Ibero-American Wikimedia Summit 2011/Agenda/en

(English) This page is a rough translation of the one available in Spanish, where actual brainstorming is taking place. If you have any agenda suggestions or ideas, please write them there.

Issues edit

Chapters and working groups meeting edit

State of the chapters and working groups edit

Aim: to give a general view of the state and current activities of existing and to be Wikimedia chapters.
Activity: three/five-minute talks by people representing each local chapter or working group for they to expose the state of their project or chapter, their current progress and any other information considered worth to tell. Time: 45 min.

First steps edit

Aim: to share experiences that could be useful for forming groups on the way chapters or already experienced groups started developing from a proposal. How, When, Where and Who should reunite for a chapter to start going forward.
Activity: presentation by the different chapter representatives of the way in which the(ir) idea to form a chapter developed, from the very beginning up to the point of formal recognizement and legal incorporation, with an open discussion afterwards. Time: 30 min / 30 min possible.

WMF Five-Year Plan and strategic goals edit

Aim: to discuss among participating chapters and groups to what extent and in which way is each of them working or able to work in line with the five strategic goals identified as the result of the strategic planning process developed during 2009-10.
Activity: short presentation of the Wikimedia movement's strategic goals by some speaker familiar with the strategic planning process and subsequent debate among participants. This is useful, together with the state of the chapters, as a way of framing all of the activities of the summit.

Funding and administration of an organization edit

Aim: to provide know-how and experience on good practices in the funding of chapters as legal organizations in their geographical context, as well as on their management at the social (i.e. organizational) level.
Activity: 30-min talks by experienced speakers.

Communication & PR edit

Aim: to optimize existing and to be chapters' social communication and public relations, looking at enabling them to inform effectively to the outside world.
Activity: 30-min talks by experienced speakers.

Outreach edit

Objetivo: to share knowledge and experiences about partnerships between chapters and groups related with the Wikimedia projects, including GLAM, communities, government institutions and the private organizations.
Activity: 30-min talks by experienced speakers.

Creative Commons edit

Intellectual property law in the Latin-American and Ibero-American context edit

Aim: to give an overview of current legislation on intellectual property in Latin-America and Ibero-America, its differences with regard to the situation in Europe and the USA, and how does this apply to Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource or other projects.
Acivity: presentations by people related with intellectual property law followed by a panel with Commons and Wikisource editors, as a way of establishing a link between legislation and concrete issues raised in the projects.

Regional integration (cooperation) edit

Thinking up a general proposal edit

Objetivo: to reach a consensus on the aspects of cooperation between local Wikimedia chapters and working groups, in the aim of strenghtening collaborative bonds and welcoming new participants.
Activity: active discussion on ideas and proposals for collaboration between those country initiatives that are currently active on Iberocoop, and on how to reach and include those countries which don't yet have direct representatives.

Global South and developing countries edit

Aim: to discuss and ellaborate a final document considering the vision and proposals that chapters and working groups in the region have on WMF's emphasis on the development of different initiatives in the Global South.
Activity: open discussion (workshop) with a note-taking person and a final wrap-up. This needs a reasonable time to develop a real discussion (60/90 min).
Organizing in Latin America edit
Aim: to examinate the existence or possibility of ways of community organization different than chapters in the Latin-American context. How to work with them? Are there any obstacles in Latin America's spatial (i.e. geographical), socio-economical or political contexts that turn impossible, difficult or inadvisable to legally incorporate a chapter or any other organization? How could those problems be dealt with?
Activity: short introduction about previous debates on this topic (working group on the Developing World at the 2010 Wikimedia Conference, proposals by the Movement Roles working group) and participants discussion. Writing of a final document exposing the position of existing groups in the region.

Participation in Wikimania edit

Aim: to reach a consensus on the way in which Iberocoop's proposal and achievements to date will be presented to the rest of the Wikimedia movement in Wikimania 2011, in the event the said presentation is accepted.
Activity: development of the starting idea by those who take part of the proposed panel, discussion and working on a definite plan. This is an activity for the Summit's closing day, ca. 30 min.

Out of program activities edit

  • Ibero-American wikimeeting (open meeting, to be announced as soon as the organization of the Summit is confirmed)
  • Turistic proposals: TBD
  • Closing asado
  • Copa América, starting July 1