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A learning pattern forGLAM
Wikipedian KulTour – the little sister of GLAM on Tour
problemCultural institutions often lack a clear idea of exactly how a collaboration with Wikimedia volunteers could look like.
solutionA small group of volunteers meet with employees of a cultural institution for a one-day event. Through, for example, a tour of the exhibition and a subsequent discussion, both parties can gain an impression of possible forms of collaboration.
created on14:14, 22 June 2016 (UTC)

What problem does this solve?

Cultural institutions often lack a clear idea of exactly how a collaboration with Wikimedia volunteers could look like. Most of these institutions have no experience of working with groups of volunteers in the digital environment and are skeptical of inquiries that do not provide a concrete concept.

What is the solution?

Special tour of the Landesmuseum Württemberg for Wikipedia volunteers in 2015
Photo of exhibits in the Landesmuseum Württemberg, KulTour 2015

A one-day event that brings Wikipedia contributors together with a cultural institution is often a good way to initiate a mutual relationship. A Wikipedian KulTour offers an excellent framework for such an event, consisting of a guided tour and writing workshop or a Wikipedia workshop, for example. The one-day format allows local Wikipedia contributors to gain a first impression of the institution and to make contacts with its employees. It also gives the institution the opportunity to gain a preliminary idea of whether to build on the KulTour concept and organize a larger GLAM on Tour event or perhaps launch a different form of collaboration.


The Wikipedian KulTour is a local-level GLAM format that is modeled on the set-up of Wikipedia Stammtisch meetings, “field trips”, and GLAM on Tour events. The organizational effort involved should be limited and the scale of the event should not greatly exceed that of a regular Stammtisch meeting.

This is a particularly good option for volunteers who don’t have time to attend an entire GLAM on Tour weekend. Volunteers can also use this format to organize spontaneous visits to attractive special exhibitions, themed city tours and other excursions. These events are low-cost and similar to a Stammtisch meeting that includes a visit of some kind.

How is it organized?

The initiative for a Wikipedian KulTour always comes from Wikimedia project volunteers, who contact employees at cultural institutions and schedule a group tour for Wikipedia contributors. Wikimedia Deutschland can also help make the initial contact if desired. Interested volunteers can register and make arrangements for the event via the Wikipedia KulTour “Blackboard” or on the project site directly. The result is a small half- or full-day event where Wikipedians can meet with one another and visit a selected exhibition or cultural institution with an expert guide, or alternatively participate in an excursion. The organizers can direct any questions to Wikimedia Deutschland in advance regarding event insurance, covering the cost of entrance to the cultural institution, the cost of guided tours, etc. Just like with Stammtisch meetings, food and travel costs are to be organized and paid for by the volunteers themselves.


The aim of these KulTours is to build up contacts with the chosen cultural institution, to photograph objects and finally, of course, to write or add to a few articles. The event should be easy to organize and focus on a particular topic.

The Wikipedian KulTours also provide a good opportunity for Wikipedia contributors to establish contacts among themselves and encourage others to initiate a small project or excursion of their own.