Igbo Wikimedians User Group/Meetup/June 2019

A social gathering for Wikimedia enthusiasts, where we...

  • Discuss Wikimedia, our plans for the new calendar year as a group, and any other topic.
  • Play games peculiar to Igbo culture, and exchange ideas.
  • Add content to Wikipedia or Wiktionary.
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Igbo Wikimedians User Group MeetupEdit

Date and time: Saturday 1st June 2019. 2.00 pm onwards.
Location: Cavic Nigeria, 30 Agadez Street Off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2 Abuja, Nigeria.

About the meet upEdit

Mainly a casual social event. This is also an open invitation to anyone interested in finding out more about Wikipedia, other Wikimedia projects, projects re-using Wikipedia, and other collaborative wiki projects. Feel free to come along and raise these discussions over well prepared Nigerian jollof rice and soft drinks.


Cavic Nigeria, 30 Agadez Street Off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2 Abuja, Nigeria. Wifi and food are available but please come with your laptops and tablets.

How to spot usEdit

A banner with this logo will be outside the gate

Please look for a banner with this logo outside along Agadez Street Off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2 Abuja.

The MeetupEdit




  • Meet and greet
  • Igbo cultural game called gwam-gwam-gwam and Itu ilu
  • Recap on our activities in one year
  • Suggestions of activities for the new calendar year
  • Wiki Commons training
  • Adding content in Igbo Wiktionary

Pages editedEdit

  1. Enyi mmiri
  2. Anya
  3. Alụmdi na nwunye
  4. Anụ ụlọ
  5. Akpati ozu
  6. Akwụkwọ nsọ


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