IRC office hours/Office hours 2011-12-08

Here is an edited log of the IRC chat session we held on Wikimedia's Office Hours on Dec. 8, led by Fabrice Florin. Time is UTC-8. See mw:Article feedback/Version 5/Testing for context.

[11:02am] Hello everyone! Is anyone here interested in helping test our Article Feedback Tool v5 today?
[11:03am] We plan to launch new versions of the AFT v5 feedback forms next week, and are looking for a few people to help us test that they work as intended.
[11:10am] To get started, here is our testing page URL:
[11:11am] This testing page has simple instructions on how to help us test the beta version of this new feature.
[11:11am] No special technical skills are required, though participants need to be methodical in their reporting.
[11:13am] We recommend that contributors test the links on that page and if they find a bug, file it in Bugzilla -- or add a note on the talk page of this testing page.
[11:14am] Here are links to the key 1.0 modules we would like people to test.
[11:14am] First, try out option 1 of the feedback form:
[11:15am] This first version of the form asks you if you found what you were looking for. Answer Yes or No, then add a comment and click 'Post your feedback.'
[11:18am] We invite testers to try different variations of feedback. For example, on Option 1, try answering Yes and post the feedback without comments. Then try answering No without comment. Then try not answering Yes or No and just posting a comment. Does anything strange happen when you do that?
[11:20am] The expected result of clicking 'Post your feeback' should be that you get a Thank you message, with a call to action inviting you to edit this page. Click on 'Edit this page': are you able to edit that page as intended? (please make minor edits only, so the page doesn't get vandalized in the process ;o)
[11:21am] If you see anything that appears to be broken when testing the feedback form, the best way to let us know is to file a bug. To do that, follow the instructions on our testing page:
[11:22am] You may also leave a note in the talk page of our discussion page, but this will not be as visible to the developers. One of us would have to file a bug based on your note, which will delay the process.
[11:25am] If you leave a note on the talk page, try to be as specific as possible about what happened, what you expected would happen, and give us details on the exact steps we need to follow to reproduce your bug. Also, please give us your operating system, browser version and connection speed. Like this we can narrow down the problem on our end, so we can try to fix it.
[11:26am] Once you are done testing first version of the feedback form, try this second version:
[11:29am] This one doesn't have a Yes/No button, but instead lets you specify the type of feedback which you are posting: Suggestion, Question, Problem or Praise. Please try each option, add a comment, and click on 'Post your feedback'. Any problems with any of these options?
[11:29am] Here is the third version of the feedback form which we are testing this month:
[11:31am] Give the article a rating, add a comment and click 'Post your feedback'. Does the feedback form work as intended? Anything out of the ordinary?
[11:33am] Next, try clicking on the Feedback link at the top right of the page, below the title bar and above the photo. This shows the feedback form as a modal overlay with a gray page background. How is that working for you? Please take the time to test that feedback link and overlay form for each of the three options above.
[11:36am] If you would like to see how your feedback is being saved, you can take a quick peek at this bare-bones feedback page. Note that this rough page is for internal tracking only, and will not be deployed next week, so there is no need to test it now, it's just there for us to monitor the feedback on this prototype site.
[11:36am] To see all of the bugs that are now being worked on for phase 1.0, check this Bugzilla search page:
[11:38am] That's it for now. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at fflorin-at-wikimedia-dot-org.
[11:41am] We are doing final prototype testing on Thursday 12-8 and Friday 12-9, and plan to launch these forms next Wednesday 12-14 for testing on a limited set of articles on the English Wikipedia. You can read more about all this on our AFTv5 project overview page:
[11:42am]Over and out!