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Llantino has been rejected because its missing a iso code

  1. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    03 July 2009 09:39

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  2. Michael Everson (Evertype)
    03 July 2009 10:03

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    Looks like it derives from a blog.

  3. Milos Rancic (Millosh)
    17 July 2009 16:20

    Agreed. They should get ISO 639-3 code before we may approve the project.

Turkish wikinews


Approval for the Turkish Wikinews.

  1. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    04 July 2009 10:32

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  2. Antony D. Green
    04 July 2009 12:12

    Agree. No reason to delay implementation of Wikinews in a major world language.


  3. Michael Everson (Evertype)
    04 July 2009 13:00


  4. Milos Rancic (Millosh)
    04 July 2009 13:02


  5. Robin P. (SPQRobin)
    04 July 2009 13:48

    Sure, it has an active test project.

Meadow Mari Wikipedia


Creation of the Meadow Mari Wikipedia.

  1. Milos Rancic (Millosh)
    04 July 2009 12:41

    I am quoting my bug request [5]:

    Meadow Mari [1] is a Finnic language spoken in Russia. All project-related requirements are fulfilled [2], including verification that Incubator project [3] is written in that language.

    As they have a major event at July 10th [4], it would be really good to give them Wikipedia until that date. So, please make the project quickly.

    As it is an urgent request and we don't have time to wait 7 days for Board not to say nothing (as Board is not saying anything, usually), I'll send an email to Michael and Brion to make consultations about the issue and to create the project ASAP.

    [1] - [2] - [3] - [4] - [5] -

Projects promoted to eligible ones

  1. Milos Rancic (Millosh)
    04 July 2009 13:02

    After 10 days of discussion, I marked as eligible next projects:

    • Wikipedia Algerian [1].
    • Wikipedia Mapudungun [2].
    • Wiktionary Kirmanjki [3].

    (This is not the full list; I'll continue today or tomorrow.)

    [1] - [2] - [3] -



Rejection for Dalmatian Wikipedia.

  1. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    14 July 2009 15:40

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  2. Antony D. Green (Antony D. Green)
    14 July 2009 17:52

    Agreed. No native speakers = no Wikipedia.


  3. Milos Rancic (Millosh)
    14 July 2009 17:56

    Me, too.

  4. Jul 15 10:54:03 UTC 2009
  5. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    15 July 2009 10:54

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Acehnese Wikipedia


Verification for this test project.

  1. Robin P. (SPQRobin)
    14 July 2009 17:14

    Dear Mr. Durie,

    The Wikimedia Foundation [1] has received a request for a new Wikipedia in the Acehnese language. A group of volunteers have worked hard to provide enough content for it to start. In the past we used to trust the language to be what it was said to be, but sadly this trust was abused. It is for this reason that I ask your cooperation.

    We have been informed that you are able to give us an objective assessment of the language used. We would like you to answer two questions.

    • Can you confirm that the texts [2] are written in the Acehnese language,

    the definition of what we expect it to be is provided by Ethnologue [3]

    • Can you tell us why you are in a position to affirm that it is Acehnese?

    Thank you, language committee Wikimedia Foundation

    [1] Wikimedia Foundation: [2] Main Page:Ôn_Keuë<>

        Index of all pages:
 [3] Ethnologue:

  2. Robin P. (SPQRobin)
    16 July 2009 19:39

    Here is the answer.

    Is it ok to approve the Acehnese Wikipedia?

    Forwarded message ----------

    Dear Robin, I can confirm that the texts (2) are written in the Acehnese language,as defined by the Ethnologue (3).

    I am the author of the Grammar of Acehnese<>, and have published many other articles and books on the language.

    I was elected to the Australian Academy of Humanities in 1992 based upon my

    contributions to linguistics, mainly for work on Acehnese. I have also published a dictionary, and a catalogue of Acehnese manuscripts.


    Dr Mark Durie

  3. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    16 July 2009 23:01

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  4. Milos Rancic (Millosh)
    17 July 2009 10:14


Punjabi Wikipedia


Approval for the Punjabi Wikipedia.

  1. Robin P. (SPQRobin)
    15 July 2009 07:48

    I received this confirmation that the Punjabi test wikipedia is written in Punjabi.

    I think we can now proceed with the Punjabi Wikipedia.

    Forwarded message ----------


    "It is certified that Punjabi Wikipedia in Incubator is written in Punjabi language, Shahmukhi script. I have seen it.I am Anwar Masood, a Punjabi poet and writer of many Punjabi books."

    Anwar Masood Islamabad Pakistan.

  2. Milos Rancic (Millosh)
    23 July 2009 06:50

    BTW, I suppose that when it comes to this phase, we don't need to say that we agree or not agree to approve the project? Or we should say that?

  3. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    23 July 2009 07:09

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Mirandese Wikipedia


Confirmation for the Mirandese Wikipedia.

  1. Robin P. (SPQRobin)
    19 July 2009 19:52

    Here is the confirmation for the Mirandese Wikipedia.

    Forwarded message ----------

    Hi Robin,

    After a cautious analazis of all the entries on the Mirandese Wikipedia and I can attest that it is written in Mirandese, in acordance with the Convenção Ortográfica da Língua Mirandesa (Mirandese Orthographic Convention).

    I can attest that because I am the President of the ALM - Associação de Língua Mirandesa (Mirandese Language Association) and a teacher in Universidade de Lisboa, as well as a Mirandese teacher. The Mirandese is an official language of Portugal, recognized by law.

    Thereby, I think that the Mirandese Wikipedia has the conditions to be accepted.

    Best regards,

    Amadeu Ferreira

    Olá Robin,

    Vi com muita atenção todos os textos da Biquipédia Mirandesa e posso atestar que está escrita em língua mirandesa, de acordo e respeitando a Convenção Ortográfica da Língua Mirandesa.

    Posso atestar esse facto porque sou Presidente da ALM - Associação de Língua Mirandesa e professor na Universidade de Lisboa, incluindo professor de Língua Mirandesa. O mirandês é uma língua oficial de Portugal, além do Português, reconhecida por lei.

    Assim, penso estarem reunidas todas as condições para que a Biquipédia Mirandesa seja publicamente apresentada.

    Cumprimentos, Amadeu Ferreira

  2. Milos Rancic (Millosh)
    23 July 2009 05:41

    So, I suppose that this project may be approved? I mean, I agree with that, of course.

  3. Robin P. (SPQRobin)
    23 July 2009 08:02

    Yes, if nobody objects.

The Sorani Wikipedia


Approval for The Sorani Wikipedia.

  1. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    22 July 2009 13:27

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  2. Milos Rancic (Millosh)
    23 July 2009 04:46

    Generally, I support such project requests: If it is about a large language group which doesn't have good Internet access (like in Sorani case), it will be changed in the future. If it is about a sustainable smaller group (like in Mari case), the level of involvement won't be much higher, but Wikipedia will have an important place in preserving their language and culture. (I am just against wasting efforts of very small language groups on Wikipedia.)

  3. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    23 July 2009 05:35

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  4. Milos Rancic (Millosh)
    23 July 2009 05:43

    I know that this is about approval and I was talking about that (including my general positions toward those issues).

  5. Robin P. (SPQRobin)
    31 July 2009 21:53


    Has this been done? People at Incubator are again asking when they will see their wiki approved.

    Regards, Robin