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  • Time period: Sunday, November 16, 2008 -- Saturday, November 30, 2008 (2 weeks, Sunday to Sunday)
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  1. Languages and localization:
    1. Discussion of flaggedrevs interface localization progress [1], continuing discussion: [2], [3]
    2. New language projects: "Why we should use the community draft of the language proposal policy" [4]
    3. Wikipedia in American Sign Language: y/n? (and discussion of printed sign languages generally) [5]
    4. project language codes to change, list from Brion, please check & comment [6]
  2. The German portal at has been shut down, apparently over a legal dispute [7]
  3. Question about dual-licensing (GFDL & CC-BY) for a new site importing Wikipedia content [8]
  4. Wikibooks logo vote in progress (now winding down) [9]
  5. mention of the OLPC wiki [10]
  6. Chapters!
    1. Chapters Committee, new rules draft posted [11]
    2. Brazilian (proposed) Chapter: problems and discussion (turns into discussion of what should the general makeup of chapters be, and how to prevent aggressive people from taking over) [12]
  7. Events, contests and surveys:
    1. event announcement: "Open Everything Berlin" on 6 Dec. 2008 [13]
    2. Event announcement: Wikimedia Serbia conference on 19-21 Dec. in Belgrade [14]
    3. request for participation in survey of Wikipedia users, from some Taiwanese academics [15] (and another announcement of the same(?) survey: [16])
    4. Video contest on information sharing (deadline Nov 30 2008) [17]
  8. WMF's audited financial statements posted (from Veronique) and discussion [18]
    1. Link to the Mozilla Foundation's financial statements (for comparison?) [19]
  9. Semi-random message about en:wp checkuser policy: [20] (reply from OP: [21])
  10. Trademarks: what's the current situation for the WMF? (came out of the chapters discussion) [22], continued discussion: [23], [24]
  11. Fundraiser:
    1. further discussion of fundraising trends past and present [25]
    2. Phase 2 sitenotices posted, please comment [26] (more discussion - is "charity" a good word to use? [27])
  12. Controversy over articles about Ireland on en:wp (note: main discussion continued on wiki-en-l) [28]
  13. New offline reader for Wikipediaondvd project, please test [29]
  14. foundation-l list statistics for november [30]
  15. making pre-formatted wiki references to other web content [31]
  16. en:wp editing statistics! [32] (and a note: a new en:wp dump is in progress, cross your fingers [33])
  17. poor usability making it hard to participate leads to small language wikis failing? -- discussion of this & whether small projects are failing or not [34]