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Durga Soren

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  • Santali Wikipedia,
  • Santali Wikitionary(Incubator level going on)
  • Wikimedia Commons,
  • English Wikipedia,
  • Wikidata etc...


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I am mainly active on the Santali Wikipedia,Santali Wikitionary(on Incubator Stage) and on the Wikidata. Sometimes active on Wiki Commons and English Wikipedia.

Participated Edit-a-thon/Online Wiki Writing Contest

1/Wiki Loves Women South Asia 2020 Santali

2/Project Tiger 2.0 Santali

3/Santali wikipedia 2nd year Aniversary editathon.

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1/ 2/



  • Other activity:

A Member of Wikimedians of Santali Language User Group


Future activities (optional)Edit

I will do work in Santali wikitionary(Incubator) to live, Enrich more contents on Santali Wikipedia,Wikimedia Commons to add more knowledgeable Photograph, Wikipedia wanting Photos(WPWP) and So more as of my time availability.

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Status: open