IRC office hours/Office hours 2013-12-10

[02:22:53] <marktraceur>	 We'll have a presentation about Multimedia, specifically for developer types, in about 38 minutes
[02:23:01] <marktraceur>	 I'll be taking questions from IRC if anyone's out there
[02:23:12] <marktraceur>	 We'll post a youtubey link beforehand too
[03:01:42] <marktraceur>	 qgil is just explaining that everyone here in SF is the cause for the wait
[03:01:50] <marktraceur>	 Please forgive us for herding cats briefly. :)
[03:04:42] <marktraceur>	 Starting now!
[03:05:08] <qgil>	 heh
[03:05:33] <qgil>	 how is the sound of the video?
[03:05:49] <marktraceur>	 There we go
[03:08:46] <rfarrand>	 anyone out there following along on IRC/Youtube?
[03:09:30] <marktraceur>	 I am!
[03:09:37] <rfarrand>	 duhhh ;)
[03:09:53] <qgil>	 me too  :)
[03:10:02] <rfarrand>	 haha
[03:10:10] <rfarrand>	 might just be us..
[03:10:27] <marktraceur>	 There are probably other lurkers. :D
[03:16:42] <qgil>	 let's see whather marktraceur can present and answer on IRC at the same time...
[03:18:40] <marktraceur>	 Yup
[03:29:07] <marktraceur>	 "UploadWizard" *ominous music plays*
[03:34:26] <Emufarmers>	 Hmm
[03:34:37] <Emufarmers>	 if there's cat-herding involved, maybe I'll watch
[03:36:28] * yuvipanda  lurks�
[03:36:30] <yuvipanda>	 marktraceur: are there cats?
[03:36:44] <Emufarmers>	 we need a #wikimedia-kawaii stream
[03:36:53] <marktraceur>	 yuvipanda: No but I totally flirted with you.
[03:37:03] * yuvipanda  hands marktraceur a phamplet�
[03:37:06] <yuvipanda>	 not in public!
[03:37:23] <marktraceur>	 Sorry, flirted with your campaigns redesign. Typo.
[03:37:28] <yuvipanda>	 well, maybe there's nobody around in this channel. :P
[03:37:30] <yuvipanda>	 marktraceur: ah!
[03:37:41] <yuvipanda>	 the design is technically prtksxna's (he's not here)
[03:37:43] <qgil>	 I totally saw that
[03:38:14] <yuvipanda>	 OW I AM DOOMED NOW!