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There are different articles which refer to similar concepts as en:Tax, but with subtle differences. I have found the following different groups, but I would appreciate any help to fix some doubtful articles.

Tax / ImpostEdit


Taxa (in catalan)Edit


Another kind of taxation. Not the same as Tax! Note that ro:Taxa corresponds to en:Tax, which is somewhat misleading.


  Done A more general form of tax.


  Done Wealth one party gives to another as a sign of respect or, as was often case in historical situations, of submission or loyalty. (quoted from simple:tribute)

Note that in some romance languages (eg. ca: and es: but notably not fr:) the same word are used to mean en:tribute and the most general concept including all kind of taxes.

Some articles seem to focus on history in its region (uk:, ja:, zh:, ko: ...). I can't find out if these articles deal only with specific tributes.


  Done - no interwikis, per discussion

  • ru:Дань It's linked to en:tribute and others, but it looks like a desambiguation page with two meanings and a long "See also" section. (This is a guess from automated translation. Please place the article in correct group if you can read Russian)



There's not much confusion with this historical term, but note that la:Tributum is not here.

French caseEdit


Just the particular case of France, but some wikis have (\had?) this iw as if it were the french article for en:Tax.

Tribute (Yanni album)Edit



Following an automated translation of the russian article for tribute, it seems that it is too general (it speaks even about spiritual tribute) and does not fit properly into the group of en:tribute and others (which refer to wealth one gives to another). Hence, if no one argues against that, probably the best option is to leave it without interwikis. --Meldor 00:34, 10 March 2009 (UTC)

It seems that bs:Porez and hi:कर belongs to the group of Tax. I add it to some wikis, so that the bots may add to the rest. --Meldor 20:44, 10 March 2009 (UTC)