IRC office hours/Office hours 2011-06-10

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[10:47pm] pradx:
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[10:48pm] pradx: oops
[10:48pm] pradx: hello
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[10:51pm] AndroUser: Hullo
[10:52pm] StevenW: Hi everyone
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[10:53pm] AndroUser: identity crisis
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[10:53pm] AsafBartov: better
[10:53pm] StevenW: Hey Asaf :)
[10:54pm] • AsafBartov waves
[10:55pm] pradx: hello
[10:55pm] StevenW: Hi pradx
[10:56pm] pradx: Pradeep from the Mumbai Wikimedia community. :)
[10:56pm] StevenW: Glad to have you here. We're just waiting for Sue still.
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[10:57pm] StevenW: Hi Tinu
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[10:58pm] tinucherian: Hi StevenW :)
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[10:59pm] StevenW: Hi sgardner
[10:59pm] sgardner: Hello!
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[10:59pm] sgardner: StevenW, are you at home?
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[10:59pm] StevenW: I am
[11:00pm] sgardner: Me too. I have just realized I'm on my 13th straight hour working.
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[11:00pm] StevenW: Glad we both made the right decision then. :)
[11:00pm] • ChristineM wanders back over to the computer
[11:00pm] AsafBartov: the coffee must be good
[11:00pm] StevenW: Hi Keegan
[11:00pm] ChristineM: looks like i wandered back over at just the right time
[11:00pm] sgardner: And Veronique and I just had a gimlet at the restaurant below my building, to celebrate the near-completion of the 2011-12 plan :-)
[11:00pm] Keegan: Hello everyone
[11:00pm] sgardner: Hello ChristineM :-)
[11:00pm] sgardner: Keegan!
[11:00pm] Keegan: Hi, Steven!
[11:00pm] ChristineM: yay!
[11:00pm] Keegan: Hi Sue!
[11:00pm] ChristineM: Hi Sue!
[11:01pm] ChristineM: hi Keegan!
[11:01pm] sgardner: \o/
[11:01pm] • ChristineM looks around for John-Boy
[11:01pm] WereSpielChequer: Good morning everyone
[11:01pm] Keegan: sgardner: I need to send you updated pictures, the tyke is standing on his own
[11:01pm] sgardner: This is nice! Good morning WereSpielChequer, how are you?
[11:01pm] AroundTheGlobe: Hello everyone
[11:01pm] sgardner: keegan: Awwwwwww!
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[11:02pm] WereSpielChequer: I'm very good thanks Sue though my PC is surprised to be used this early
[11:02pm] • Risker turns down the Sufjan Stevens
[11:02pm] sgardner: Hello AroundTheGlobe, everybody :-)
[11:02pm] Risker: Greetings
[11:02pm] • Keegan laughs at Risker :)
[11:02pm] sgardner: Risker! Thank you for your sockpuppet advice :-)
[11:02pm] ChristineM: hey Risker! good grief, isn't it late for you?
[11:02pm] ChristineM: or early?
[11:02pm] effeietsanders: good morning <yawn> world
[11:02pm] sgardner: It is late for you.
[11:02pm] sgardner: And morning for Lodewijk :-)
[11:02pm] Risker: ChristineM, late....that's what naps are for
[11:03pm] ChristineM: true 'dat!
[11:03pm] effeietsanders: good evening/night sgardner
[11:03pm] Keegan: Risker is a perpetual motion machine
[11:03pm] sgardner: Hey I have a quick chart I will share with you all, since we are here :-)
[11:03pm] Keegan: Anyway, where is Asia?
[11:03pm] Risker: you're quite welcome sgardner
[11:03pm] StevenW: Go for it Sue.
[11:03pm] sgardner: This is from Nimish in the Global Development department:
[11:03pm] sgardner:
[11:03pm] effeietsanders: Keegan: apparently somewhere north of Australia
[11:03pm] StevenW: Ah yes
[11:03pm] sgardner: (Gender distribution by cumulative edits.)
[11:04pm] StevenW: Nimish showed me that data today.
[11:04pm] Nemo_bis: so we lose them in the process
[11:04pm] sgardner: It's brand-new; I think Nimish just made it today.
[11:04pm] StevenW: It's really interesting
[11:04pm] Keegan: effeietsanders: Touche
[11:04pm] sgardner: Yes.
[11:04pm] ChristineM: very interesting
[11:04pm] Keegan: I don't find it surprising
[11:04pm] ChristineM: neither do i, but interesting to see in graph form
[11:04pm] sgardner: It's interesting, because I always assumed that the preferences setting was ignored or unseen by most editors, but it looks like it is actually accurate.
[11:04pm] Keegan: Yes
[11:04pm] sgardner: I think it defaults to male but maybe I am wrong: maybe it defaults to nothing if not set.
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[11:05pm] sgardner: Ariel!
[11:05pm] apergos: hey
[11:05pm] Keegan: What I would like to see is a breakdown of those female contributions, while minimal to male, on attention to articles
[11:05pm] apergos: just luck, I saw the channel spam :-)
[11:05pm] sgardner: :-)
[11:05pm] effeietsanders: sgardner: it defaults to unspecified
[11:05pm] sprakash: tinucherian: Hi
[11:05pm] • effeietsanders is unspecified
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[11:05pm] StevenW: The weirdest part of that: there are thousands of people who registered accounts, marked a gender in preferences, and never edited.
[11:05pm] sgardner: effe: Good to know. I assumed the other, but that is better. That explains why it confirms the Editor Survey data.
[11:06pm] sgardner: I don't find that surprising, StevenW.
[11:06pm] ChristineM: i don't either, to be honest.
[11:06pm] sgardner: I think that lots of people 'fill in the form' as a way of nesting, expressing affiliation.
[11:06pm] effeietsanders: StevenW: do we know how many people changed that setting compared to other settings?
