Iranian Wikimedians User Group/outreach-1

Unlike most of the world, the most popular Social Media Network among Iranians is Telegram (not Facebook or Google Plus or even Whatsapp)[1] So we the members of (IWUG) decided to use it as as part of our outreach program. By this application you can create channels to send a message to many users at the same time. We use its features to promote Wikipedia and its articles. We started the channel on February 22nd 2016 and after a month and a half, we hit the milestone of 11000 members. We share materials from FaWiki's Main page (Featured Articles, Featured pictures , DYKs , In the news and On this day) on our Channel and the feedback we got was excellent. We expect the number of our members to reach 20,000 by May. We are also holding an Opinion poll about our policies on Telegram and other Social Media Networks.

Telegram is the most popular mobile app in Iran