Internet-in-a-Box/Alpha Roadmap

Image Creation RoadmapEdit

Item Who Status Date Comments
Content Selection JH, Tim Done Aug 21, 2017 EN/ES/AR, subject to size restrictions
Kiwix Server 2.0 Kiwix WIP Expected mid Sept current blocker is a memory leak
IIAB 6.4 IIAB WIP Expected beg Sept Log kiwix stats, slim version, raspbian-stretch support
New MedWiki Zim Kiwix ?? Expected mid Sept
Hesperian AR IIAB WIP Expected beg Sept Stretch goal; needs Arabic text
Recompile APKs IIAB WIP Expected beg Sept convert Google apks to offline versions
Content Collection IIAB Depends on new zims Target early Oct Gather new zims where possible
Finalize Top Menu IIAB Depends on final content collection Target early Oct
Raspbian Selection IIAB WIP TBD jessie or stretch
Image Production IIAB WIP TBD Depends on above