Interwiki synchronization/Kangaroo


The English Wikipedia article en:Kangaroo contains many interwiki links to articles about its genus (eu, ru...) and family (de, bg, uk...) instead. As the complexes are rather large, I am unsure what to do to correct them.

1. Create a list of entangled articles by giving acticles that were listed here as a hint to Pywikipediabot/   Done

2. Create a table with columns for previously listed groups, move previously grouped articles to their groups   Done

3. Move through languages, open each article, check for additional redirects to it (as includes referenced ones only), decide what should be in each categoty

If some language has "Kangaroo" article that contains taxonomic information about Macropus or Macropodidae without red link to it, then it should be in "Kangaroo" group, and there should be a redirect from corresopnding group. If generic "Kangaroo" article does not contain taxonomic information, or it has red link to Macropus or Macropodidae, then there is no need for a corresponding redirect.

4. Create redirects that should be created   Done

5. Update articles (either by language, or by group)   In progress...

6. Verify with


Group 1
The family, Macropodidae
Group 2
The genus, Macropus
Group 3
Kangaroos in general
ar   Done ar:كنغر
az   Done az:Kenqurular az:Macropus az:Kenquru
be-x-old   Done be-x-old:Macropus (create   Done) be-x-old:Кенгуру
bg   Done bg:Кенгурови bg:Кенгуру bg:Macropodidae
bn   Done bn:ক্যাংগারু
bo   Done bo:ཁུག་བྱི།
br   Done br:Macropodidae br:Macropus br:Kangourou
bs   Done bs:Macropus bs:Kengur
ca   Done ca:Macropòdid ca:Macropus ca:Cangur
cs   Done cs:Macropodidae cs:Klokanovití cs:Klokan
cy   Done cy:Cangarŵ
da   Done da:Kænguru
de   Done de:Macropodidae de:Macropus de:Kängurus de:Känguru
de:Känguru (Begriffsklärung)
el   Done el:Καγκουρό el:Καγκουρώ
en   Done en:Macropodidae en:Macropus en:Kangaroo
eo   Done eo:Makropo eo:Kanguruo
es   Done es:Macropodidae es:Macropus es:Canguro
eu   Done eu:Macropus eu:Kanguru
fa   Done fa:کانگورو fa:كانگورو
fi   Done fi:Macropodidae fi:Jättikengurut fi:Kengurut fi:Isokengurut
fr   Done fr:Macropodidae fr:Macropus fr:Kangourou
gl   Done gl:Macropus (create   Done) gl:Canguro
hak   Done hak:Thoi-chhú
he   Done he:Macropus he:קנגורו he:קנגרו
hi   Done hi:कंगारू
hr   Done hr:Macropodidae (create   Done) hr:Klokani hr:Klokan
ht   Done ht:Kangourou
hu   Done hu:Macropodidae hu:Macropus hu:Kengurufélék hu:Valódi kenguruk
hy   Done hy:Ագեվազ hy:Կենգուրու
id   Done id:Kanguru id:Kangguru
io   Done io:Kanguruo
it   Done it:Macropodidae it:Macropus it:Canguro it:Canguri
ja   Done ja:カンガルー科 ja:カンガルー属 ja:カンガルー
jbo   Done jbo:Macropus (create   Done) jbo:kanguru
jv   Done jv:Kanguru
ka   Done ka:Macropodidae (create)   Done ka:კენგურუსებრნი ka:კენგურუები (Macropodinae, different cluster)
ka:კენგურუ (points to the island)
kk   Done kk:Кенгурулар kk:Кенгуру kk:Macropodidae
ko   Done ko:캥거루과 ko:캥거루 ko:캉가루
la   Done la:Macropodidae la:Macropus
lb   Done lb:Macropodidae (create   Done) lb:Känguruen
lbe   Done lbe:Macropodidae lbe:Кенгуру
lt   Done lt:Kengūriniai lt:Kengūra lt:Macropodidae
lv   Done lv:Ķenguru dzimta lv:Ķenguru ģints lv:Ķengurs
mk   Done mk:Macropus mk:Кенгур
ml   Done ml:കാംഗരൂ
mn   Done mn:Имж
ms   Done ms:Kanggaru
my   Done my:သားပိုက်ကောင်
ne   Done ne:कंगारु
nl   Done nl:Macropodidae nl:Macropus nl:Kangoeroes
nn   Done nn:Kenguruar nn:Kenguru
no   Done no:Kenguruer
nv   Done nv:Nahatʼeʼiitsoh nv:Náʼhatʼéʼiitsoh
oc   Done oc:Cangoró
pl   Done pl:Macropodidae pl:Kangurowate
pt   Done pt:Macropodidae pt:Macropus pt:Canguru
ro   Done ro:Cangur
ru   Done ru:Кенгуровые ru:Исполинские кенгуру ru:Кенгуру
scn   Done scn:Canguru
sh   Done sh:Macropodidae (create   Done) sh:Klokani sh:Klokan
simple   Done simple:Macropod simple:Macropus simple:Kangaroo
sk   Done sk:Macropodidae sk:Kengurovité
sl   Done sl:Macropus sl:Kenguru
sq   Done sq:Kanguri
sr   Done sr:Macropus (create   Done) sr:Кенгур
su   Done su:Kangguru
sv   Done sv:Kängurudjur sv:Macropus sv:Känguru
sw   Done sw:Macropodidae sw:Kangaruu
ta   Done ta:கங்காரு
te   Done te:కంగారూ
tg   Done tg:Кенгуру
th   Done th:จิงโจ้
tr   Done tr:Macropodidae tr:Kangurugiller
udm   Done udm:Macropodidae udm:Кенгуру
ug   Done ug:خالتىلىق چاشقان
uk   Done uk:Кенгурові uk:Macropus uk:Кенгуру
uz   Done uz:Kenguru
vi   Done vi:Kangaroo
vls   Done vls:Kangoeroe
xal   Done xal:Кенгуру
yi   Done yi:קענגערו
zh   Done zh:袋鼠科 zh:袋鼠
zh-yue   Done zh-yue:袋鼠