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  • Time period: Nov. 1 -- Nov 15, 2008 (two weeks, Saturday to Saturday)
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  1. Wikimedia site-wide survey -- it has problems. Discussion of same. [1]
  2. should articles cite other articles (as citations?) (answer: no, generally, but you can link topics in a citation). [2]
  3. two main page FAs/day -- proposal and discussion [3]
  4. Fundraising and donation stuff:
    1. Donation banner up. It's large; can hide it with gadget in monobook [4], more discussion: [5]
    2. Erik asks for reports of any technical problems [6]
    3. Official message about the fundraiser from Erik, for posting [7]
    4. donation story on Slashdot [8]
    5. Donation banner -- people don't like it -- and where the fundraiser has been discussed on en:wp [9]
  5. David G. asks when we can unprotect article about GW Bush [10]
  6. OTRS address, what is it? (answer: info-en at wikimedia dot org) [11]
  7. Subject complaint about the canned summary for speedy deletion [12]
  8. Technical problem with mediawiki-head in alt skins [13]
  9. New Noam Cohen story about WP in the New York Times, focussed on the election-related articles [14]
  10. Date linking for birth and death dates. Zomg! [15], continuing: [16]
  11. Ayn Rand and Wikipedia, a thread fork from another discussion [17] (and continuing: [18])
    1. Turns into discussion about Attribution of article authors in media that reuses Wikipedia content: [19], continuing: [20]
  12. Talkin' about the future... no, make that WP:CRYSTAL [21]
  13. Intellipedia presentation at big UNIX conference [22]
  14. Technical: how do you get a static dump to work? [23]
  15. LSS reboot :) [24]