IRC office hours/Office hours 2010-12-01

StevenW: Okay, so we're starting up now.
[08:21am] triste: StevenW: so for 2011, are we going to force twice as many good editors to leave the project?
[08:22am] Dragonfly6-7: triste - define 'we', 'force', and 'good editors'
[08:22am] Chaoticfluffy: and "leave"
[08:22am] Dragonfly6-7: no, that one's easier
[08:22am] Chaoticfluffy: only if you're naive
[08:22am] triste: Dragonfly6-7: we = the community
[08:23am] triste: Dragonfly6-7: I am referring to stuff like what happened to Rlvese
[08:23am] StevenW: Well, I'm not going to force anyone to leae.
[08:23am] StevenW: leave*
[08:24am] StevenW: Anyway triste did you see the channel topic?
[08:24am] triste: StevenW: yes, discussing the ten year anniversary
[08:24am] Dragonfly6-7: triste - a) which 'we' made him leave?
[08:24am] StevenW: Great
[08:24am] Dragonfly6-7: triste - b) was he actually 'forced' ?
[08:24am] SMP_ca joined the chat room.
[08:25am] Dragonfly6-7: as I understand it, he felt too embarrassed. Yes?
[08:25am] StevenW: Hi SMP_ca
[08:25am] Dami_hun: and c) who is Rlvese... -- if we want to stay slightly off topic...
[08:25am] StevenW: How are things in Barcelona?
[08:25am] triste: Dragonfly6-7: sorry, off topic, never mind
[08:25am] SMP_ca: fine
[08:25am] StevenW: Great
[08:25am] Chaoticfluffy: StevenW: is the foundation coordinating local events at all, or are you leaving that part totally up to chapters?
[08:25am] StevenW: Yes
[08:25am] Dragonfly6-7: Dami_hun - editor on enwiki who quit after there was a fuss about whether a Featured Article credited to him had been copied from an external source
[08:25am] StevenW: or both, in other words
[08:26am] StevenW: Has everyone seen
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[08:26am] Dragonfly6-7: triste - would you say that's a sufficiently NPOV description?
[08:26am] Chaoticfluffy: yeah, although it seems a bit empty still
[08:26am] bellayet joined the chat room.
[08:26am] StevenW: Hi bellayet
[08:26am] Fenix2: is this the 2011-01-15 party planner plenary ?
[08:26am] bellayet: StevenW: hi
[08:26am] StevenW: Fenix2: Yep
[08:26am] StevenW: Chaoticfluffy: every wiki seems empty
[08:26am] Fenix2: oh kewl
[08:26am] StevenW: compared to
[08:26am] Chaoticfluffy: indeed true
[08:27am] StevenW: So would it be helpful if I gave everyone a recap of the events that are happening and how they've been planned.
[08:27am] Chaoticfluffy: yes, please!
[08:29am] StevenW: Okay
[08:29am] StevenW:
[08:29am] Fenix2: I propese we get a lot of vodka and play the wikileaks drinking game.. everytime some media mentions wikileaks ulian aggangeh or cable gate everyone must drink a 2cl hard liquour shot (top it with margaritas, bloody marys and beers) it's the best tway to deal with leaked ex-diplomatic communique thingy (except for the hangover in the morning)
[08:29am] StevenW: Ha!
[08:30am] Dragonfly6-7: Fenix2, I'm sorry but you've got cirrhosis of the liver.
[08:30am] Dragonfly6-7: hm
[08:30am] Dragonfly6-7: let me check, actually
[08:30am] StevenW: So after got set up
[08:30am] Dragonfly6-7: can cirrhosis occur elsewhere?
[08:30am] StevenW: we've had nearly 50 events added
[08:30am] Fenix2: lol
[08:30am] StevenW: 42-45 with detailed wiki pages
[08:31am] StevenW: and a few more that are still red links that are listed but need pages
[08:32am] StevenW: A lot these are coming from chapters
[08:32am] Dragonfly6-7: hm, okay. It's only of the liver.
