IRC office hours/Office hours 2016-06-15


Chat on Office Hour and Google Hangout online round table session
15 June 2016
13:00 - 14:00 UTC

13:00:15 <Nikerabbit> #startmeeting Language Engineering office hour - June 2016
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13:00:39 <Nikerabbit> Welcome to the online+IRC office of the WMF Language team
13:01:19 <Nikerabbit> Our main conversation is happening on Google Hangout/youtube: (Note: this link is incorrect. The correct link is
13:01:39 <Nikerabbit> me and kart_ will be taking questions here
13:01:57 <Nikerabbit> And logs of this channel will be recorded and posted on a wiki
13:04:28 <Nikerabbit> We just did introductions
13:05:20 <Nikerabbit> Runa is explaining what has changed in this three month period with regards to our work
13:06:23 <Nikerabbit> this time we are not only working with Content Translation, but also on Translate and Universal Language Selector
13:06:48 <Nikerabbit> One of the highlights is time compact language links
13:07:47 <santhosh>
13:09:02 <Nikerabbit> Pau is explaining why and how and giving a demo now
13:12:59 <Cheol> Do you have an user profile of language usages for ULS?
13:15:17 <arrbee> #link
13:18:11 <arrbee> Cheol: can you help us understand the question a bit more?
13:18:13 <Cheol> If you edit on EN, JA and KO frequently,..
13:18:39 <Cheol> you would expect them listed at the head.
13:19:02 <Cheol> right
13:19:46 <Cheol> Thanks I see.
13:24:16 <Nikerabbit> More detailed updates about Translate and other projects on technical level can be found in our monthly report
13:24:21 <Nikerabbit> #link
13:24:45 <Nikerabbit> Currently Runa is talking about community consultation of Content Translation
13:28:44 <Nikerabbit> #link
13:39:28 <santhosh> In case you are wondering, Content translation produced 91573+ articles so farĀ :)
13:39:56 <TinoDidriksen> Neat
13:40:57 <Cheol> any plan on Mobile version of Content tool?
13:46:53 <arrbee> Cheol: Does that answer your question?
13:46:57 <Cheol> research first, great! I see.
13:47:17 <Cheol> yes thanks
13:53:06 <TinoDidriksen> Was watching. Couldn't find a place to join the actual broadcast, but wasn't anything extra to add.
13:55:10 <arrbee> #endmeeting
13:55:16 <Cheol> safe trip and good bye, all.
13:55:36 <arrbee> ouch... Nikerabbit you may have to end the meeting?
13:55:49 <arrbee> TinoDidriksen: ohh thats odd. I had sent you the invite.
13:55:55 <Nikerabbit> #endmeeting

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