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Mayo 2014

Report of activities by chapters and organizations which belongs to the Iberocoop initiative.


  • May 31. Editatón Amigos del Tranvía (Friends of Tram edit-a-thon) at “Federico Lacroze” Public Library, Caballito, Buenos Aires. The mission of the event was edit Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects for everyone who never took a tram and who still remember and can't relive the emotional and cultural significance of that means of transport in argentinian capital. We take pictures, wrote articles and retrieved historical documents to build together the story of its importance in the life of the city.


  • May 7. Talk about Wikimedia Bolivia at "La Pública" digital newspaper launching event, in the panel "Movements in the internet. Museo de Arte, La Paz, Bolivia.


  • May 7. Talks with teachers about digital educative resources in Ação Educativa classroom, São Paulo.
  • During May, Wiki Loves Earth photo contest, obtaining 7018 images.


  • May 4. End of Wiki Tour photo contest, receiving 3000 pictures.
  • May 8. Talk "Wiki: the collaborative force" by Juan David Ruiz at Conectas coworking space, Santiago de Chile.
  • May 25. "Wiki takes Museo de la Solidaridad". As a part of the Day of Cultural Heritage, we made a photographic tour of the museum, aiming to preserve its heritage on the Internet and uploading later Wikimedia Commons.
>>>Watch the photos in Commons

Costa RicaEdit

  • May 30. 2nd Costa Rica Wikimedians meetup in Costa Rica, at the National Library Miguel Obregón Lizano.


  • May 4.: Board meeting on IRC
  • May 05: Attendance to conference by Pau Giner (WMF) in UPV of Valencia about Language engineering for Wikipedia
  • May 10: Photo coverage of Spanish Championship of canoeing marathon :>>>Watch the photos in Commons
  • May 15 and 16. CUSL edit-a-thon in Sevilla. Creation and improvement of articles about free software technologies and communities, mainly at Spanish Wikipedia, also in Catalan. 29 editors work in 40 articles, 21 of them was new. 100 kb of contents was added. Stats of the edit-a-thon. Also Wikimedia España was VIII Free Software University Contest sponsor.
  • May 17: Photo coverage of walking from Oviedo to Covadonga, organized by Centro Excursionista de Oviedo :>>>Watch the photos in Commons
  • May 18: Members meeting on IRC
  • May 23: Third Commons Seminar of UCAc2 project (in WikiARS)
  • May 27: Uploading of Spanish ballot papers for 2014 European Parliament elections.
  • May 28: Fourth (final) Commons Seminar of UCAc2 project (in WikiARS)
  • May 30: meeting with Real Academia Española, Biblioteca Nacional de España e Instituto Cervantes to prepare an editathon.
  • May 30: meeting with FECYT.
  • Ongoing projects
    • Educative project: Deadline of translations in project "Aprendices de traducción con la Wikipedia". [1]
    • Educative project: Collaboration with Department of Applied physics of UPM
    • WikiArs: This project in the University of Cádiz, with the participation of Wikimedia Spain and called UCAC2, was awarded with a prize by this university. [2]
    • Prepatation of 10th anniversary of Uiquipedia (Wikipedia in Asturian)
    • First contacts with Aragonese's Wikipedia (Biquipedia) to organize and celebrate its 10th anniversary
    • Preparation of Editathons with FECYT
    • Talking about organizing WLM 2014
    • First ideas about GM 2014
    • Uploading images of coins by Pliego Coins
  • Collaboration with Wikimedia Chile and Amical Wikimedia: We informed and gave advise, sharing also our experiences and internal free documentation, to develop activities with press pass to cover different events such concerts, sportive events or film festivals.