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Iw-links concerning physical and psychological trauma are mixed up.

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I have tried to group all iw-links I have found.

In the case of Norwegian and Danish, the articles no:Traume and da:Traume mentions both the physical and psychological, but are mainly about the psychological, so I have placed them in this group. This could also be the case with Polish and Czech, but I'm not sure, since I don't know the languages.

Italian it:Ferita has mostly iw-links to en:Physical Trauma and equivalent, while etymological connected es:Herida, pt:Ferida and others are mostly grouped with en:Wound. I have added it:Trauma fisico to Group 3, and suggest it:Ferita be grouped with en:Wound.

Swedish sv:Trauma should probably be grouped with the disambiguation pages, only it is lacking the formal template.

Dutch nl:Verwonding, I'm not sure if fits better with en:Wound or en:Physical trauma. I think maybe the first even if now it links to the second.

There are several links to non-existing eo:Trauxmato. These should be removed. Also ro:Trauma has been deleted, but don't know if this is only temporarily.

All the slavic Rana or similar seem to be linked with en:Wound, so I guess this is correct. Russian and Ukranian ru:Травма and uk:Травма are both linked with en:Physical Trauma, but I can not judge if this is correct.

I hope somebody can fix the languages left (and correct any mistake I made) and place {{Done}} after the language if it is correctly placed and that someone with a bot can clear up all the links when all is cleared out. Wikijens 12:19, 7 March 2009 (UTC)