LSS/wikipedia-l-archives/2006 10 22-28

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This issue covers (roughly) 2006 October 22-28


  • [1]Puzzlet Chung noted that Naver News, a South Korean portal, includes links to the Korean Wikipedia in their news articles
  • [2][3]Jeffrey Jones, in response to the hundred million dollar challenge (Note: Wherein Jimbo asked users what could be done with 100 million USD earmarked for purchase of content to be opened, made a case for sheet music. [4]Don Green asked if the money could be used to change U.S. law. GerardM replied that such a change would be primarily useful for Americans. [5]A large amount of further discussion (in multiple threads) on appropriate use of the money continued, ranging from Creative Commons licenses to other projects like Project Gutenberg and [6]mention of a radio interview with Jimbo Wales on the topic.
  • [7]Walter Kalken, crossposted from foundation-l, noted that he had lost faith in WMF projects, noting some problems with the projects and foundation, and asking for removal of his privileges on all projects. Discussion on these points (which also occurred on foundation-l) followed.
  • [8]SJ provided pointers to articles on Wikipedia from the chronicle of higher education.
  • [9]Tim Starling noted that password reminder emails were now limited to once a day (Note: Recently, there have been issues with random people requesting large numbers of password reminders for other peoples accounts, presumably to harass people they don't like)
  • [10]Milos Rancic asked, prompted by the recent approval of the article on Belgrade as a featured article on the English Wikipedia, for coordination on the frontpaging of featured articles across different Wikipedia. He was pointed to Raul654, who presently manages that process on EN-WP, and asked for people willing to coordinate that across other-language Wikipedia.