Jenga Wikipedia ya Kiswahili/Report 2021-22

Activity report for Jenga Wikipedia ya Kiswahili 2021/2022 As for our basic orientation we continued to communicate and coordinate development of Swahili wikipedia. Generally our work is less event centered but rather continual communication and coordination of admin work. We could have some meetings in person as members Kipala and MuddyB were still both based in Dar es Salaam; ChriKo could meet with Kipala at Nairobi. Since Kipala left dar es Salaam and is now in Moshi we are back to online communication.

With advice from Asaf and help from Wikimedia Deutrschland we could get 2 replacement laptops for our activemembers.

After initiating election of new admins for swhili wikipedia in 2020, we took the initaive and started having online conferences of admins. One problem we discussed togerther with the admin conference was the intervention of the foundation working group to change the skin of our Wikipedia. This was done without gettting a consent from us. We saw the problem that a part of our help pages would not be of any use as the explanations refer to the previous default surface. We initiated a community vote on swwiki and the result was 13:0 to go back to the previous state. Unfortunately the working group so far has refused to do this.

The wikipedia Club at the school in Morogoro has stopped for now.