[08:32am] StevenW: but some not
[08:33am] Chaoticfluffy: ok, london's plan makes NYC look pathetic
[08:33am] StevenW: Well there are actually a couple plans around there.
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[08:34am] StevenW: But I like that there are lots of different kinds and sizes of events.
[08:34am] Deniz: Hi Herodotus, we're just getting started talking about the events being planned
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[08:34am] Deniz: Hi TheCavalry
[08:34am] StevenW: So now that've got a better idea of how many events there are, where, and what they're doing....
[08:34am] TheCavalry: Deniz! Hi!
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[08:35am] StevenW: The Foundation's job, what we're trying to help with, is twofold mostly.
[08:36am] StevenW: 1. Publicity. There is already some press gearing up, and we want to be able to forward as much attention to what the chapters and other local groups are doing, and make sure they're all prepared for that.
[08:36am] StevenW: The wiki is part of that, so we have a single list of all these events to show people and keep up with.
[08:37am] StevenW: But we're also building a press kit that will be done soon.
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[08:37am] StevenW: That's pretty straightforward though.
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[08:37am] StevenW: The more fun part is that we've got kits of merchandise we're sending all the events.
[08:37am] Chaoticfluffy: ooh, schwag
[08:37am] StevenW: Yep
[08:38am] Rock_drum: Wiki-X?
[08:38am] StevenW: Yep
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[08:38am] Rock_drum: Cool
[08:38am] StevenW: So the kits we're sending have about 50 tshirts we had designed custom for the anniversary.
[08:38am] Fenix2: me and my buddy are giving up smoking on 2011-01-15 an sorta interesting coincidence
[08:39am] Chaoticfluffy: so the foundation would like our local events to be fairly big things, in publicity if not in scale (and bonus if in scale too)?
[08:39am] StevenW: As big as you want them to be.
[08:39am] Rock_drum: Can the shirts be bought by people who aren't going to events?
[08:39am] Fenix2: same day as ten-year wikipedia and wikizen and wikizen emeritus appreciation day
[08:39am] Rock_drum: And can the Georgia ones be globally available?
[08:40am] StevenW: So the designs we have for the shirts are at
[08:40am] Chaoticfluffy: hm, can the shirts be in sizes that actually fit people who aren't necessarily mainstream-shaped?
[08:40am] Rock_drum:
[08:40am] Qcoder00: "Ten years ago something came which changed the planet... '
[08:40am] Deniz: We will have a lot of sizes
[08:40am] StevenW: One of the hardest parts of ordering shirts is sizing.
[08:40am] Qcoder00: ' It was new, exciting... and you could edit it ...'
[08:40am] StevenW: In terms of how many of each to order.
[08:41am] Rock_drum: Anyway...
[08:41am] StevenW: But the basic box has 50 shirts in it, and we can send a couple depending on the size of your event.
[08:41am] Qcoder00: StevenW: These t-shirts , Have you done an ethical assesment?
[08:41am] StevenW: So there should be a variety.
[08:41am] StevenW: In terms of how they're produced Qcoder00 ?
[08:41am] Rock_drum: Will they be available to buy?
[08:41am] Qcoder00: StevenW: I would not feel happy about WMF buying from 'sweatshops' for example
[08:42am] StevenW: Same here Qcoder00
[08:42am] Qcoder00: (or from places that use child labour)
[08:42am] StevenW: (Let me answer Rock_drum's question first)
[08:42am] Fenix2: fairtrade cotton is a commodity that is available
[08:42am] Rock_drum: Yeah
[08:42am] Rock_drum: I would prefer to pay a bit more and get an ethically sound piece of clothing than pay less and feel guilty
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[08:43am] Fenix2: the Americans have subsidies for cotton farmers that makes life harder for the cotton farmer in Africa
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[08:43am] danese_ is now known as danese.
