The Interwiki map charts interwiki link prefixes, and is stored in the interwiki.php file (see Help:Interwiki linking). If you wish to propose a new prefix, please do so on the talk page. Remember to specify why the prefix would be useful on a significant number of pages on Wikimedia Foundation projects. Note that any Fandom project can be reached using [[wikia:Projectname:Article name]].

Administrators can edit the interwiki map in a JSON format at Interwiki map/list. They should remember that the prefix cannot contain spaces ( ), colons (:), ampersands (&), or equal signs (=).Interwiki map entries should generally not conflict with language codes, even if the language in question does not have any Wikimedia projects yes, but a few legacy codes too. Language codes and short forms of project codes (en:, es:, w:, c:, etc.) are handled automatically and do not need to be added here, but long forms of project codes (wikipedia:, Wikibooks:, etc.) do need to be added here.None of the letters in the prefixes are case sensitive.

When removing or updating a prefix, also check if it's in interwiki.list (the default interwikis added by the installer when a new MediaWiki wiki is installed). That file is managed via Gerrit.

A script copies the list below into the interwiki.php file fairly regularly (usually once in several months).

Last known interwiki cache update: July 11, 2024, current interwiki data can be found at Special:Interwiki.

Current interwiki map