[11:06pm] • Risker concurs
[11:06pm] Keegan: StevenW: I'm not sure how weird that is, in my past 15 years online I've tons of accounts registered with the hoops that I don't remember and didn't use on all kinds of websites
[11:06pm] sgardner: Like, I am registered at the New York Times, for no apparent reason. It doesn't give me any special privileges.
[11:06pm] ChristineM: or sign up, get ready to do their first edit and go "holy heck! this looks hard!" and abandon
[11:06pm] StevenW: True.
[11:07pm] Keegan: ChristineM: Or see something shiny
[11:07pm] sgardner: But what's great about the data
[11:07pm] StevenW: effeietsanders: no, not off the top of my head. But we could find out.
[11:07pm] ChristineM: ooooooshiny
[11:07pm] WereSpielChequer: I wonder how many sign up and wait for someone to ask them to help do something
[11:07pm] • Keegan will brb
[11:07pm] ChristineM: that could be as well. or wait for an assignment.
[11:07pm] sgardner: is that it means we can now learn change-over-time. We can find out what the gender split was two years ago, or five years ago.
[11:07pm] sgardner: And therefore whether it's getting more balanced or less, over time.
[11:07pm] ChristineM: I talked to a guy a few months back who asked me how long he should wait until he got his first assignment.
[11:07pm] StevenW: Wow. Interesting.
[11:07pm] sgardner: ChristineM: noooo!
[11:08pm] ChristineM: I quickly explained there was no waiting, just dive in :)
[11:08pm] apergos: you can always check the ratio of people who have edited once, or at least 10 times, say
[11:08pm] Risker: I confess, back in the day when I was new, it didn't really occur to me that I could edit /any/ article
[11:08pm] sprakash: Testing..
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[11:08pm] effeietsanders: ChristineM: yeah, in that respect I found the signup process of Khan Academy great
[11:08pm] effeietsanders: it was really clear on what you can and can't expect from them
[11:08pm] sgardner: Oh are you using Khan Academy -- do you like it?
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[11:08pm] effeietsanders: I've only signed up so far
[11:08pm] StevenW: Hey, before we get too far along, for those who might not be aware we've started office hours. If you have a question and the channel is busy feel free to private message me.
[11:08pm] ChristineM: Sue, I think Philippe forwarded you my query about male to female editing pre-2007… this would be great to help answer that!
[11:09pm] sgardner: me too :-)
[11:09pm] pradx: I hung around for a year before I started editing - just working things out.
[11:09pm] effeietsanders: sure I like the videos etc, but you dont need to sign up for that. I wanted to translate one
[11:09pm] apergos: are we trying to provide new users with a "here's a couple of articles you migh tbe interested in adding to/proofreading/etc" someday when a new account creation system is in place?
[11:09pm] ChristineM: i'll have to bring in the book i was reading… he claimed that the male-to-female edit ratio was evenly split.
[11:09pm] Courcelles: I was much closer to three years... I'd log in, read, and touch something maybe once a quarter, at most
[11:09pm] ChristineM: and that most editors were over 40.
[11:09pm] Courcelles: And even then, it was only a typo or two
[11:09pm] Keegan: Risker's comment echos why I'd like to see a breakdown of *focus*
[11:09pm] effeietsanders: apergos: that is probably something that could be easily provided by bot users
[11:10pm] effeietsanders: who also dump templates on their usertalkpage
[11:10pm] sgardner: apergos: We have talked about that for quite a while, but I am not aware of anyone actively working on it.
[11:10pm] ChristineM: <— still a very baby editor. once the thesis is done, hope to ramp that up a bit :)
[11:10pm] sgardner: (The idea of surfacing for people topics that would interest them, and that need help.)
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[11:10pm] apergos: well I was thinking along the lines of showing it to them on the :congrats, you've just joined the WP community! For prefs, do X, and now wouldn't you like to have a look at articles Y or Z?"
[11:10pm] sgardner: Kat!! :-)
[11:11pm] ChristineM: hey kat!
[11:11pm] • mindspillage waves.
[11:11pm] apergos: hello kat :-)
[11:11pm] StevenW: actually sgardner and apergos that kind of topical suggestion is something I worked on with Frank and Lennart. It's in the plans for testing with the account creation improvement project
[11:11pm] StevenW: that after people sign up
[11:11pm] Keegan: In my collegiate experience of running a fraternity and dealing with sororities, I noticed that fraternity committees lacked specific focus and kept up with every other committee, while in sororities they were very task oriented to their committees
[11:11pm] apergos: fabulous, thanks
[11:11pm] sgardner: That's good. Didn't something happen today with the Account Creative Improvement project? Didn't Lennart reach some new milestone?
[11:11pm] WereSpielChequer: I'm thinking of experimenting with a welcome message that includes we could do with help here, here and here. But maybe we should test it on the noneditors
[11:11pm] Courcelles: Something like en:User:SuggestBot, but directed at new users? Interesting idea, especally if they could indicate a couple key words for subjects that interest them on sign-up
[11:11pm] StevenW: we ask them what subjects they're interested in, and send them say, the backlog of biology articles that need wikifying or copyediting or sourcing.
[11:12pm] ChristineM: Sue: i think the tests are live now
[11:12pm] StevenW: yes! they are now A/B testing a couple new account creation pages
[11:12pm] apergos: ohhh good to know
[11:12pm] • StevenW made a sockpuppet from the office today to try it out ;-)
[11:12pm] Keegan: I think that tool will increase female participation
[11:12pm] Keegan: StevenW: Did you notify arbcom :D
[11:13pm] sgardner: I am going to make a sockpuppet. Or rather, an alternate account :-)
[11:13pm] sgardner: I have already notified Risker :-)
[11:13pm] sprakash: sgardner: Hi, madam. I am an engineering student from India. (admin in Tamil Wikipedia)
[11:13pm] sgardner: Hello sprakash, pleased to meet you. I know a few of the Tamil Wikipedians.
[11:13pm] StevenW: Nice to have you here sprakash.
[11:13pm] sprakash: sgardner: Mm. Outreaching among college students is my main aim.