[08:43am] Fenix2: it's called protectionism
[08:43am] Rock_drum: Is #wikipedia-ten used often?
[08:43am] StevenW: Not much
[08:43am] StevenW: I try to stay in the main channels, rather than create a new for everything I could think of
[08:44am] StevenW: To answer your other question though...
[08:44am] Rock_drum: Yeah
[08:44am] Dami_hun: will you contact each event for their address, or do you expect to create a sign up page or just wait for people to send you e-mails?
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[08:44am] StevenW joined the chat room.
[08:45am] StevenW: We're not yet planning to have these designs available to sell.
[08:45am] Rock_drum:
[08:45am] StevenW: But the idea for a web store is one that Jay Walsh, our head of communications, is working on opening a web store
[08:45am] Chaoticfluffy: there's not webstore yet?
[08:46am] Rock_drum: Will that sell the merchandise?
[08:46am] StevenW: There's a Cafepress, but not one we host.
[08:46am] Rock_drum: Yeah
[08:46am] Rock_drum: Cafepress shirts aren't very good
[08:46am] Chaoticfluffy: you should talk to the mozilla people. i seem to recall them having a nicely-stocked web store
[08:46am] StevenW: Rock_drum: Yeah, that'd be the idea.
[08:46am] StevenW: Great idea.
[08:46am] Qcoder00: StevenW: Out of interest , who holds the rights on Wikipe-tan?
[08:46am] Rock_drum: Cool
[08:46am] StevenW: Qcoder00: I think Wikipe-tan is CC
[08:46am] Rock_drum: I saw a drawing of Wikipe-tan on a wall the other day
[08:47am] Rock_drum: The name had been chanegd
[08:47am] StevenW: Rock_drum: We mostly wanted this run of tshirts (there are only 5,000) to first be available to volunteers and whomever those holding events wanted to give these out to.
[08:47am] Qcoder00: StevenW: Well I had someone once ask me if trying to find someone to be a 'booth babe' as Wikipe-tan would work
[08:47am] StevenW: Oh sheesh.
[08:47am] Fenix2:"fairtrade+t-shirts"
[08:48am] Chaoticfluffy: hah
[08:48am] Rock_drum: StevenW: Ok
[08:48am] Rock_drum: But is there were any available after?
[08:48am] Qcoder00: Steven-W : sorry
[08:48am] TheCavalry: StevenW: Will the first run of tshirts have a slightly different design, to show that they attended/organised a ten year birthday event?
[08:48am] StevenW: TheCavalry: Absolutely.
[08:48am] Dami_hun: will you contact each event for their address, or do you expect to create a sign up page or just wait for people to send you e-mails?
[08:49am] Qcoder00: Anyway I hope my question re ethical 't-shirt' s is OK
[08:49am] Rock_drum: I plan to attend one but if not...
[08:49am] Rock_drum: it would still be nice to be part
[08:49am] Dami_hun: how is the "team" t-shirt different from the normal one, I don't think I saw its design on 10.wikipedia
[08:49am] Fenix2: TheCavalry: the staff must have their own color. I suggest orange or violet and bottle green for the attendands and do not try to use the wikipedia logo at all in the design imho
[08:49am] Rock_drum: Fenix2: Yuck
[08:50am] Rock_drum: The geogia ones are way nicer
[08:50am] danese: Hi there
[08:50am] Qcoder00: Fenix2: Why not have Togas with senetorial ranking for sysops?
