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অনামিকা(চুমু) বড়া

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  • Active project name:
(Please name the Wikimedia projects you primarily work on such as Tamil Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Gujarati Wikisource, Wikidata etc.)

... Assamese Wikipedia, Assamese Wikisource

  • Contribution:
What are some of your best contribution to Wikimedia so far? (Please add relevant links) ...

  • Other activity:

... I have contributed in some edit-a-thon and all india wikisource proofread-a-thon held in 2020.

Future activities (optional)


You can write your future plans in brief. Please mention the projects, areas or topics you want to work on Wikimedia in the upcoming months

I want to contribute articles on various books on assamese wikipedia and contribute some more proofreads to assamese wikisource in the upcoming months.

Application status

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