IRC office hours/Office hours 2013-04-10

Time: 1700-1800 UTC
Channel: #wikimedia-office
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[22:33] <arrbee> Hello, Welcome to the office hour of the Wikimedia Language Engineering Team.
[22:34] <arrbee> My name is Runa and I am the Outreach and QA coordinator for our team.
[22:34] <arrbee> The other members of our team present today are: aharoni alolita Nikerabbit pginer and siebrand
[22:35] <arrbee> Our last office hour was held on 13th March 2013.
[22:35] <alolita> hi everyone - thanks for joining us!
[22:35] <arrbee> The logs are at:
[22:35] <arrbee> Today we will briefly talk about some of the projects that we have been recently working on.
[22:36] <arrbee> After that we would be happy to answer any questions. :)
[22:36] <arrbee> If you'd like to send in your questions before the Q&A, please send them to me over a private message.
[22:37] <arrbee> As I mentioned before, we are the Wikimedia Language Engineering Team and we work on enabling Language tools for MediaWiki and Wikimedia projects.
[22:37] <arrbee> This ensures that we are never short of challenging work, that will go on to provide support for the way all languages can be used just as well as English.
[22:38] <arrbee> Presently, our primary focus is on extending our existing tools, adding advanced features for the Translate Extension (TUX) and community outreach.
[22:38] <arrbee> Since out last office hour we have had some significant accomplishments in our ongoing projects.
[22:39] <arrbee> We have also made some new beginnings, which we would like to share.
[22:39] <arrbee> Today we shall be giving an update about:
[22:39] <arrbee> 1. Translate Extension (TUX) Deployment
[22:40] <arrbee> 2. MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle (MLEB) Release
[22:40] <arrbee> 3. Language Maven team - an outreach initiative
[22:40] <arrbee> Updates from Language Engineering:
[22:41] <arrbee> The first topic is -- Translate UX - Deployment and Other Updates
[22:42] <arrbee> Over the past few months, we have been working extensively on building out the new version of the Translate Editor.
[22:42] <arrbee> This is part of the Translate User eXperience or TUX project.
[22:42] <arrbee> Details about the design enhancements has been written in our last few blog posts, including one which can be found at:
[22:42] <arrbee>
[22:43] <arrbee> We are pleased to announce that TUX has now been deployed on WMF sites and is live on
[22:43] <arrbee> The announcement was earlier made by Nikerabbit :
[22:43] <arrbee>
[22:44] <arrbee> Recently we found that the new translation editor has critical issues with Internet Explorer.
[22:44] <arrbee> We have fixed those and plan to deploy the fixes tomorrow.
[22:44] <arrbee> Nikerabbit: anything more to add about this?
[22:45] <Nikerabbit> yes
[22:45] <Nikerabbit> there are other smaller bug fixes as well
[22:45] <Nikerabbit> tomorrow I will also repopulate translation memory database, after which the new special page to search translations should work
[22:45] <mirontoli> sorry, i had problems with webchat
[22:45] <Nikerabbit> it's Special:SearchTranslations
[22:46] <aharoni> hi mirontoli !
[22:46] <Nemo_bis> This is something translators love!
[22:46] <Nikerabbit> please help us testing the new editor, especially if you are using less popular browsers and report issues to bugzilla
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[22:47] <arrbee> Thanks Nikerabbit
[22:47] * aharoni is very glad to see people from Russia
[22:47] <Thehelpfulone> Nikerabbit, I remember a while back we talked about CentralNotice translation through the TUX, is that still on the table for development?
[22:48] <Nikerabbit> Thehelpfulone: as soon as CentralNotice uses Translate, it will use TUX too
[22:48] <Thehelpfulone> (this can wait for the Q&A too) :)
[22:48] <alolita> thanks nikerabbit for the update - look forward to everything going well with the upcoming deployment :-)
[22:48] <arrbee> Thehelpfulone: Thanks.. you get to move to the front of the line for Q & A :)
[22:48] <mirontoli> hi aharoni ! :)
[22:49] <arrbee> Moving on to the second topic - MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle (MLEB) Release
[22:50] <arrbee> We generally have a release every month. The last released version is 2013.03
[22:50] <arrbee> The announcement and the release notes are at this link:
[22:50] <arrbee>
[22:50] <arrbee> Besides the update to the Translate extension and miscellenous bug fixes, we added 3 new fonts for Arabic, Hebrew and Javanese.
[22:51] <arrbee> The Javanese webfonts have been deployed to the Javanese Wikipedia by Nikerabbit and can be seen here:
[22:51] <arrbee> This removes any dependency on any custom fonts for displaying the script in modern web browsers.
[22:52] <arrbee> aharoni: Nikerabbit : anything further to add about the new MLEB release?