[08:50am] Qcoder00: (Joke)
[08:50am] StevenW: So danese is going talk about Social Imprint, that company that is printing our shirts
[08:50am] Rock_drum: Yeah
[08:50am] danese: About tee-shirts
[08:50am] Rock_drum: good idea
[08:50am] Rock_drum: Togas for WMF employees
[08:50am] danese: I've been asked to help Jay with setting up the tee-shirt store
[08:50am] Rock_drum:
[08:50am] danese: and I've seen the shirts
[08:51am] danese: They are being printed by the same company who did the Hack-a-Ton tees in October
[08:51am] Fenix2: it is established that the wikipedia logo as a graphical element in t-shirt design does not work on black, white and light gray backgrounds
[08:51am] danese: the company is called Social Imprint
[08:51am] danese: they are very interesting
[08:51am] Rock_drum: light blue tee shirts'd be nice
[08:51am] Rock_drum: but not dark blue
[08:51am] danese: They employ the recently homeless
[08:51am] Qcoder00: danese: Does the company have an 'ethical' trade policy?
[08:51am] danese: homelessness is a huge problem in the US right now
[08:51am] • Chaoticfluffy likes the royal blue shade in general, but it doesn't scream "wikipedia" to me
[08:51am] Fenix2: how about having a huge jimbotron on the t-shirt lol
[08:51am] danese: they are part of a "back to work" program
[08:52am] Qcoder00: danese: Hmm
[08:52am] danese: and after 6 months of good work the employees are offered a share in the company
[08:52am] Rock_drum: cool
[08:52am] danese: they use eco-inks
[08:52am] Rock_drum: Royal blue just seems... like an eye sore
[08:52am] Qcoder00: And the t-shirts used are 'fair-trade' or better?
[08:52am] danese: and shirts that are locally made (as opposed to shipped from China)
[08:52am] danese: so they are fair-trade
[08:53am] danese: they don't use American Apparel because of their policy of using questionable images of young girls
[08:53am] Qcoder00: The reason I raised the 'ethical' question, is that WMF can't be seen to be supporting sweatshops
[08:53am] danese: they're pretty careful
[08:53am] Fenix2: how about cyan and green like in the fairtrade logo ? I mean think about the various encyclopediae . wikipedia is as fairtrade as you can get on infos on relity
[08:53am] danese: no sweatshops
[08:53am] danese: these folks are hugely anti sweatshop
[08:53am] StevenW: Rock_drum: The color that's on the merchandise wiki page doesn't exactly match the color of the shirts.
[08:53am] Fenix2: no sweatshops
[08:54am] Beria joined the chat room.
[08:54am] StevenW: Hi Beria
[08:54am] Fenix2: organic fairtrade cotton
[08:54am] Qcoder00: StevenW: OK looks like the 'ethical' issue has been considered
[08:54am] danese: they're actually the most socially responsible swag company I've ever encountered
[08:54am] Beria: Hi StevenW
[08:54am] StevenW: Yep
[08:54am] danese: and we should give cudos to Jay for finding them
[08:54am] Fenix2: hemp would be even more organic but I think that 99% of t-shirts are made of cotton
[08:54am] StevenW: To address the design questions/commments earlier about color/logos etc.
[08:55am] Qcoder00: BTW I also going to suggest things like Logo mouse-mats and seat coushions...
[08:55am] Chaoticfluffy: laptop bags!
[08:55am] Chaoticfluffy: laptop sleeves
[08:55am] Rock_drum: stickers!
[08:55am] StevenW: TheCavalry: the two designs are special 10th designs are at
[08:55am] Chaoticfluffy: Rock_drum, there are stickers already...although i don't know if you can buy them
[08:55am] Rock_drum: What about... name badges?
[08:56am] Qcoder00: The seat coushins are something that a company already making t-shirts could do reasonably quickly as well I think
[08:56am] Rock_drum: pin badges!
[08:56am] Rock_drum: they already exist
[08:56am] Fenix2: how about having a Wikipedia printed in the front and then WMF on the back hehehe
[08:56am] Fenix2: keep it simple and minimal
[08:56am] Qcoder00: How easy are pin badges to make?
[08:56am] Rock_drum: very i think
[08:56am] Chaoticfluffy: what's a pin badge?