[11:13pm] RoanKattouw: sgardner: Lennart reaching some new milestone might be that I got him a bunch of statistics he'd been lacking since April 27th yesterday (this morning PDT)
[11:13pm] sgardner: I met the father of the Tamil Wikipedia, I think, and also a Tamil editor in Dubai. (I don't remember his name: he is an architect.)
[11:14pm] sprakash: sgardner: Mayooranathan
[11:14pm] sprakash: :)
[11:14pm] sgardner: Roan: he has been waiting for statistics, yes. I'm glad he got them :-)
[11:14pm] sgardner: Yes: Mayooranathan, thank you!
[11:14pm] jorm joined the chat room.
[11:14pm] sgardner: This is fun. What should we talk about tonight?
[11:14pm] sgardner: Hello Brandon :-)
[11:14pm] Keegan: Hi jorm
[11:15pm] jorm: Wait, what?
[11:15pm] sgardner: Hey has everyone seen Brandon's Domas poster?
[11:15pm] jorm: I just saw Steven talking.
[11:15pm] sprakash: Many students who are trying to edit Wikipedia is just think about the articles.
[11:15pm] sgardner: Someone should share the link!
[11:15pm] jorm: sec. it's on commons.
[11:15pm] StevenW:
[11:15pm] sgardner: sprakash: do you edit solely in Tamil, or in English and other languages too?
[11:15pm] ChristineM: that thing is crazy awesome
[11:15pm] apergos: is that the high res one?
[11:16pm] Keegan: sprakash: If I may ask, are they editing on the Tamil languages wikis, English, or both?
[11:16pm] Keegan: Ack
[11:16pm] sgardner: :-)
[11:16pm] effeietsanders: How many Asian users are there today? (since it was the idea to get more of those participating :) ) - if there are many, it might be an opportunity to talk about that range of topics.
[11:16pm] StevenW: Yes
[11:16pm] ChristineM: i think my neighbours think i'm crazy due to the laughter that escaped as i looked at it
[11:16pm] jorm: Yeah, that's it exactly.
[11:16pm] sgardner: Tinu Cherian is here, possibly.
[11:16pm] sgardner: Who is administrivia? That's a great username.
[11:17pm] administrivia: User:Prodego
[11:17pm] sprakash: sgardner: I have been editing Tamil & English Wikipedia, Tamil Wiktionary, commons etc.
[11:17pm] administrivia: I use this nick sometimes
[11:17pm] AroundTheGlobe: effeietsanders> Dont know how many are here today, though we do have the first ever GLAM event in Asia scheduled for 18 June in Mumbai
[11:17pm] jorm: sorry. i need to reset my brain. just got finished watching "Winter's Bone" with some friends.
[11:17pm] sprakash: Keegan: students?
[11:17pm] administrivia: I also own the wikipedia username... just in case :)
[11:17pm] StevenW: sprakash: congrats to Tamil Wiktionary being so big now. :)
[11:17pm] Keegan: sprakash: Yes, the students
[11:18pm] sprakash: StevenW: Thank you StevenW .
[11:18pm] sgardner: jorm: I loved Winter's Bone. Really, really loved it.
[11:18pm] mindspillage: sgardner: those pictures are the new staff page pictures of the tech team, right?
[11:18pm] sgardner: mindspillage: Actually, today Cyn and I were discussing using underwear photos for the staff page, in honour of Anthony Weiner.
[11:18pm] RoanKattouw: mindspillage: I figured we could just replace the entire ==Technology== section with that
[11:18pm] ChristineM: whoa.
[11:18pm] mindspillage: ...
[11:19pm] StevenW: sgardner: I opt out of that.
[11:19pm] ChristineM: remind me to be absent the day new staff photos are taken
[11:19pm] ChristineM: that's a sight no one needs to see.
[11:19pm] sgardner: But yes, the Domas images will do. Especially Youngmeister :-)
[11:19pm] jorm: Yeah, everyone says that it should remind me of home.
[11:19pm] sgardner: LOL
[11:19pm] sprakash: Keegan: Mainly we introduce Wiki through English (Educational system is like that). But we also introduce them our Tamil Wiki projects & the imporance of that.
[11:19pm] sgardner: jorm: yeah. Parts of Canada too.
[11:19pm] mindspillage: sgardner: I believe those might be controversial content. :-)
[11:19pm] sgardner: mindspillage: There will be an opt-in filter. It will be fine :-)
[11:20pm] ChristineM: could be a great test for it ;)
[11:20pm] sprakash: Keegan: We've got many contributors from English wiki also. Even I first edited in English Wiki. There are people like Sundar, Sodabottle, Srikanth, Aswin who started editing in English & came here to Tamil. :)
[11:20pm] Keegan: sprakash: I'm particularly interested in the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lankan, and Bangladesh using their language wikis. I've often received the answer from those I've asked that they don't use their home language wikis since they know English
[11:20pm] sgardner: sprakash: Are you involved in any of the work that Hisham Mundol is beginning, with Frank Schulenberg?
[11:20pm] Keegan: Yes, that, I'm interested in how you can raise participation in local language projects
[11:21pm] jorm: We have the "Domas Posse" photos we can use but I expect that Jay would dislike those being publicity photos.
[11:21pm] jorm: Many of the tech staff got photos taken in Berlin by Guillaume; those are the new ones.
[11:21pm] sgardner: Ah, I saw those. Sumana and so forth. They were good :-)
[11:21pm] jorm: I believe so.
[11:21pm] jorm: There is one of me, though, where I have the 'cranky' face on, which is kind of funny.
[11:21pm] • jeremyb is a few miles from anthony weiner's district atm
[11:22pm] sgardner: Brandon, you came late, so you missed this, from Nimish:
[11:22pm] sprakash: sgardner: No mam. But I know what they did. :) As I had a busy schedule last semester I couldn't involve fully. :) but from this sem, I would be able to do more. :)
[11:22pm] jorm: Now, that is a right depressing infograph.
[11:22pm] ChristineM: Brandon, i think your pose for the Posse photo was one of the best, hands down.
[11:22pm] Keegan: sprakash: So, are the students interested in building *the community* of the Tamil language projects, since that expands articles and recruits new users to build them?
[11:23pm] sgardner: sprakash: Are you involved with the Indian chapter?
[11:23pm] jorm: Actually, Asher Feldman's is my favorite.
[11:23pm] Keegan: Also, I agree with ChristineM. You look like you should have a bass guitare
[11:23pm] sgardner: (Sorry to pepper you with questions.)
[11:23pm] jorm: I don't play bass guitar.
[11:23pm] sgardner: (Youngmeister is good too, and Kaldari.)
[11:23pm] sprakash: sgardner: No. hereafter gonna take some steps to involv & work more.
[11:23pm] Keegan: I didn't say you did, it just seemed appropriate
[11:24pm] pradx: sgardner: the Indian chapter opened up membership this May.
[11:24pm] jorm: I have one; don't play it. I have a schecter at the office, and a hand-built stratocaster at the house.
[11:24pm] sprakash: Keegan: The students like the community
[11:24pm] sgardner: sprakash: That's great. When did you first start editing?
[11:24pm] Sadbone is now known as Tanvir.
[11:24pm] StevenW: Great. I think it was good for the chapter to not just open up membership, but ask for more community involvement.
[11:24pm] Keegan: Good good, sprakash
[11:24pm] sprakash: Keegan: But,
[11:24pm] Keegan: jorm: I wondered whose guitar that was. V. nice
[11:24pm] jeremyb: pradx: been to bandra?
[11:25pm] AsafBartov: hi, Tanvir
[11:25pm] pradx: jeremyb: yeah, I've been to bandra
[11:25pm] sprakash: Keegan: They, feel difficulty in the Technical areas. like translating articles from English. & working on it (reference adding like that.)
[11:25pm] Tanvir: Hello AsafBartov. :)
[11:25pm] StevenW: By the way, for anyone who hasn't seen it, on there is now a great newsletter like the Signpost
[11:25pm] Keegan: Hi Tanvir!
[11:25pm] sgardner: So should we do a little show of hands? sprakash is here from India -- is there anyone else here from outside Europe and North America?
[11:25pm] pradx: sprakash: Wikimedia India chapter membership form is available here -
[11:25pm] • effeietsanders gets a bit confused by all the guitar talk through the conversation
[11:25pm] jorm: So, just for my information, do we have a specific agenda, or is this a "catch as can" question-and-answer hours?
[11:25pm] anirudh joined the chat room.
[11:25pm] Tanvir: Hey Keegan.
[11:25pm] sprakash: sgardner: June 1, 2010. One year before.
[11:25pm] pradx: hi! I'm from Mumbai, India.
[11:26pm] Keegan: sprakash: Do they use Simple English Wikipedia?
[11:26pm] StevenW: Hi anirudh. Welcome.
[11:26pm] sgardner: sprakash, oh that's great: you're fairly new. Please stick around :-)
[11:26pm] AroundTheGlobe: Prax n myself from Mumbai
[11:26pm] anirudh: hi stevenW, thanks.
[11:26pm] sprakash: pradx: Ya. I have downloaded it. Gonna apply :) thank you.
[11:26pm] administrivia: sgardner: careful what time it is
[11:26pm] administrivia: might skew your response
[11:26pm] sgardner: Hi pradx. I was in Mumbai in December: it was beautiful :-)
[11:26pm] jorm: wow, sprakash. happy anniversary? wiki-birthday?
[11:26pm] ChristineM: Wiki-versery?
[11:26pm] Tanvir: For all of you, Bangladesh chapter is currently on its way and in active contacts with ChapCom, so now we will be able to promote Bengali language projects with more efficiency.
[11:26pm] sgardner: And Anirudh and AroundTheGlobe :-)
[11:26pm] sprakash: jorm: Thank you jorm
[11:27pm] pradx: sgardner: glad you loved it :)
[11:27pm] • Keegan claps for the Bengali works
[11:27pm] sgardner: I did not know a Bangladesh chapter was getting underway: that's great.
[11:27pm] Tanvir: Maybe some of you already know that. :)
[11:27pm] Keegan: I still need to get that tattoo, Tanvir. I'll let you know when I do
[11:27pm] sgardner: Tanvir, are you working at all with Asaf? Oh wait, you already said hello. So yes, you know each other.
[11:27pm] effeietsanders: Tanvir: i heard something about it, yeah ;-)
[11:27pm] Tanvir: Okay, thanks!
[11:27pm] AroundTheGlobe: sue, we hope to host you again in November :)
[11:28pm] sgardner: AroundTheGlobe: Am I coming back in November? I would be happy to :-)
[11:28pm] StevenW: Is November when the national WikiConference is going to be?
[11:28pm] sgardner: The Board of Trustees is considering staging a meeting in India next year. I don't know for sure if that will happen.
[11:28pm] Tanvir: sgardner, yeah, we submitted the MoA on Meta, and made our local announcement, that discussion is over too, so actually it is on ChapCom to decide. ;)
[11:28pm] AroundTheGlobe: Thats great
[11:28pm] sgardner: Tanvir: very nice.
[11:28pm] AsafBartov: I would be interested to hear from our Asian colleagues about obstacles they are currently facing
[11:29pm] ChristineM: Tanvir: awesome!
[11:29pm] anirudh: AroundTheGlobe, such optimism! ^_^
[11:29pm] • anirudh runs
[11:29pm] AroundTheGlobe: we have an advanced proposal for the First Indian National WikiMania in November - Mumbai
[11:29pm] StevenW: Great!
[11:29pm] pradx: StevenW: most probably
[11:29pm] sgardner: Oh, lovely :-)
[11:29pm] mindspillage: tanvir, ah, congratulations; I look forward to welcoming the chapter. :-)
[11:29pm] jeremyb: oooh, like the debian miniconfs
[11:29pm] anirudh: hi mindspillage.
[11:30pm] Tanvir: What is the topic of today's meeting? I see nothing on Meta page. :S
[11:30pm] effeietsanders: AroundTheGlobe: wonderful, I would love to see more of those
[11:30pm] sgardner: Kat, do you remember if the board will hold a meeting in India? We were talking about maybe January, but I don't think it's resolved.
[11:30pm] Tanvir: Hey mindspillage, and thanks!
[11:30pm] mindspillage: hi, anirudh.
[11:30pm] mindspillage: sgardner: no idea; I don't think there was a decision.
[11:30pm] mindspillage: (I think it's up to the people whose schedules are more constrained)
[11:30pm] sgardner: Yeah. I think the board is still weighing three meetings versus four.
[11:31pm] sgardner: Let's go back to Asaf, who is hoping to make this a conversation of substance :-)
[11:31pm] effeietsanders: sgardner: maybe you could tell a bit more how the Indian office is getting along? (or whoever would be best placed for that)
[11:31pm] AroundTheGlobe: We have got Bishakha and hope to get Jimbo so thats 2 board members anyways :)
[11:31pm] jorm: When is the next board meeting?
[11:31pm] mindspillage: jorm: wikimania.
[11:32pm] jorm: no remote meetings until then?
[11:32pm] anirudh: mindspillage, I'm traveling to cambodia in a few days. will check out the community over there. they have been doing regular meet ups over the past three months.
[11:32pm] sgardner: effe: The Indian Wikimedians here might actually know more than I do. I know that Frank is in India this week, launching campus ambassador programs, I believe in Pune.
[11:32pm] mindspillage: jorm: maybe, but none scheduled currently.
[11:32pm] sgardner: Oh, Anirudh, is it your first trip to Cambodia? Where will you go?
[11:33pm] anirudh: sgardner, I will be working with a lawyer on a project. I'll be living in phnom penh. Got a mailing list set up for Wikimedia KH
[11:33pm] sprakash: Keegan: Frankly, 20% of the people only know fluent English. But more than 60% of the students have been taught in their mother tongue. :)
[11:33pm] mindspillage: jorm: (most stuff is done via email, doesn't need us to be synchronized)
[11:33pm] Tanvir: Since all of you know that another chapter in subcontinent is forming.. we would like to introduce with our possible plans of promoting Wikimedia here.
[11:33pm] jeremyb: AroundTheGlobe:
[11:33pm] anirudh: sgardner, first trip yes
[11:33pm] sgardner: amirudh: How interesting. I was in Phnom Penh for a few weeks in 2000. It was fascinating.
[11:34pm] Keegan: Interesting
[11:34pm] sgardner: Tanvir: go ahead!
[11:34pm] pradx: sgardner: they did a Campus Ambassador Program in Pune. PJ is staying on for three months to help things along in India.
[11:34pm] StevenW: Yes please do.
[11:34pm] AsafBartov: anirudh: I'd love to hear all about it
[11:34pm] Eloquence joined the chat room.
[11:34pm] sgardner: Erik is here! :-)
[11:35pm] Eloquence: hiya.
[11:35pm] anirudh: asafbartov, I'll let you know.
[11:35pm] anirudh: :)
[11:35pm] Tanvir: Bangladesh has 160 million Bengali speakers, so Bengali projects will be our first priority. For now we think to proceed with forming small student groups.
[11:35pm] sprakash: sgardner Keegan: when the first tamil computing intitiatives were launched in mid 90s there were the same reaction why do we need tamil in computer. but today many people using Tamil computing facilities.
[11:35pm] Tanvir: Kinda campus program..
[11:35pm] jorm: ah, crap. now i gotta be smart.
[11:35pm] sgardner: jorm: LOL.
[11:35pm] pradx: by PJ - I mean PJ Tabit
[11:35pm] Eloquence: jorm, way too late
[11:35pm] sgardner: Let's post this again:
[11:35pm] sgardner: pradx: thank you :-)
[11:35pm] Tanvir: Bangladesh has 27 public universities and some more private universities.
[11:35pm] sprakash: sgardner: no of tamil bloggers who blog in tamil is 10x the no of tamil bloggers who blog in english all of these point to the same fact - people want content in Tamil.
[11:36pm] jorm: oh, man.
[11:36pm] jorm: that poster is going to follow me for days.
[11:36pm] jorm: or years.
[11:36pm] sgardner: sprakash: that's really interesting.
[11:36pm] sprakash: sgardner: Keegan But since this has become a "class issue" they will pretend they dont need tamil and they are comfortable in english they are ashamed to say they dont read english etc.
[11:36pm] Tanvir: There are more people with internet access, and you know students have the time for this. :)
[11:36pm] sprakash: sgardner: Keegan tamil wiki gets 4000-5000 page views a hour this alone indicates people want content in tamil.
[11:36pm] Keegan: sprakash: Seems like an opportunity to me :)
[11:36pm] administrivia: sprakash: how would one determine that?
[11:37pm] Tanvir: That is what we primarily want to do to promote Wikimeida projects.
[11:37pm] administrivia: sprakash: the bloggers, not the pageviews
[11:37pm] AroundTheGlobe: <jeremyb> good to know
[11:38pm] Keegan: sprakash: Is there any idea where they are linking to the Tamil Wikipedia, or are they searching for it? I doubt anyone has stats on that
[11:38pm] sgardner: Tanvir: so just recapping: you will work with students to create material in the Bengali projects, with the 27+ universities.
[11:38pm] jeremyb: pradx: is PJ there now?
[11:38pm] jeremyb: (watching these hours?)
[11:38pm] pradx: jeremyb: in Pune.
[11:38pm] sgardner: Tanvir: Are you in touch with Frank Schulenberg... are you familiar with the Public Policy Initiative? (Sorry if this is obvious and the answer is yes.)
[11:39pm] administrivia: might drop here
[11:39pm] Tanvir: sgardner, yeah, that's the plan. Promote to them, and train them when they want to know how to work with Wikipedia/Wikimedia.
