IRC office hours/Office hours 2017-09-20


Chat on Office Hour and Google Hangout online round table session
20 September 2017
13:00 - 14:00 UTC

13:01:15 <kart_> #startmeeting Language Team office hour - September 2017
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13:01:25 <kart_> Welcome to this online+IRC office for Content Translation
13:01:35 <kart_> Our main conversation is happening on Google Hangout/youtube:
13:01:42 <kart_> #link
13:01:54 <kart_> Please let us know if you would like to join on the hangout
13:02:03 <kart_> We will also be taking questions here
13:02:18 <kart_> Reminder that the logs of this channel will be recorded and posted on meta wiki
13:02:25 <kart_> The recording from the last meeting is at:
13:02:35 <kart_> #link
13:02:43 <kart_> and logs are at:
13:02:54 <kart_> #link
13:03:08 <kart_> We are talking today about updates to Content Translation.
13:03:40 <kart_> If you have any questions please ask us here and we will address them either on IRC or in the main session.
13:20:28 <Aguyintobooks> Dydh da
13:32:00 <arrbee> #link
13:37:54 <Aguyintobooks> does this apply to small Wikipedias as well?
13:40:47 <arrbee> Aguyintobooks: The research was done with two medium sized wikis for now.
13:41:17 <arrbee> Czech and Korean
13:41:29 <Aguyintobooks> I see
13:42:04 <arrbee> Aguyintobooks: You can ping AbbeyRipstra or neilpquinn for more information.
13:42:33 <Aguyintobooks> Is there an equivalent research program, or one that is planned or completed, for the smaller size wikipedias?
13:42:42 <arrbee> The research document (on that page) is pretty extensive too
13:43:20 <arrbee> Aguyintobooks: I don't think so. But Abbey and Neil would know more. Did you have any particular language/wiki in mind?
13:45:28 <Aguyintobooks> yes my local one:
13:47:02 <arrbee> Aguyintobooks: ahh ok. But sorry, we don't know for sure.
13:48:50 <Aguyintobooks> Ok, well thanks anyway
13:49:55 <arrbee> Aguyintobooks: in case you are interested there was an earlier research for readers that had more variety in terms of the wikis that were covered
13:50:02 <arrbee> #link
13:50:14 <arrbee> Aguyintobooks: ^^
13:50:25 <Aguyintobooks> I will check it out
13:54:07 <Aguyintobooks> I am mainly asking after noticing the disparity between the different Wikipedia. For example, I live in Launceston, which is in Cornwall, the Cornish language being that of the kw-wiki.
13:54:22 <mojaam> Hi, can I read the research done on Nigeria?
13:55:06 <Aguyintobooks> its en-wiki page is pretty good:,_Cornwall. the corresponding kw-wiki page is a stub:
13:57:58 <kart_> mojaam: AbbeyRipstra can help in that.
13:58:27 <mojaam> @kart_ thanks, I've checked the logs and found it.
13:59:13 <kart_> #endmeeting

Session video: