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Work plan July 2015 - June 2016

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CIS-A2K has always leveraged its experience and reach with the media personalities towards providing greater visibility and maximising the impact of the work done by Indic language communities. However, the impact quotient has still not reached the desirable standards. This is mainly due to the way Wikimedia related stories are conceived and executed. Most often the outreach activities often are seen as mere activities and the larger initiative of creating Open Knowledge Resources take a back seat. The stories end up mentioning the names of the volunteers and the activities conducted without explaining the need for such activities. This does not mean that Indic Wikipedia projects have not received positive news coverage. These positive coverage models need to be optimised and set as a best practice to be followed for further news cycles.

About the ProjectEdit

This project intends to engage media personalities (both print and electronic) who have supported the Indic language communities on a more concerted level. Often times the journalists are unaware of the impact that has happened due to their stories. CIS-A2K team intends to engage these journalists with a greater conceptual and social understanding of the Wikimedia initiative. CIS-A2K shall hold workshops for the journalists where expert Wikimedians will devise an collaborative action plan along with the participants to take the Indic language communities work ahead and provide greater visibility.

Implementation PlanEdit

CIS-A2K intends to bring the media personalities who have been associated with an Indian language community to a common/shared platform. The workshop will also serve as an outreach activity towards bringing in more active and interested journalists to the Wikimedia fold. The workshops will be a combination of focused discussion between the journalistic community and Indic language wikimedians, case studies that will pick the interest of the journalists to dig deeper and write about the Indic language Wikipedia communities and an introduction to Wikimedia projects session. CIS-A2K shall strive to identify synergies with the media personalities and its own outreach activities. It will also try to make the journalists take part in the research, documentation and publicity plan put out by CIS-A2K. These workshops have a dual advantage of setting up a robust media/communications network for the movement as the media professionals would understand the commitment and ideas behind our activities. It will also help the Wikimedia movement in Indian languages to attract more volunteers and attract the public imagination towards the collaborative creation of Open Knowledge Resources.

Project ExecutionEdit

  • CIS-A2K team in consultation with the WMIN and the resepective Indic language communities will identify media professionals who have been active/engaged/sympathetic/interested in the Wikimedia projects.
  • CIS-A2K will organise day long workshops with the above mentioned objectives to create momentum and interest towards Indic language wikipedias
  • CIS-A2K shall organise dedicated Wikimedia orientation sessions for this target audience and explore methods for them to engage in the movement.
  • CIS-A2K along with the support of the Indic Wikimedia communities will formulate regular meetups and followup sessions to keep the media practitioners in the know-how of Indic language Wikimedias.

Projected OutcomesEdit

  • To increase the visibility of Indic language Wikipedias
  • To attract a professional/working group of volunteers for the Indic Wikipedias
  • To explore possible collaborations towards Wikimedia projects such as commons, wiki source and wiki quotes
  • To highlight best practices of the Indic language Wikipedias and facilitate multilingual projects


Expenditure Item FDC Support (INR) FDC Support (US$) Other Sources and in kind Support (INR) Other Sources and in kind Support (US$)
1 PO x 15% * 99,000/- 1,599.84 - -
1 PD x 5% ** 79,200/- 1,279.87 40,800/- 659.33
Travel and Stay *** 100,000/- 1,616.00
Events/Meet-ups/Workshops 100,000/- 1,616.00 50,000/- 888.80
Consumables/Printing/Stationery/Swag 50,000/- 808.00 20,000/- 323.20
Miscellaneous 10,000/- 161.60 - -
Total 438,200/- 7,081.31 110,800/- 1,131.20

* 15% time of Tanveer Hasan as Program Officer who will anchor this plan at CIS-A2K
** 5% time of the Program Director, CIS-A2K
*** Expenses incurred by the CIS-A2K program team towards executing the plan