[08:56am] Rock_drum: small badge with a pin on the back
[08:56am] Rock_drum:
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[08:57am] Rock_drum: Fenix2: Too simple methinks
[08:57am] Qcoder00: Because I'd strongly suggest there are some pages on how to make your own merchandise as well as pages on bought in stuff
[08:57am] Rock_drum: yeah
[08:57am] StevenW joined the chat room.
[08:57am] Beria: StevenW: no female version?
[08:57am] Fenix2: maybe you could stick a small wikipedia logo on the backside close to the neck approx. 6-7cm in diameter
[08:57am] Beria: i couldn't use any of those t-shirts
[08:57am] Rock_drum: hmmm
[08:57am] StevenW: All the shirts will have a small patch on them with the puzzle globe and name.
[08:58am] Fenix2: Beria: yes. it has to be un-nerdy
[08:58am] StevenW: So regardless of color, etc. you will be able to see that.
[08:58am] danese: Beria: Yes female versions
[08:58am] Qcoder00: StevenW: Will events be needing things like Balloons?
[08:58am] danese: I insisted
[08:58am] Rock_drum: YOu mean, like, pink?
[08:58am] StevenW: Beria: the shirts are intentionally gender neutral in design, but there are women's sizes.
[08:58am] danese: Rock_drum: we're talking cut
[08:58am] Beria: no god nothing in pink
[08:58am] Qcoder00: I thought wiki shirts should be 'gender-netural' colora
[08:58am] Qcoder00: *colors
[08:58am] Rock_drum: yeah
[08:58am] Beria: but that looks like a soccer play shirt
[08:58am] Chaoticfluffy: by "female version" are we talking babydoll, skintight cut? or just a t-shirt with shape?
[08:58am] Rock_drum: ok
[08:59am] RoanKattouw: StevenW just said they're gender-neutral
[08:59am] Rock_drum: female ones generally have shorter sleeves
[08:59am] Rock_drum: I'm glad there's no pink shirts
[08:59am] Rock_drum: even though i'm a male
[08:59am] StevenW: Okay, so we've talked about the details on merchandise for a bit now.
[08:59am] Fenix2: put the logo small and on the backside of the t-shirt
[08:59am] danese: Chaoticfluffy: they have a waist and shorter sleeves...if you want a babydoll, buy a smaller size
[08:59am] StevenW: And we can continue those questions either on the wiki page or on the Wiki-X mailing list if anyone wants?
[08:59am] Chaoticfluffy: oh good
[08:59am] Fenix2: how about Ten year anniversary as the only text on the front
[09:00am] Rock_drum: no
[09:00am] Rock_drum: Wiki X
[09:00am] StevenW: But in terms of organizing events...
[09:00am] Rock_drum: on the front
[09:00am] StevenW: Does anyone have questions on that?
[09:00am] Beria: i had one!
[09:00am] Beria: o/
[09:00am] Chaoticfluffy: StevenW: it's like the "squirrel!" thing from Up. You start out trying to talk about events, but as soon as you mention t-shirts, everyone goes "T-SHIRTS!!!"
[09:00am] StevenW: Repeat?
[09:00am] StevenW: Haha
[09:00am] StevenW: yes Chaoticfluffy
[09:01am] Rock_drum: Free tee shirts!
[09:01am] Rock_drum: Sorry
[09:01am] Deniz: Beria: what was your question?
[09:01am] RoanKattouw is now known as RoanKattouw_away.
[09:01am] PeterSymonds joined the chat room.
[09:01am] StevenW: Hi PeterSymonds, still talking 10th anniversary stuff
[09:01am] PeterSymonds: Heya.
[09:01am] Qcoder00: - Erm....
[09:01am] Rock_drum: what about it?
[09:02am] Dragonfly6-7: Larry Sanger.
[09:02am] Qcoder00: It may just be me but some people may see something in it , that wasn't intended
[09:02am] StevenW: Qcoder00: so the logo we designed was intentionally created with localization and remixing in mind.
[09:02am] PeterSymonds: Usually that is just you.