[11:39pm] sprakash: administrivia: It's an aggregator count. (
[11:39pm] Keegan: I hope Tanvir emailed Frank :)
[11:39pm] sprakash: Keegan: pardon.
[11:39pm] Tanvir: Keegan, not yet, real life is very uncomfortable at the moment. :S
[11:40pm] Keegan: sprakash: Do we know how they are getting to the tamil wikipedia to read it?
[11:40pm] AsafBartov: any thoughts on the success of Tamil Wiktionary vs weaker Wiktionaries in other Indic tongues?
[11:40pm] Tanvir: But of course, we are arranging Wikimedia events here regularly. Like few days ago, we have ended up with our Wikipedia fest in Chittagong, the second largest city and port city of Bangladesh.
[11:40pm] StevenW: +1 to Asaf's question.
[11:40pm] jeremyb: pradx: tell him jeremy, the guy with the huge suitcase says hi :-)
[11:41pm] AroundTheGlobe_ joined the chat room.
[11:41pm] Keegan: Tanvir: I'll email Frank to email whomever you'd like; you just need the educational tools and material
[11:41pm] pradx: AsafBartov: I think the Tamil Wiktionary has been successful because the Govt in Tamil Nadu is "loaning" words to it .. from their library.
[11:41pm] yann__ joined the chat room.
[11:41pm] yann__: hello
[11:41pm] AroundTheGlobe left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[11:41pm] Tanvir: Keegan, very helpful.
[11:41pm] StevenW: Hi yann__
[11:42pm] sgardner: Hello yann :-)
[11:42pm] arjunaraoc: AsafBartov: StevenW: sprakash : Tamil wiki grew thanks to Government donation of content. Other languages are making similar attempts and are yet to succeed.
[11:42pm] yann__ left the chat room. (Client Quit)
[11:42pm] Tanvir: Also, we need help from both WMF and from our neighbor chapters. I believe West Bengal of India has another 70 million Bengali speakers too, which is in their priority.
[11:42pm] yannf joined the chat room.
[11:42pm] Risker: pradx, that is interesting to hear about the Tamil wiktionary
[11:42pm] sprakash: AsafBartov: Tamil Wiktionary got a donation from Tamil Nadu Government.
[11:42pm] StevenW: Thanks arjunaraoc
[11:42pm] sodabottle joined the chat room.
[11:42pm] sgardner: Tanvir: what kind of help do you need from the Wikimedia Foundation?
[11:43pm] jeremyb: hi Risker
[11:43pm] sprakash: arjunaraoc: Thank you. :)
[11:43pm] • Risker waves at jeremyb
[11:43pm] sprakash: sodabottle: Welcome.
[11:43pm] administrivia left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[11:43pm] pradx: jeremyb: sure
[11:43pm] Jamesofur joined the chat room.
[11:43pm] Prodego_ joined the chat room.
[11:44pm] • ChristineM waves at James
[11:44pm] Prodego_: sprakash: sorry, did you answer me?
[11:44pm] • jeremyb also waves at Jamesofur
[11:44pm] Prodego_: got disconnected
[11:44pm] Prodego_ is now known as Prodego.
[11:44pm] • Jamesofur waves
[11:44pm] Tanvir: sgardner, well, this is mostly funding related, training etc. because we have a very little community here. We only work with Bengali projects mostly as you know, and Bengali Wikipedia is a small Wikipedia. Which has only few regular contributors.
[11:45pm] StevenW: He did I think Prodego. The answer was that the data is from a blog aggregator:
[11:45pm] Tanvir: Training materials as Keegan mentioned above.
[11:45pm] Prodego: StevenW: thanks
[11:45pm] jeremyb: Jamesofur: there were several people at a meet recently (DC after Liam's NARA talk maybe?) that didn't realize how to tokenize your username :)
[11:45pm] sprakash: Prodego: No. I've thanked arjunaraoc .
[11:45pm] sgardner: Tanvir, yes, and Wikipedia is not very popular there yet, I think. (I am just checking an old spreadsheet of data.)
[11:46pm] • Risker waves goodnight
[11:46pm] arjunaraoc: Copyright of Government funded content is a big issue in getting such content onto wikimedia projects. some time back Kerala Government offered some content and I did not hear of much progress from Malayalam community. Telugu community is making similar attempt but so far was not successful.
[11:46pm] Risker left the chat room. (Quit: To sleep, perchance to dream)
[11:46pm] jeremyb: good night montreal
[11:46pm] sprakash: Risker Good ni8.
[11:46pm] Jamesofur: jeremyb, no one does :( This is why I switched my signature to do it ... I'll ask you alter why that came up :P
[11:46pm] jeremyb: Jamesofur: can't remember
[11:46pm] Tanvir: sgardner, that is true, because Wikipedia is not that popular, but day by day it is improving. Although some people does not know about Bengali Wikipedia, but students use the English language version for them.
[11:47pm] Tanvir: I would say, for assignment? Copy-paste? :P
[11:47pm] sgardner: Tanvir: it sounds like you are talking to the right people. Asaf about funding and chapter development, Frank about the "bookshelf" materials and the campus programs. Would it help you to also have T-shirts and stickers and that kind of thing?
[11:47pm] StevenW: arjunaraoc: it is always difficult to convince governments etc. but I think it's a sign of how strong the Indian community is that it is trying in several places.
[11:47pm] jorm: Hey guys, I gotta go to sleep.
[11:47pm] sgardner: Bye Brandon :-)(
[11:48pm] ChristineM: later Brandon!
[11:48pm] Jamesofur: later jorm
[11:48pm] Tanvir: sgardner, sure, that will be a great help. :)
[11:48pm] sprakash: jorm: Good ni8.
[11:48pm] arjunaraoc: stevenw: Agree
[11:48pm] jorm: Some of you I'll see tomorrow.
[11:48pm] sgardner: Tanvir why don't you mail us for merchandise, and we can put together a package for you? Send me an e-mail :-)
[11:48pm] jorm: I'm gonna idle so I can backscroll later. But good night!
