IRC office hours/Office hours 2017-06-27


Chat on Office Hour and Google Hangout online round table session
27 June 2017
13:00 - 14:00 UTC

13:00:35 <kart_> #startmeeting Language Team office hour - June 2017
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13:00:50 <kart_> Welcome to the online+IRC office of the WMF Language team
13:01:04 <kart_> Our main conversation is happening on Google Hangout/youtube:
13:01:06 <kart_> #link
13:01:08 <kart_> Please let us know if you would like to join on the hangout
13:01:17 <kart_> We will also be taking questions here
13:01:23 <kart_> Reminder that the logs of this channel will be recorded and posted on meta wiki
13:01:29 <kart_> The recording from the last meeting is at:
13:01:35 <kart_> #link
13:01:40 <kart_> and logs are at:
13:01:47 <kart_> #link
13:02:10 <kart_> Today we will be talking with Ravishankar (User:Ravidreams) from the Tamil Wikipedia
13:02:33 <kart_> He will tell us about this campaign they are currently doing to introduce new editors to the Content Translation tool and each week they are adding very high quality articles to the Tamil Wikipedia.
13:02:40 <kart_> We will also be taking questions here
13:02:48 <kart_> If you have any questions please ask us here and we will address them either on IRC or in the main session.
13:06:58 <arrbee> #link
13:17:23 <TheresNoTime> Hi, admin from the English Wikipedia here - really good to hear that the content translation tool is working well for you on Tamil Wikipedia! :) We had some issues with low-quality machine translations that new users were adding to the English Wikipedia, so we ended up disabling it for anyone not "extendedconfirmed" (see Do you have any suggestions on how we could guide new editors on
13:17:24 <TheresNoTime> creating *quality* translations?
13:18:00 <arrbee> TheresNoTime: I will pass the question to Ravi.
13:18:07 <TheresNoTime> Thanks :)
13:22:43 <TheresNoTime> I see, so it's been working well where there has been offline involvement - perhaps that would be something we could focus on. Thank you for your replies :)
13:23:42 <arrbee> TheresNoTime: No worries at all
13:23:50 <arrbee> TheresNoTime: this is the page from bnwiki:
13:24:10 <arrbee> You can also check with Nahid for more details.
13:26:32 <brij> Hi there, I am Brij Mohan from IIIT Hyderabad working Pronunciation Intelligibility Remediation project with James Salsman
13:27:13 <arrbee> Hi brij
13:27:15 <brij> Is it possible for me to join the hangout and describe the project in 2 min?
13:27:45 <TheresNoTime> Would you all consider writing up some of these tips? We, on the English Wikipedia, haven't used Content Translation at all, so it would be very useful for us and other projects to have these written up, perhaps on meta?
13:28:02 <arrbee> brij: sure you can join in. We will check on the time depending on how the current conversation goes.
13:28:31 <brij> Ok thanks. Can you please send me the Hangout link?
13:29:15 <arrbee> TheresNoTime: I will pass that on to Ravi. Thanks for the suggestion.
13:29:28 <kart_> TheresNoTime: nice suggestion!
13:45:39 <arrbee> #link
13:46:23 <arrbee> #link
13:46:37 <arrbee> #link
13:46:44 <arrbee> all 3 links above are from brij
13:49:16 <TheresNoTime> brij: you open sourcing this?
13:50:03 <brij> @TheresNoTime: Yes please visit this github page
13:50:30 <brij>
13:50:45 <brij>
13:51:03 <brij> Live demo:
13:53:56 <TheresNoTime> thank you :)
13:56:59 <arrbee> #link
14:00:03 <kart_> Thanks all. We're ending meeting now.
14:00:05 <kart_> #endmeeting

session video: