Interwiki synchronization/Antarctica



For the south polar region, some languages use two different terms for the continent Antarctica (ru:Антарктида, pl:Antarktyda, no:Antarktika) and greater the Antarctic region (ru:Антарктика, pl:Antarktyka, no:Antarktis). Where available, the category for the continent is a subcategory of the region. In other languages these are considerd to be synonymous and only one name is used (en:Antarctica, sv:Antarktis). Odd enough, the -ica/-ika/-yka spelling is used for the continent in Norwegian, but for the region in Russian/Polish.

Both the articles and the categories have completely messed up interwiki clusters.

Should the langauges with separate terms be encouraged to merge them into one? We are merging prizes+medals+other honours into the more abstract "awards" category. I think it is unlikely that languages with a single term would introduce another one.

Lang Continent Greater region
en Antarctica, Category:Antarctica
sv Antarktis, Kategori:Antarktis
no Antarktika, Kategori:Antarktika Antarktis, Kategori:Antarktis
pl Antarktyda, Kategoria:Antarktyda Antarktyka, Kategoria:Antarktyka
ru Антарктида, Категория:Антарктида Антарктика, Категория:Антарктика


Topic started by me. --LA2 02:41, 10 January 2009 (UTC)