International Pywiki Project

International Pywiki Project is an effort to help Pywikibot bot owners and developers with gathering and sharing code as part of coordinating our work. Many users publish individually developed Pywiki codes wikiwide, that could be useful for others who are looking for ready or ready-to-be-localized solutions and ideas. These scripts are usually not nice enough or not general enough to become part of Pywikipedia distribution, rather serve the local wiki, but another bot owner can however take advantage of them.

How can you help this project?
  • Try to keep your code clean as far as possible to help others understand it, and write comments in English. Use variable names that can have a meaning for those not speaking your language.
  • Comment verbosely and give a small introduction to what your script is good for.
  • Establish a category similar to the below listed ones in your wiki and connect it to the others with interwikilink. Please list it here, too. Put a link to this page into this category.
  • Choose a title for your script which reflects the aim of the program.
  • Categorize your published scripts and ask other bot owners to do so.
  • If you use another bot owners script, don't forget to mention the original author's name and link to his code!
Participating wikis at this time by their categories

See d:Q8107129.

See also on Botwiki:

Have fun!