The Interwiki map charts interwiki link prefixes, and is stored in the interwiki table of the database (see Help:Interwiki linking). If you wish to propose a new prefix, please do so on the talk page. Remember to specify why the prefix would be useful on a significant number of pages on Wikimedia Foundation projects. Note that any Fandom project can be reached using [[Wikia:Projectname:Article name]].

Editing administrators should remember that the prefix (first column) cannot contain spaces ( ), colons (:), ampersands (&), or equal signs (=). They should avoid likely conflict with languages (en:, fr:, etc). Wikimedia Foundation projects shouldn't be added here, since they are added automatically. Unlike the first column suggests, none of the letters in the prefixes are case sensitive.

A script copies the list below into the database fairly regularly (usually once in several months). Please do not change the format of this table, as the script depends on the format in order to update the interwiki cache.

Last known interwiki cache update: November 6, 2023, current interwiki data can be found at Special:Interwiki.

Current interwiki map