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    View all the goals for GLAM and more information in the Evaluation Report beta
    • Increase awareness of Wikimedia projects
    • Increase support for Open Knowledge / Free Content movement
    • Increase contributions
    • Increase accuracy and/or detail of contributions
    • Increase respect for Wikimedia projects


    • # of partnerships
    • # of participants
    • # of items digitized
    • # of images used on wiki projects
    • # of images rated as valued, quality, and featured
    • # of page views for specific items
    • # of articles created or improved
    • # of good and featured articles created or improved

    Please see GLAM Indicators of Success and Measures for Evaluation for additional metrics.


    • A list of useful GLAM tools
    • Glamorous: Calculates how many images from a certain category are being used on wiki projects.
    • baGLAMa: Provides view counts for pages using Commons images in GLAM-related category trees. Pages views demonstrate a concrete benefit to a GLAM institution - exposure of their collections.
    • Wikipedia article traffic statistics: Provides view counts for individual Wikipedia pages.
    • Logic Model: A visual representation of how a GLAM program works. A Logic Model includes what you put into your program (resource inputs), what you do (program activities and participation), and what you plan to achieve (program outputs and resulting outcomes).

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    • GLAM-Wiki U.S. Consortium: Provides resources for connecting cultural professionals and Wikipedians and tools for beginning a project with the US GLAM-Wiki community.
    • GLAM-WIKI project: Project supporting GLAMs and other institutions who want to work with Wikimedia to produce open-access, freely-reusable content for the public.

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