[11:48pm] sgardner: (
[11:48pm] Tanvir: sgardner, sure I will.
[11:49pm] sgardner: K, good.
[11:49pm] Tanvir: sgardner, actually, currently it will be more helpful if we get the chapter identity first. In that way, we will have an official identity to work more fluently.
[11:49pm] sprakash: sgardner: Tanvir You gonna start any new project for the development of Bengali Wikipedia?
[11:49pm] AsafBartov: gotta run. cheers.
[11:49pm] Tanvir: sprakash, what kind of projects?
[11:50pm] sgardner: Bye bye Asaf.
[11:51pm] Tanvir: Personally, I think we need to run all over Bangladesh, like we need to travel those universities to make people interested to build the Wikipedia club. After that is formed, we can manage them centrally.
[11:51pm] StevenW: Hey, so just before Asaf leaves I wanted to repeat his question from before, which I think was basically: what are some of the biggest things Indian or other Asian Wikimedians feel they need help on?
[11:51pm] sgardner: Tanvir: yes the chapter status helps. Particularly so that you can work with goverment organizations and NGOs.
[11:51pm] Tanvir: Right.
[11:51pm] sgardner: Yep, go ahead, StevenW.
[11:51pm] sprakash: Tanvir: Like our Tamil Wikipedia. We've conducted a state-wide open content creating (Essay) competition last year as a part of World Tamil Internet Conference.
[11:52pm] sodabottle: >>biggest things Indian or other Asian Wikimedians feel they need help on - GLAM initiative; a foundation rep who can talk to govt representatives about content donation
[11:52pm] pradx: Tanvir: It would be great to have a few of you to come for the Wikiconference in India when it happens. :)
[11:52pm] sgardner: Hey, we shouldn't wrap up without reminding people to vote if they haven't yet. I was surprised in the Editor Survey that something like half of editors had never heard of the Board of Trustees elections.
[11:52pm] sprakash: Tanvir: But , onething. It all depends on the current community.
[11:52pm] StevenW: thanks sodabottle. good to know.
[11:52pm] sodabottle: the community can initiate the discussion; but with govt bureaucracies it always boils down to accredition and "official status"
[11:52pm] Tanvir: pradx, pay the trip, I will go. :P Sorry I am only a student. :S
[11:52pm] sgardner: sodabottle: where are you located?
[11:53pm] sodabottle: sgardner: Coimbatore, India
[11:53pm] sprakash: sgardner: He's also a Tamil Wikipedian (admin) from Coimbatore, India
[11:53pm] Tanvir: sprakash, that is helpful, but I personally think of another plan..
[11:53pm] AroundTheGlobe_: Tanvir> can discuss
[11:53pm] Keegan: sprakash: That is the relevant point that I want to find for small projects
[11:53pm] jeremyb: sodabottle: why does that have to be a foundation rep?
[11:53pm] Tanvir: AroundTheGlobe_, discuss what?
[11:53pm] AroundTheGlobe_: Tanvir> will be good to have a few of you for regional cooperation
[11:53pm] sodabottle: the community can initiate the discussion; but with govt bureaucracies it always boils down to accredition and "official status"
[11:53pm] sgardner: sodabottle, sprakash: thanks :-)
[11:53pm] Tanvir: Surely.
[11:53pm] sprakash: Keegan: May I know what kind of plans they are?
[11:53pm] AroundTheGlobe_: Tanvir> "pay the trip"
[11:53pm] Tanvir: :P
[11:54pm] sprakash: sgardner: You're welcome mam. :)
[11:54pm] jeremyb: sodabottle: shouldn't that be someone from the indian chapter?
[11:54pm] Keegan: Wikipedia projects, that is, Wikipedias thrive with communities, other projects are much more single task
[11:54pm] sprakash: Keegan: Your mail id please.
[11:54pm] jeremyb: sodabottle: or where are you?
[11:54pm] Tanvir: I am also planning to do an internal promotion.. I will explain..
[11:54pm] Keegan: sprakash: I don't have plans, just curious
[11:54pm] pradx: sodabottle: We've spoken to the Museum, here in Mumbai - there are a few people who're willing to accept and interact with communities - but I agree that it's not the case with everyone
[11:54pm] jeremyb: sodabottle: oh, Coimbatore, India
[11:55pm] Tanvir: Like many visitors visit Bengali Wikipedia, but they don't know Bengal Wikipedia is the largest Bengali encyclopedia. :)
[11:55pm] sprakash: Keegan: Curiosity is enough to make greater success. :)
[11:55pm] sprakash: Tanvir: Interesting.
[11:55pm] sodabottle: jeremy: yes it could be either the chapter or the foundation - someone formally associated witha n org would do
[11:55pm] arjunaraoc: There are some institutions advocating for change in Indian copyright laws to release governement funded IP to public domain. That could be taken up after assessing the prirorities of the projects
[11:55pm] Prodego: I don't think anyone uses Wikipedia because it is the largest
[11:55pm] Keegan: sprakash: Good point :)
[11:55pm] effeietsanders: ok i'm off. Good day!
[11:55pm] Prodego: they use it because it will have what they want
[11:56pm] Tanvir: So, we can put a notice, like, "Help us improve the largest Bengali version encyclopedia." I am sure that sounds tempting.. What do you all think?
[11:56pm] sgardner: sprakash, Tanvir, soddabottle, everyone else here from India: I'm curious to know what your impressions are of all the public outreach work happening in India right now?
[11:56pm] effeietsanders left the chat room. (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.17/20110420140830])
[11:56pm] sgardner: Bye bye Lodewijk :-)
[11:56pm] jeremyb: arjunaraoc: how about indian maps while you're at it?
[11:56pm] sodabottle: sue, its overwhelmingly positive
[11:56pm] sgardner: sodabottle, sorry for typo :-)
[11:57pm] jeremyb: arjunaraoc: gkjohn mentioned something about how some maps (even if they're entirely your own surveying and work) can't be exported out of india
[11:57pm] sgardner: sodabottle: That's great. From my vantage point, reading the lists, it seems like there is an enormous amount of activity. It's very impressive.