[09:02am] Chaoticfluffy: yep
[09:03am] StevenW: We won't be able to print shirts or buttons in all of the different localizations, but we wanted it to be something that people could play with and make their own.
[09:03am] Qcoder00: Checked the larger version and it is just me..
[09:03am] Dragonfly6-7: Qcoder00 - okay, I don't see it.
[09:03am] Dragonfly6-7: Qcoder00 - what are you perceiving in that image?
[09:03am] Rock_drum: What are we meant to see?
[09:03am] Rock_drum: Or not as the case may be?
[09:03am] Qcoder00: It doesn't matter
[09:03am] Chaoticfluffy: i assume he sees a phallic shape
[09:04am] Rock_drum:
[09:04am] Dragonfly6-7: what are those blotches, anyway?
[09:04am] Beria: did you know if the guys from Stockholm had the video, StevenW?
[09:04am] Pharos joined the chat room.
[09:04am] Dragonfly6-7: Islands?
[09:04am] Fenix2: modern dance music with beats, breaks and bass so the people can get in the groove
[09:04am] Fenix2: webcam from party
[09:04am] • Chaoticfluffy blinks
[09:04am] Pharos: hi folks
[09:05am] Fenix2: i.e. drum-and-bass, trance, two step
[09:05am] StevenW: Hi Pharos, still talking 10th anniversary
[09:05am] StevenW: Beria: which video?
[09:05am] Beria: the Truth in Numbers video
[09:05am] StevenW: Ah, not sure.
[09:05am] Qcoder00: So StevenW: What was the next area that need tlaking about?
[09:05am] Pharos: we need more north america parties, especially midwest/south/socal
[09:05am] Chaoticfluffy: WM chicago exists, doesn't it?
[09:06am] Dragonfly6-7: Pharos - how about some that aren't strictly USA?
[09:06am] StevenW: Yes, the more the better, and the more diverse areas the better
[09:06am] Dragonfly6-7: no, that would be ridiculous
[09:06am] Fenix2: techno musci!
[09:06am] Qcoder00: So part of the thing behind this ten things is to hold a Wiki-Party ?
[09:06am] StevenW: Dragonfly6-7: actually the majority of events are in Europe and Asia right now.
[09:06am] Chaoticfluffy: Europe is kicking North America's butt so far in planning
[09:06am] Pharos: like i mentioned to steven, I know some folks who would be able to help with a live simulcast between events
[09:06am] PeterSymonds: Chaoticfluffy, as a chapter? Not that I'm aware.
[09:06am] Fenix2: jam and pancakes and maple cyrup
[09:06am] Pharos: like
[09:06am] Qcoder00: Fenix2: How many European demo-coders are on wikipedia?
[09:06am] Deniz: Fenix2 off topic much?
[09:07am] Dami_hun left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
[09:07am] Fenix2: Finland is hard core programmers like Poland
[09:07am] Beria: oh god Europe-America fights again no, please!
[09:07am] Qcoder00: of course it depends on whether you want a 'serious' conference style event, or a 'party'
[09:07am] StevenW: Pharos: that was actually one original idea we toyed with, but decided that (at least on our end) that the logistics quickly become a nightmare when you consider around 50 events in about every time zone and locale.
[09:07am] • Chaoticfluffy was kind of hoping for a worldwide party
[09:08am] Pharos: we did that just reently on that scale
[09:08am] Pharos: tith 40 events or so
[09:08am] Qcoder00: If you wanted a 'mega-fun'party' then asking those people that organise Demo parties for help might be an idea...
[09:08am] StevenW: Not that we don't want to help how we can if you think you can pull it off.
[09:08am] StevenW: On the topic of video though...
[09:08am] Fenix2: demos are kewl
[09:09am] Qcoder00: I mean the logistics for something like 'Assembley' aren't too different for a wiki party ?
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[09:09am] Fenix2: 3-d animation of the strin "Wikipedia 10 yrs"
[09:09am] Qcoder00: *from
[09:09am] Deniz: StevenW is having wifi issues
[09:09am] StevenW joined the chat room.
