Lean domain management

Compare Single domain

To save funds and coordination costs, as well as to increase usibility Wikimedia should rethink the domain policy.

A lean and cheap proposal would be to use only one second-level domain, e.g. "wikimedia.org".

Via subdomains and pathes the URLs will organize <projects> and <lang>.

where project could be:

  • books, commons, dict, news, pedia, source, species(.pedia)
  • a <countrycode> (for national organisations)
  1. <project>.wikimedia.org/<lang>
    • books.wikimedia.org/en
    • foundation.wikimedia.org/en
  2. <lang>.wikimedia.org/<project>
    • en.wikimedia.org/pedia
  3. <lang>.<project>.wikimedia.org
    • en.commons.wikimedia.org
    • en.source.wikimedia.org
  4. <project>.<lang>.wikimedia.org

With a single secondlevel domain, cookie handling for Single sign-on would be easier.