this nature from the DCRI before, it is unfortunately not unheard of for governmental entities to contact, or even harass, local users. The Foundation strongly opposes any governmental attempts to intimidate the volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to build one of the world’s great educational resources that everyone can freely share in. We are saddened and disappointed to discover that the DCRI believes the tactics they employed in the name of security in this matter could be acceptable under any moral or legal authority. The Foundation was, and remains, willing to work with the DCRI to resolve this matter if possible, but we cannot condone any harassment of individuals who have done nothing wrong.

The Foundation is certainly sensitive to national security concerns, but in cases where there is no ‘’apparent’’ threat but rather a vague unsubstantiated claim of threats to national security, we require more information before we will consider removing any content -- to do otherwise would allow censorship to trump free expression, which would be a direct assault on the values of the Wikimedia community. All cases are investigated and evaluated on a case-by-case basis and some are more easily resolved than others. In this case, we have been unable to readily determine that the information is classified on its face and -- especially in light of the video -- therefore believe our request to the DCRI for more information is a reasonable one.

커뮤니티는 당연히 기사를 보유하거나 삭제하는데 있어서 자유로우며, 커뮤니티 정책과 절차에 부합하는 것을 전제로 합니다. 이러한 측면에서 커뮤니티 의사결정을 소중하게 여기며 존중합니다. 그러나, 프랑스 사법권에 속해 있는 사용자들에게 일깨우고 싶은 것은 정부 관계자들이 원치 않는 내용을 올리는 경우에 위험이 있다라는 것이며, 우리는 그러한 사용자들에게 잠재적으로 위험한 것 같은 상황 속에서 행동하기 전에 변호사와 상담할 것을 부탁합니다. 이 경우 우리는 법률적인 근거를 가지고 기사를 삭제할 보여지는 이유를 알고 있지는 않습니다.


우리는 편집자들에게 일깨우고 싶은 것이, 신의성실하게 일을 잘 하더라도 위키미디어 사이트에서 하는 일들은 법적 책임이 있으므로, 편집자들이 속해 있는 지역의 준거법과 사법권을 염두에 두어야 합니다. 모든 사람은 그들 자신의 위험감수 수준을 갖고 있습니다. 우리는 편집자들이 최상의 판단을 해 줄 것을 권고하며, 기여하고, 편집하고 삭제하거나 아니면 책임을 져야 하는 것에 마음 편하지 않은 것, 혹은 확실하지 않은 것을 변경하는 것에 신중할 것을 부탁합니다.

불행히도, 재단의 법률부서는 재단의 최상위 관심사만 나타낼 수 있습니다. 이는 미국 법률 직업의 도덕적 요구사항입니다. 이는 우리가 법률적 충고를 줄 수 없거나 동호회 회원, 자원봉사자, 또는 직원들을 그들의 개인적인 능력 내에서 변호사로서 일할 수 없음을 의미합니다. 우리는 우리가 할 수 있는 정도에서 지원하며, 각 Case의 본성에 따라서, 가능하면 :Special:MyLanguage/Legal/Legal Fees Assistance Program 또는 :Special:MyLanguage/Legal/Legal Policies#Defense of Contributors에 적절히 보내고, 개인 사용자를 변호하기 위해서 지역의 독립 변호인을 확보하거나, 공공 지원을 제공하는 것을 포함한다.

Wikimedia 프로젝트에 관해서 불편한 무언가를 요구하는 정부 기관 사람들과 접촉이 있었다면, 고민하지 마시고 저희들에게 직접 말씀해 주세요. 저희는 legal@wikimedia.org로 연락이 될 것입니다.

--Michelle Paulson, Legal Counsel (WMF)