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  • Time period: Dec. 1-14/15, 2008
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  1. Languages and localization:
    1. 80% of our projects are still failing, apparently. Continuing discussion about small language wikis. (was: #17 last summary, "poor usability making it hard to participate leads to small language wikis failing?") [1], contin: [2], [3], [4], does "80%" make sense as a metric: [5]
    2. Localization of flagged revs in Hebrew is in the queue and will be gotten to eventually. [6]
    3. Re: "Why we should use the community draft of the language proposal policy" [7]
  2. Usability:
    1. Usability of MediaWiki - Gerard writes about a UNICEF usability study done in Tanzania, and suggests the CreatePage extension should be installed [8]
    2. Creating new pages - suggestion for a new new-page template and discussion [9]
    3. Usability grant received by the WMF to work on MediaWiki usability [10]
    4. Details on usability grant: $890K from the Stanton Foundation, Jan 2009-April 2010 [11]
    5. Why not use Semantic MediaWiki for usability? [12]
    6. is our jargon unusable? [13]
    7. Should we start a "wiki usability summer" like Google Summer of Code? [14]
  3. Announcements and reports:
    1. German Federal Archive donates 100K pictures to Commons [15] (and their categorization: [16])
    2. WMF Hiring Naoko Komura as Program Manager for the Stanton Foundation Usability Project. [17]
    3. Wikimedia Serbia conference webpage [18]
    4. update on the GFDL 1.3 FAQ: Mike drafted it, look for it soon. [19]
    5. Wikimedia Nederland wins preliminary injunction against Bob Sijthoff [20]
    6. Report to the Board for October from Sue [21]
  4. Fundraising:
    1. Suggestions needed for sitenotice slogans [22]
    2. Fundraiser update [23]
  5. IWF blocking of WP in UK:
    1. official press release and discussion: [24], more: [25]
    2. Press release: IWF reverses decision [26]
    3. re: IWF blocking -- how do we deal with sexually explicit images? [27]
    4. Could we have handled it better? Florence posts. [28]
  6. Other:
    1. Commons community problems; should we deprecate it? [29]; turns into discussion of multilingualism on commons; more: [30]
    2. Backups of projects -- "en:wp editing stats" turned into a discussion of which backups (if any!) are where. No definite reply by the tech team yet. [31]
    3. list summary service (you're reading it): icons & announcements are good ideas [32]
    4. what's a page vs an article [33]
    5. The list gone dead again? (doesn't seem that way :P) [34]
    6. do people volunteer because they are frustrated? [35]
    7. Communication between technical side of the WMF and everyone else -- ideas for improvement [36]; Brion's reply on Wikitech [37]
    8. Board minutes: can they be approved faster so the community can see them when they are still current? [38]