Karavali Wikimedians/Events/Workshop and Editathons to accomplish Tulu offline Wikipedia to schools

This project aims to provide offline Tulu Wikipedia to schools. Tulu has been introduced as a language by Govt of Karnataka in 70 schools of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts of Karnataka State of India. Students studying in 6th to 10th standard have the option of choosing Tulu as a language. There is no printed encyclopaedia in Tulu. Students who have chosen Tulu as a language of study have no encyclopedic book to refer other than the prescribed textbook. Tulu Wikipedia can bridge this gap effectively. Students can read article related to the topics of their study from Tulu Wikipedia. Most schools where Tulu is taught have computers but very few have Internet connection. This project envisages providing offline Wikipedia to those schools where Tulu is taught as a language. This will empower the students studying Tulu as a language with knowledge about their land and culture as well as with the latest world knowledge in their language. This is not the problem of Tulu students alone. Those who want to read encyclopedic content in Tulu have no resources available. Many books of encyclopedic in nature which have content about the rich culture, language, tradition of Tulunadu (Tulu land) are available in Kannada and English but none in Tulu. This project will also help all those who are looking for encyclopedic content in Tulu, be it about Tulu culture, language, tradition or about all other world knowledge in Tulu.

The aim is to provide students with articles on topics related to the subjects taught as prescribed in their syllabus. A project has been initiated in Tulu Wikipedia with list of articles on various topics based on the school syllabus.

The activities to begin with are -

  • Workshop to explain the project to Tulu writers and editors who will add article to Tulu Wikipedia.
  • Series of editathons to add articles to Tulu Wikipedia.
  • Try to achieve the required number of articles created in Tulu Wikipedia.
  • Create offline Tulu Wikipedia using Kiwix and put it in a USB drive.
  • Distribute the offline Tulu Wikipedia to schools.
  • Train the school faculty in installing and using the offline Tulu Wikipedia.

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