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[09:09am] StevenW joined the chat room.
[09:09am] Beria: yes Qcoder00 it is...
[09:09am] Fenix2: blasting techno music for greater danceafibility
[09:09am] StevenW: Anyway. Video.
[09:09am] StevenW: Jimmy is coming into the office soon just to shoot a birthday message that will be CC licensed and given to anyone who wants it.
[09:09am] Beria: a party is much more easy to planing
[09:09am] Fenix2: webcams .. lots of them
[09:10am] Fenix2: live webstreams are a must
[09:10am] Rock_drum: Doesn't Jimmy live in london now?
[09:10am] Qcoder00: So what is planned for this ten thing anyway?
[09:10am] StevenW: Simulcasting is awesome, but we want something we can subtitle in advance for all of the different events.
[09:10am] Qcoder00: Is it mega-fun or 'serious' stuff?
[09:10am] StevenW: Since most are not en-centric.
[09:10am] StevenW: As far as
[09:10am] Fenix2: jesus-juice!
[09:10am] Deniz: Qcoder00: check out for parties being planned
[09:10am] Rock_drum: what?
[09:10am] Pharos: should be both fun and educational
[09:10am] StevenW: "party versus serioues conference"
[09:10am] StevenW: I say both.
[09:10am] Chaoticfluffy: yes please
[09:11am] StevenW: And that's the case if you look at the list of events at tenwiki.
[09:11am] Pharos: we can totally do simulcasting on our own, just need the OK from WMF
[09:11am] StevenW: Oh of course!
[09:11am] Beria: did you are imagine do that only in USA, Pharos ?
[09:11am] Pharos: no, of course not
[09:11am] StevenW: If you feel like you need "permission" to do something for the tenth anniversary, like simulcasting or printing your own shirts locally, or making cool name tags...
[09:12am] Beria: because include Europe will be a nightmare because the times zones
[09:12am] StevenW: The answer is always yes.
[09:12am] Qcoder00: Unfortunatly all the people I know that have european web-casting experience are Swedish for some reason
[09:12am] Pharos: we can stream it everywhere
[09:12am] Pharos: and id that last time
[09:12am] Fenix2: lots of venues and webcams on video projectors
[09:12am] Fenix2: lasers!
[09:12am] Pharos: thanks steven, that's great
[09:12am] Fenix2: strobo-lights
[09:12am] Fenix2: flood-lights
[09:12am] StevenW: So
[09:12am] Fenix2: fireworks
[09:12am] StevenW: next steps for planning...
[09:12am] Beria: less Fenix2 , not so much
[09:13am] • Qcoder00 has a mental image of a wiki video stream having to use 'that' european tune...
[09:13am] StevenW: I'm going to send a mailing list message about this today
[09:13am] Pharos: is there going to be a "central" event? are jimmy and sue going to be in SF or something?
[09:13am] StevenW: But the merchandise is basically just waiting on us to have a list of places to ship and orders
[09:13am] Fenix2: awwh. the vile mailing list hammer grasped
[09:13am] Rock_drum: which european tune?
[09:13am] Qcoder00: Rock_Drum: I can think of at least 2
[09:13am] StevenW: So right now if we need to gather estimates of the size of all the events, and reliable shipping addresses etc.
[09:14am] Qcoder00: I also note the absence of Oxford on the events list
[09:14am] Rock_drum:
[09:14am] Beria: Pharos: Jimmy will do a party in lodon, and in SF will have a conference
[09:14am] StevenW: If you have an event, you could just email me these things ( or we can talk on the wiki/mailing list.
[09:14am] Fenix2: jesus-juice, fireworks, soundsystems.
[09:14am] Fenix2: sorted.
[09:14am] Rock_drum: what language are you speaking?!
[09:15am] Qcoder00: Shouldn't a wiki party have 'shared' stuff?
