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Feedback on the Portal RedesignEdit

The Evaluation portal is in the process of being redesigned! Due to the amount of information and resources in the current website, we realized it was time to re-organize the portal. We are also attempting to design a site with a new look and feel that is friendlier and more accessible.

Before we enter the next stages of the redesign process, we wanted to ask for feedback on the initial design:

1. Do the section headings make sense? Is there a clear connection between the content within each section and the section name?

2. Do the sections translate easily and coherently in any non-English languages you might speak?

3. Please feel free to comment on any other thoughts or feedback you have.

Browse the screenshots below and add your comments or questions on the Talk Page OR email egalvez [at] wikimedia [dot] org by Monday July 21, 07:00 UTC.

Any thoughts or feedback is more than welcome. Thank you so much! - User:EGalvez (WMF)


Grants Evaluation sitemap.png


Comment in the Talk Page or email egalvez [at] wikimedia [dot] org