[22:52] <Nikerabbit> MLEB is easiest way to get Translate and other language related extensions in versions that work together
[22:53] <malkum> Should developers always get code updates from MLEB or getting it from individual extension repository is also fine?
[22:53] <aharoni> We see that people download it, and we really want to hear from our users - is it easy to install, is it useful, are there any bugs, etc.
[22:54] <aharoni> malkum: if you are a developer, you should probably work directly with Git.
[22:54] <aharoni> MLEB is for users who want stable versions and don't plan to tinker with code.
[22:55] <malkum> aharoni: I see thanks , because I found some difficulty to use $ git pull origin master when updated from MLEB
[22:55] <aharoni> you can, actually, install MLEB from Git. There are instructions at .
[22:55] <aharoni> And then you can upgrade MLEB from Git.
[22:56] <aharoni> but if you do frequent changes in the code, you should just get MediaWiki directly from Git, according to instructions at .
[22:56] <arrbee> Thanks aharoni , Nikerabbit . We will be happy to take more questions about MLEB during the Q & A.
[22:57] <malkum> Thanks
[22:57] <arrbee> Moving on to the last topic of discussion for today - 'Our new outreach initiative - Language Mavens'
[22:58] <arrbee> In our last office-hour we had mentioned about our plans for the Language Suport team.
[22:58] <arrbee> We are now ready to roll out the pilot phase of the project next week.
[22:58] <arrbee> The project now also has a name - Language Mavens :)
[22:59] <malkum> yay I was never called a Maven :)
[22:59] <arrbee> The details of the project can be found on this page:
[22:59] <arrbee>
[22:59] <arrbee> The Language Mavens as we would like to call the team members, would be our conduit with the various language communities.
[23:00] <arrbee> We would be collaborating with them about:
[23:00] <mirontoli> I didn't know that Maven means expert Cool
[23:00] <arrbee> 1. the internationalization tools,
[23:01] <malkum> mirontoli: exactly!
[23:01] <arrbee> 2. understanding how they are being used,
[23:01] <arrbee> 3. what can be improved in them,
[23:01] <arrbee> 4. gathering feedback through constant communication,
[23:01] <arrbee> 5. supporting them to provide a helping hand to other members of the language communities, and
[23:02] <arrbee> 6. also being better informed on how we can arrange our priorities for the greater benefit of language (localization and internationalization) related requirements
[23:02] <arrbee> We are starting the pilot phase with some of our partners from within the language communities.
[23:02] <arrbee> Some of them are present here today. :)
[23:02] a_r_n addshore aharoni alolita andre__ andrewbogott APexil arrbee aude awjr
[23:02] malkum marja marktraceur
[23:02] mindspillage mirontoli
[23:03] <arrbee> a_r_n: malkum mirontoli Nemo_bis
[23:03] * Nemo_bis raises hand
[23:03] * a_r_n too :-)
[23:03] <arrbee> The intent is to also get the program evaluated by them and make it ready for the volunteers.
[23:04] * siebrand cheers the language mavens on!
[23:04] <arrbee> The volunteers can now sign up through the on-line form:
[23:04] <arrbee>
[23:04] <arrbee> We'll also be announcing about this on various mailing lists.
[23:04] * Nemo_bis constantly reads "maven" as "raven" in his mind
[23:04] <mirontoli> great
[23:05] <arrbee> We plan to have our first group of Mavens (post the pilot phase), by the end of April 2013.
[23:05] <arrbee> That was all the updates we have.
[23:05] <alolita> arrbee - do you have a session scheduled on hangout with our mavens :-)
[23:06] <arrbee> alolita: it is being planned for the end of this week. The time specifics are being worked out.
[23:06] <alolita> great - look forward to this session
[23:07] <arrbee> Before moving on to the Q & A, there are a few announcements
[23:07] <arrbee> 1. The Language Engineering team is participating in Google Summer of Code 2013, as mentors for Wikimedia.
[23:07] <arrbee> The list for the internationalization projects can be found at this link:
[23:07] <mirontoli> do we need to sign up at ? or is allready done for those who are present here today?
[23:07] <arrbee>
[23:08] <a_r_n> mirontoli: I guess its for future volunteers
[23:08] <arrbee> mirontoli: that form is part of the evaluation to be done by you.
[23:08] mindspillage mirontoli
[23:08] <mirontoli> allright
[23:08] <arrbee> 2. The team would also be hosting an open session for triaging internationalization bugs on 24th April 2013.
[23:09] <arrbee> We shall be announcing more details about the event very soon.
[23:09] <arrbee> Questions & Answers:
[23:09] <arrbee> ================
[23:10] <arrbee> Thehelpfulone> Nikerabbit, I remember a while back we talked about CentralNotice translation through the TUX, is that still on the table for development?
