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Learning and Evaluation

Evaluation in the WIkimedia movement is shared throughout the community. Individual volunteers and Wikimedia organizations want to know more about how their online and offline work make an impact in Wikimedia projects and the world. Using quantitative and qualitative data, evaluation has helped them tell the story of their programs. Read Case Studies and Evaluation Reports to learn how evaluation is happening within the Wikimedia movement.

Kasu-azterketek erakusten dute boluntarioek eta kapituluak programen ebaluazioak egiteko moduak zeintzuk diren. Ongi etorri dira eztabaida orrian edo eval(_AT_)wikimedia(_DOT_)org emailean ebaluazioen azterketa-kasuen inguruko ekarpenak.

This is the summary page for the 2014 Wikimania evaluation survey from the event in London. The survey was a collaborative effort of the Wikimania Conference and Hackathon organizers along with the WMF Learning and Evaluation team. Share, comment and discuss!

This collection of posters was produced by program leaders for Wikimania 2014. Each poster shares the experience on a program or project, that is either in progress or completed. Learn from others and get in touch!

This report assesses the Wikimedian in Residence programme supported by Wikimedia UK over 2012–14 and provides recommendations in order to improve how it is delivered.

A survey to better understand the reasons why organizations in the Wikimedia movement hire, what they hire for, and how they go through the hiring and on-boarding process.

Annual program evaluation reports from the Wikimedia Foundation

An evaluation of two events whose goal was to engage more women to edit Wikipedia and to improve content on English Wikipedia about women's history.