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  • Time period: Dec. 1-15, 2008
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  1. Troubles with particular articles:
    1. Application of notability gone wrong in article about football player [1]
    2. Troubles re: Ireland articles continue with ANI case [2], more: [3]
    3. Ellen Hambro, notable in Norway, up for deletion; other Norway related articles also unnecessarily up for deletion: [4], [5]
  2. Troubles with people and blocks:
    1. blocks and meatpuppets, oh my [6]
    2. Jaraxle/Grawp vandal; ongoing and serious move vandalism; should we formally report him? [7] (and ISP contact details: [8])
  3. WP censored in UK by IWF
    1. David G. on BBC: [9]
    2. and the BBC story: [10]
    3. have they blocked any other articles? [11]
    4. IWF reconsiders [12]
    5. IWF blacklist [13]
    6. EFF quote about the IWF [14]
    7. No censoring for Australian ISPs: [15]
    8. Note: see Foundation-L for WMF official press releases on IWF censorship and further discussion
  4. Other:
    1. Peer review in academic journals -- the case of El Naschie [16], more [17]
    2. How could <ref> referencing be improved? [18]
    3. Citation needed in popular culture, redux [19]
    4. do we have any editing help videos? [20]
    5. Fixing nonsense interwiki links, a study and technical solution [21]
    6. abolishing image placeholders, again [22]
    7. link to ANI thread about disruptive university project: [23]
    8. Mirror with weird copyright notice -- machine translation of fr:wp to en:wp [24]
    9. "Academic criticism" section in popular culture articles -- cruft or culture? [25] (includes a discussion of how to discuss general issues on the list [26]); and more: [27]