Learning and Evaluation/Archive/Activity metrics

Edit and editor metricsEdit

The MySQL databases on WMF Labs contain a record of every edit made to a Wikimedia wiki. This includes edits to the Grants namespace on Meta! You can use Quarry to get updated counts on participation in Grant portals and the Grants namespace.


Interface page for Quarry MySQL query tool, with "download data" option circled.

Below are some standing queries that will give you monthly edit and editor counts for several of our portals. You can download the data from these queries by clicking Download data in the Quarry interface, below the black window that contains the SQL code. The date that the query was last run is listed in the query description.

Whenever possible, edits by bots, IPs, and WMF staff have been excluded from these counts.

All Grants

edits to all pages in the Grants: and Grants_talk: namespaces

Learning pattern library

edits to pages in the Learning pattern library and their talk pages

Evaluation portal

edits to pages in the Evaluation portal and their talk pages


edits to pages in the IdeaLab and their talk pages

Running your own queriesEdit

If you would like to run one of the above queries yourself, follow these instructions:

  1. log into Quarry with your WMF staff account
  2. copy the SQL code for the query you are interested in running from one of the pages linked below
  3. click New query in the Quarry interface
  4. paste the SQL code into the blank query window of the new query.
  5. click Submit query in the Quarry interface and wait for the results to appear

Pageview metricsEdit


Dashboard metricsEdit

  • total edits per portal per month
  • total editors per portal per month
  • talk page comments and commenters per grant program (funded vs. non-funded proposals, committee only vs. all editors)
  • patterns, ideas, proposals created per month (IdeaLab, LPL, IEG, PEG, TPS)
  • endorsements per month (IdeaLab, IEG, LPL)

Template queriesEdit

  • top 10 contributors per portal


If there are queries you would like to see, please add them below. Don't forget to sign you name by your request!