[11:57pm] sodabottle: people are aware that wikipedia exists and they are happy to know indians are active in it
[11:57pm] arjunaraoc: jeremyb: sure, the current projects are at request feedback so that priorities can be worked out
[11:57pm] Tanvir: sgardner, we have done many outreach events in last few moths here in Bangladesh.
[11:57pm] Tanvir: In three divisions. ;)
[11:57pm] pradx: sgardner: there's been lots of outreach (there is never enough outreach), lots of media coverage and a few meetups..
[11:57pm] sgardner: There is a lot of media coverage too: it's great.
[11:57pm] Tanvir: sgardner, and all, take a look at:
[11:58pm] Tanvir: It covers both of West Bengal and Bangladeshi events.
[11:58pm] Tanvir: Take a look on General section.
[11:58pm] pradx: sgardner: we need to now move on to WikiAcademies and such ... more hands-on work to make sure people who're interested stay on and don't move away because they didn't know how to go ahead.
[11:58pm] sprakash: sgardner: It covers Tamil outreaching project in & out India. :)
[11:59pm] Tanvir: sgardner, from October 2010 to May 2011, we arranged 11 workshops and 5 outreach events. :)
[11:59pm] AroundTheGlobe_: the GLAM event planned for 18 June will deal with Licensing woes that arjuna is talking about
[11:59pm] sgardner: Tanvir: it's impressive. Seriously, a lot of activity.
[11:59pm] Tanvir: :D
[11:59pm] Prodego: that is a lot
[11:59pm] sgardner: AroundTheGlobe, is Liam going back for the GLAM event, or is it happening without him?
[11:59pm] Tanvir: And the last one in Chittagong, a Wikipedia fest has more or less 500 attendee.
[11:59pm] pradx: sgardner: we haven't asked Liam yet :)
[12:00am] AroundTheGlobe_: pradx is leading it, big for us as this is the first ever in Asia
[12:00am] sgardner: And Bishakha will be there, very nice :-)
[12:00am] pradx: sgardner: we've kept Liam in the loop but not sure if he's coming for the event itself.
[12:00am] AroundTheGlobe_: pradx has managed to get the project lead of creative commons to give a talk :)
[12:00am] AroundTheGlobe_: yes Bishakha is always there :D
[12:01am] pradx: creative commons india
[12:01am] arjunaraoc: for more on cis work with regard to government ip
[12:01am] Keegan: Good night to all, long day tomorrow. sprakash and Tanvir, talk to you soon. Pictures to Sue, and mailing lists and IRC for most of the rest.
[12:01am] sgardner: pradx: he would probably be even happier if it happened without him. He is hoping to be a spark or instigator, but he doesn't want to be essential :-)
[12:01am] Tanvir: Keegan, talk to you soon too. :)
[12:01am] StevenW: Night Keegan
[12:01am] sgardner: Thanks Keegan -- good to see you!
[12:01am] Keegan left the chat room.
[12:01am] pradx: sgardner: had Bishaka's help in reaching people - and using the list to talk about it to Wikimedians
[12:02am] Tanvir: BTW, does any of you have any question you have in mind about the chapter or anything else about the community here? I can try to answer. :)
[12:02am] Tanvir: Since we are quite new, maybe one or two have interest. :P
[12:03am] sgardner: It's too bad effe had to leave, because he's active on the chapters' committee: he might have had questions.
[12:03am] sgardner: I think StevenW has fallen asleep at his keyboard, because it's midnight here :-)
[12:03am] StevenW: zzz
[12:03am] sgardner: LOL
[12:03am] StevenW: ;)
[12:03am] Tanvir: Well, it is an open call for all the ChapCom members. :)
[12:04am] • Tanvir will leave in 15 minutes too. It's 13:03 here! xD
[12:04am] pradx: Tanvir: happy to have another chapter in the neighbourhood :)
[12:04am] sgardner: I should leave too. I would like to stay, but I need to be in early tomorrow and it's late :-)
[12:04am] Tanvir: Go get some sleep.
[12:05am] sgardner: Let me ask though: does this time work reasonably well for people?
[12:05am] Abbas joined the chat room.
[12:05am] arjunaraoc: StevenW: sgardner : Thanks for the office hours in a different time slot to suit the target audience.
[12:05am] sgardner: It works fine for us, I think, in PT.
[12:05am] AroundTheGlobe_: gn sue
[12:05am] sgardner: And look, I've just missed Abbas, how sad!
[12:05am] Tanvir: For now, shuvo ratri sgardner. :)
[12:05am] pradx: the timings are okay
[12:05am] Abbas: Ah, Sue
[12:05am] sgardner: But I'll talk with you all again soon. This was fun: thank you for showing up :-)
[12:05am] arjunaraoc: You may still keep changing subject to your flexibility to reach out to more wikimedians.
[12:05am] sgardner: Night Abbas, everyone :-)
[12:05am] ChristineM: nini sue… i should probably head for bed myself
[12:05am] mindspillage: 'night sgardner.
[12:05am] arjunaraoc: i mean the time
[12:05am] ChristineM: i think i'm getting old, to be this tired at midnight
[12:05am] StevenW: Okay good. Maybe we can alternate regularly from now on to catch everyone.
[12:05am] sgardner: Kat! You should go to sleep too :-)
[12:06am] Abbas: it's 10am in Kenya :)
[12:06am] sgardner: Thanks StevenW, thanks everyone. See you later :-)
[12:06am] • mindspillage is a night owl; should probably sleep now though. :-)
[12:06am] AsafBartov left the chat room. (Quit: AndroIRC)
[12:06am] StevenW: Good night!
[12:06am] sgardner left the chat room. (Quit: Leaving)
[12:06am] mindspillage: (i's great when I go to SF; it's like I'm a normal person.)
[12:06am] pradx: good night. have to go for lunch now :)
[12:06am] Tanvir: Okay shuvo ratri to you all. :P