Interwiki synchronization/Remembrance day

Remembrance dayEdit

Starting from ksh:Volkstrauertag via de:Volkstrauertag we come to:

  1. en:Volkstrauertag
  2. en:Remembrance Day
  3. en:Armistice Day

These days are all on the same date but are having different meanings. Luckily, en:Halloween was not number 4.

Solution: Isolate the meanings.

Problem 1: Maybe some other languages have still other meanings in the cluster which I am currently not aware of.

Problem 2: I can only handle an incomplete set of languages/scripts, so I cannot do it alone.


  • HE: (checked, and didn't find any articles)
  • Volkstrauertag is on a different date.Andreas 15:49, 19 November 2008 (UTC)

(check and report more languages)