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Email (optional) tha.uzhavan ATgmailDOTcom

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ta.WS; ta.wikt; Wikimedia Commons and also other ta.wikimedia projects; online outreach: Wikisource books to other Tamil wikimedia projects; interactions with Linux group of Tamil Nadu for wiki tools.

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  • New tools for wikisource project to do the contributions ease and well. Research on availability of copyright free Tamil PDF books and its content. I will continue my outreachfor Free and Open source softwares.
  • Negotiation with few Tamil Nadu officials for more books like my Wikipedian in Residense at TVA.
  • i understand that mobile internet connevtivity is not good for online interactions. I missed few opportunities/sessions arranged by Tamil diaspora For example, i try to devekop this kind of Mandarin chinese to Tamil dictionary with Hongkong Tamil people. so, i need basic fibre cable broadband connectivity support and its related hardwares support like modem, installation charges.

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