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  • Active project name:
(Please name the Wikimedia projects you primarily work on such as Tamil Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Gujarati Wikisource, Wikidata etc.)


  • Kannada Wikipedia.
  • Tulu Wikipedia.
  • Wikimedia Commons.
  • Kannada Wikisource.
  • Contribution:
What are some of your best contribution to Wikimedia so far? (Please add relevant links)
  • Created 93 articles of Indian artists and Scientists.[1]
  • Contributed articles of Mangalorean artists to Tulu Wikipedia.[2]
  • Contributed images related to old traditional culture and recipes to Wikimedia Commons.[3]
  • Contributed 10+ SVG tranlated images to Wikimedia commons and won Barnstar.[4]


  • Other activity:
  • Participated in internships and workshops held at Sullya and Alva's College.
  • Took part in 2 months internship program at Alva's.[5]
  • Have been a part of SVG Translation Campaign 2019 and won Barnstar.
  • Took part in TTT 2020 at Mumbai.[6]


Future activities (optional)

  • Contributing more to Tulu and Kannada Wikipedia inorder to incraese the number of articles in it.
  • To increase the traditionalised images in Wikimedia commons related to Tulunadu.
  • To increase the awareness among students about Wikipedia and its role in student life.

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