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Information about what kind of work GrantsBot does in the portal, including a description of currently scoped features and a development timeline, as well as a wishlist for features that should be developed in the future.

Activity feedEdit

GrantsBot will update the activity feed on a daily basis, providing alerts about certain kinds of events. Currently, four types of event notifications are under development.

Under developmentEdit

  • Someone created a new pattern
  • Someone endorsed a pattern
  • Someone asked a question
  • Someone created a participant profile


  • X people are working on this [pattern/case study/other learning resource]
  • Someone created a new [case study/blog post/other learning resource]
  • Someone posted an announcement in the Press room.

Featured content galleriesEdit

These are the little windows that have a rotating set of profiles in them (profiles of people, pages, etc.). There are two on the main portal page and one for recent questions on the Parlor.

Under developmentEdit

the kinds of profiles we are able to feature here automatically, based on our current setup

  • New pattern
  • Recent question
  • New participant profile


More calls to action!
  • "Endorse this pattern"
  • "Complete this pattern"
  • "Comment on this blog post"
  • ...

Profile guidesEdit

A Guide is the term for those groovy lists that have neat things like titles, summaries, timestamps, and which are ordered by recency. There are several of them on the Library page.

Under developmentEdit

The kinds of guides that GrantsBot can automatically keep up to date, based on our current set up.

  • Patterns
  • Participant profiles


Currently, the guides for Case studies, Learning modules, and Other resources, will have to be updated manually, meaning that someone will have to dump info into a template and paste it onto the relevant page. In future, we can hopefully update these automatically.