[23:10] Nikerabbit Nischayn|Away
[23:10] <arrbee> Nikerabbit: The first one is for you :)
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[23:12] <siebrand> From what I saw in code changes last week, there was some bit rot in the CentralNotice side of the integration.
[23:12] <siebrand> That's been resolved.
[23:12] <siebrand> The FR team is relatively self sustaining in rolling out this feature.
[23:13] <siebrand> We helped with the initial implantation in September 2012, then there were a lot of distractions, and from what I know, they have already used it at some point, and are planning to start using it a lot.
[23:13] <siebrand> K4-713 may be able to elaborate.
[23:13] <Thehelpfulone> I don't recall having ever seen it used siebrand - at least not on Meta
[23:14] <siebrand> that's possible… As said: we know it can work, the question is when the FR team will start using it.
[23:14] <siebrand> It's possibly better asked in an FR office hours :)
[23:15] <alolita> Thehelpfulone: yes that is mostly correct; hopefully it will be used by FR :-)
[23:15] <siebrand> Best answer I can give is that we are not aware of anything blocking implementation within out realm of responsibility.
[23:16] <arrbee> Thanks siebrand
[23:17] <arrbee> Any other questions? :)
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[23:18] <alolita> arrbee: do you plan to post the session minutes/ log from the upcoming mavens meeting
[23:18] <alolita> if so - where should folks look for it?
[23:19] <arrbee> alolita: yes.. we will have a blog post about the program before that. After the meeting, there is another blog post planned with discussions and initial observations about the program.
[23:20] <alolita> great - thanks!
[23:20] <malkum> I have seen some projects regarding i18n in GSoc page. How can we contribute. Is it dicussed in tommrows meeting?
[23:20] * MelBee_ is now known as MelBee
[23:20] <alolita> malkum - yes this will be discussed in tomorrow's meeting
[23:21] <malkum> ok, Thanks
[23:21] <alolita> however if you're interested in any specific projects already listed in the i18n section - let me know
[23:22] <malkum> alolita: Yes sure. I already have one in mind :)
[23:22] <arrbee> We have 10 more minutes. :)
[23:23] <mirontoli> Regarding the language mavens project, it is very exciting, To me it is not totally clear how it will be organized. But we will have a meeting. And hopefully, I can contribute in some positive way.
[23:24] <a_r_n> mirontoli: +1 sounds interesting.... but no clear idea as of now...
[23:24] <arrbee> mirontoli: Yes, that is the idea. :)
[23:24] <malkum> arrbee: Suspense makes it more interesting.
[23:25] <arrbee> We would like to hear more from you to better prepare the implementation details.
[23:25] <alolita> arrbee will be sending out more details to everyone who's signed up for the first mavens group
[23:25] <alolita> before the meeting :-)
[23:25] <arrbee> At this point we do expect to go through a few iterations to fully understand how to organise the basic bits and then tailor them according to the needs of the individual language communities.
[23:26] <Nemo_bis> Thehelpfulone: the CN-Translate thing is supposed to be working on testwiki, have you tested it?
[23:27] <malkum> a_r_n: You are the chap who got Wikimania Scholarship right? if so Congratulations :)
[23:27] <arrbee> aharoni: alolita Nikerabbit pginer siebrand : Is there anything else you'd like to talk about before its time to go? :)
[23:28] <siebrand> Yes, but my time is up :)
[23:28] <alolita> i think we covered everything!
[23:28] <alolita> thanks arrbee
[23:28] <K4-713> siebrand: Dang, sorry: Missed your ping earlier. We're planning on switching CentralNotice over to the translation extension tomorrow.
[23:29] <alolita> look forward to seeing everyone who is interested in our gsoc projects participate in our session tomorrow
[23:29] <siebrand> Thehelpfulone, Nemo_bis ^ ^
[23:29] <siebrand> K4-713: JIT
[23:29] <arrbee> Anyways, we have not run out of time
[23:29] <arrbee> now*
[23:30] <arrbee> We would like to thank you all for coming by today.
[23:30] * andrewbogott is now known as andrewbogott_afk
[23:30] <arrbee> Unless something changes, our next office hour would be held on 8th May 2013 at 1700 UTC.
[23:30] <malkum> Thanks arrbee and everyone. Have a great day
[23:30] <arrbee> Until then we can be reached on the IRC channel #mediawiki-i18n, over email and social media.
[23:30] <alolita> thanks for joining!
[23:30] <arrbee> We will also be posting updates about our work through the Wikimedia blog and mailing lists.
[23:31] <malkum> Nikerabbit: Have a great day :)
[23:31] <arrbee> The logs from this office hour will also be available on the office-hour page.
[23:31] <Nikerabbit> thanks
[23:31] <arrbee> Thank you and see you at the next office-hour