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  • Time period: September 1-30, 2009
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  1. Announcements and reports
    1. Commons reaches 5 million files [1]
    2. informal Board Member office hours [2]
    3. Report to the Board, June 2009 from Sue Gardner [3]
    4. Fundraising development associate job open at WMF [4]
    5. WMF office moving within SF [5]
    6. Wikizine #117 [6]
    7. Wikizine #118 [7]
    8. reminder of Chapters reports availability [8]
    9. IRC group contacts report [9]
    10. As of Sept. 18, Jennifer Riggs is leaving WMF [10]
    11. Staff IRC office hours with Sue Gardner, Sept 25 [11]; staff office hours with Rand Montoya, Oct. 1 [12]; what time should office hours be? [13]
    12. Report to the board July 2009, from Sue Gardner [14]
    13. Brion Vibber leaving Wikimedia [15]
  2. Foundation, Chapters and community
    1. more on moderation: a request to moderate foundation-l (thread continued from last month) [16]; more about moderation: [17]; more: [18]; more ideas for a better list: [19]
    2. thank you to the Wikimania team [20] [21]
    3. mo.wikipedia still in cyrillic (continued) [22]
    4. WMF seeking to sub-lease office space? [23]
    5. a request to Be nice! [24]
    6. a branded copy of Wikipedia in Polish launches, from the Wikimedia-Orange agreement [25]
    7. about frugality and budgeting in different cultures, re: chapters [26]
    8. is there a Wikimedia Korea now? [27]
    9. a discussion about wikimedia community, board members, and dump status [28]; and continued discussion of Wikimedia's 2007 spending reports [29]; more [30]
    10. Wikimedia Italia is getting sued [31]; more [32]
    11. what's the timeline on the new CTO getting hired [33]
    12. what's the current advisory board composition? [34]
    13. localizationupdate is live [35]
    14. status update of flagged revisions on wp:en [36]; flaggedrevs testing on [37]; discussion [38]
    15. 'abuse log' should be renamed [39]
  3. Licensing
  4. Strategic planning
    1. proposal for a Universal Library on strategy wiki [40]
    2. should there be any new Wikimedia projects? How can we support new projects [41]
    3. strategic planning office hours [42]; Strategic planning office hours [43]; IRC strategic office hours [44]
    4. Strategic planning process update [45]
    5. determining strategic priorities and opportunities [46]
    6. problems with the strategic planning application? [47]
    7. should we use editor count instead of article count as a metric of project growth? [48]; perhaps we need multiple metrics on every project? [49]; more [50]; is measuring users/language relevant? [51]
    8. blog post by Barry Newstead of Bridgespan on Wikimedia's strategic planning [52]
  5. Commons and Gallery, Libraries, Archives, Museums (GLAM) issues
    1. proposal for Commons Force, a wiki used to coordinate efforts to educate the public about the concept of public domain and the commons. [53]
    2. Wikimedian image restorations being sold on ebay [54]
    3. Wikimedia France and cultural materials [55]; special sections from the report [56]
  6. Miscellaneous/other
    1. blogpost: Akahele: Omidyar venturing out [57]
    2. youtube feature helps charities raise money [58]
    3. new platform to fund, license and release CC/GFDL works [59]
    4. results of a CC survey about how people define commercial/non-commercial [60]; discussion of whether Wikipedia is noncommercial: [61]
    5. blogpost about written sign languages [62]
    6. WMF decommissioning some old servers, free to good home [63]
    7. last month's LSS; how should LSS have RSS updates? [64]
    8. FCC advocates free culture? [65]
    9. GPL upheld in France [66]
    10. edit wars in another Macedonian encyclopedia? [67]
    11. life-long learning conference [68]