Interwiki bot/Warnfiles

Warnfiles are generated by mw:Manual:Pywikibot/ (part of the Pywikibot robot) and indicate missing "backlinks" in Wikipedia projects.

If you trust the given warnfiles and if they're not too old, use

python warning_wikipedia_xx.log

or if you consider it is old, use

python -warnfile:warning_wikipedia_xx.log.
(preferred, since sometimes removes good edits)
Warnfiles older than 4 weeks should be removed.
As from the March 2005 release of the Interwikibot, all warnfiles are UTF-8 encoded. If you are running an earlier release, the warnfiles might not run properly. If you experience problems, you should upgrade to the latest (see mw:Manual:Pywikibot/Basic use).

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