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Wikisource Bangla & Tajijk

  1. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    03 August 2007 16:30

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  2. Cary Bass Volunteer Coordinator
    04 August 2007 01:23

    Wikisource! We need Wikisource! :)

  3. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    04 August 2007 05:34

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  4. Arria Belli (Maria Fanucchi)
    04 August 2007 13:08

    I think it's fine. Let's make it happen. :-)
    PS. Cary is everywhere!

Wikipedia West Frisian & Latinized Russian


The requests for West Frisian and Latinized Russian were rejected.

  1. Jesse Plamondon-Willard (Pathoschild)
    12 August 2007 18:51


    You emailed this to the old list of subcommittee members, instead of the subcommittee mailing list. This notably includes me (no longer a member) and excludes all of the newer members.

    I've forwarded it to the mailing list.

    Yours cordially, Jesse Martin (Pathoschild)

    On 8/12/07, GerardM wrote:
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  2. Jon Harald Søby
    14 August 2007 00:06

    FYI I was bold and rejected the latinized Russian proposal as nonsense. If you don't agree with it, reopen it.


  3. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    14 August 2007 04:02

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  4. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    03 October 2007 15:23

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  5. Bèrto 'd Sèra
    03 October 2007 15:50

    Ok :-)

Wikipedia Sakha

  1. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    31 August 2007 13:48

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  2. Bèrto 'd Sèra
    31 August 2007 14:43


    Well, it’s definetely written in an asian language with lots of inports from russian.

    What I can do is get in touch with the Library of the President of the Rupublic of Sakha (library at and ask whether the language used really is sakha. But possibly we should ask the guys, first. I find no evidence of Sakha language being recognized by local political organs, and we might meet some forms of bias in the answer. Anyway, it’s quite alive and well, as you can here from the radio recordings like : (BTW, I like the sound of it)

    Other possible check places are listed on: including a newspaper ( ) that really looks like they are the same language (yet, looking like is one thing, really being is another).

    Now let’s have a look to the articles :

    1. is in russian, let alone the first two lines
    2. again, mostly in russian
    3. totally in russian
    4. <> mostly in russian
    5. (section Промышленность is totally in russian)
    6. has parts in ru-sib and quotes ru-sib (keep in mind the many NPOV issues with ru-sib, bt I haven’t checked what they quote since it’s none of our business to do it)
    7. again, partly in russian

    The main problem is that most of the other articles are 3-10 words long, so 50% or more of the text is NOT in sakha.

    I vote against passing this wiki until it doesn’t get made in one single language.
  3. Shanel Kalicharan
    31 August 2007 17:34


    If they've managed to make progress with localization, I imagine it won't be too hard for them to write more articles. It won't hurt to wait a little longer.

  4. Jon Harald Søby
    31 August 2007 21:33

    Hi from a military camp near Trondheim!

    I believe the main the reason that the Sakha incubator isn't really big yet is because they have focused their efforts on localisation. We have already conditionally approved their Wikipedia, and I feel it would be unfair towards them to postpone their wiki now, when they are nearly done with the one condition we have set.

  5. Bèrto 'd Sèra
    01 September 2007 02:14

    Hoi Jon!

    Yes, we did conditionally approve, but one of the conditions was that it should be written in Sakha. I'm personally happy that they did localize the interface and all of us small people has/had a fairly amount of translation from (or whatever else) to begin with.

    Yet I think that finishing the translation of 7 articles is not a heavy request. They have very little content, I'm not going to ask anymore than they have, but at least THAT little bit should be okay.

    In all it's about 40-50 articles they have, for a total of maybe ~5K words. Check the articles, you'll see it yourself.

  6. Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)
    01 September 2007 05:15

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  7. 04 September 2007 02:44

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  8. Bèrto 'd Sèra
    04 September 2007 03:06


    It all happened before LangCom. It's a "supposed2be" language called "siberian Russian". It seems to exist only in wikipedia, where it makes a strongly anti-russian separatist wiki.