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Dealing with Challenges
problemHow to prevent and resolve problems that may come up when using Wikimedia in education.
solutionBe aware of solutions to common problems so you can ‘salvage the moment’ if something goes wrong.
creatorKHarold (WMF)
created on18 December, 2014

What problem does this solve?Edit

Program leaders and educators may run into a variety of difficulties when they are teaching students how to contribute to Wikimedia projects. Be prepared to prevent or resolve conflicts with the Wikimedia community, improve quality of student work and manage connectivity in your education program.

What is the solution?Edit

These learning patterns include best practices that educators and program leaders are strongly encouraged to follow to prevent problems from occuring. Also included are strategies for resolving unexpected problems.

Working constructively with the Wikimedia communityEdit

How to build positive relationships with the Wikimedia community.

  • Get the community involved early
  • Keep students visible
  • Help students and educators understand rules and community norms
  • Pay close attention to local standards for noteriety
  • Manage disputes in a constructive way

Quality of student contributionsEdit

How to resolve problems with the quality of student work.

  • You are seeing many copyright violations or cut and paste issues in student work.
  • Students are making many mistakes with wiki syntax.
  • Student contributions are poorly written.

Connectivity in the classroomEdit

How to make sure students are able to access Wikimedia projects.

  • Common internet connectivity issues
  • Work around school filters
  • How to use Wikimedia in the classroom with limited electricity or equipment
  • Using Kiwix in the classroom

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