[09:15am] OlEnglish left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[09:15am] Qcoder00: (It's a shame people can't bring thier own food to share though...)
[09:15am] Fenix2: webcams from venue to venue and the wikileaks drinkng game
[09:15am] Rock_drum: the who now?
[09:15am] StevenW: You can share the merchandise kits as you see fit if you're holding an event.
[09:15am] StevenW: Considering how many shirts etc. are in them
[09:16am] TheCavalry: Fenix2: Pretty important to not involve wikileaks
[09:16am] StevenW: most people are giving them to volunteers (editors) first and foremost
[09:16am] Qcoder00: StevenW: I was considering more the fact that 'parties' need catering
[09:16am] Pharos: potluck is allowed i think, qcoder
[09:16am] Pharos: we've done it before
[09:16am] Qcoder00: and catering for an event in the UK with all the regulations is a nightmare...
[09:16am] Rock_drum: Yeah
[09:16am] StevenW: Qcoder00: food is definitely something that is good, but it can be handled locally.
[09:16am] Rock_drum: Avoid wikileaks
[09:16am] Fenix2: vegetarian food
[09:16am] Fenix2: and the lazerz!
[09:16am] Rock_drum: vegan
[09:16am] Rock_drum: and coeliac
[09:17am] Jan_eissfeldt: who is "you" in "(18:14:25) StevenW: If you feel like you need "permission" to do something for the tenth anniversary, like simulcasting or printing your own shirts locally, or making cool name tags..." just approved chapter or everyone?
[09:17am] Rock_drum: and
[09:17am] Qcoder00: I know people that have issues with gluten and nuts...
[09:17am] Qcoder00:
[09:17am] Qcoder00: So any party has to take that into account...
[09:17am] StevenW: Jan_eissfeldt: I was answering Pharos' question
[09:17am] PeterSymonds: Jan_eissfeldt, Pharos I believe.
[09:17am] StevenW: As far as chapters or anyone...
[09:17am] Jan_eissfeldt: that's why i ask for clarification
[09:17am] StevenW: Anyone can hold an event.
[09:17am] Beria: people, do you guys remember that many celebrations are not "parties", right?
[09:17am] StevenW: And we'll support you.
[09:17am] StevenW: In fact
[09:18am] StevenW: The one in Ireland is being held by a person I met at a free culture conference in Barcelona, who isn't an editor per se.
[09:18am] StevenW: But wants to hold a photo scavenger hunt for Commons.
[09:18am] Pharos: that sounds wonderful to me
[09:18am] StevenW: me too
[09:18am] Jan_eissfeldt: fine, was just interested because of what outreach called "the german stammtisch culture"
[09:18am] Pharos: the more outreach, the better
[09:19am] StevenW: Jan_eissfeldt: basically no, you don't have to be a formal chapter at all to participate.
[09:19am] StevenW: From our perspective.
[09:19am] Qcoder00: SO the events seem to be mix of 'lectures', 'conferences' and 'cultural'
[09:19am] StevenW: Yeah
[09:20am] OlEnglish joined the chat room.
[09:20am] StevenW: Though I don't think there are too many lectures per se.
[09:20am] Qcoder00: Nothing Political though...
[09:20am] Qcoder00: Like a 'flash-mob' of London landmarks or anything?
[09:20am] StevenW: Nothing so far Qcoder00. People seem to want to celebrate Wikipedia, not talk politics.
[09:21am] SWATJester: Not sure how that's political?
[09:21am] Qcoder00: A Flash mob need not be directly political.... Plenty of landmarks needs images for Commons..
[09:21am] StevenW: Ah, I understand Qcoder00.
[09:21am] Pharos: wikileaks debates definitely not a good idea, if that's what you're thinking
[09:21am] Qcoder00: SWATJester: UK photogrpahers have had issues because of 'Anti-terror' powers...
[09:21am] Qcoder00: BTW
[09:21am] SWATJester: Ah.
[09:21am] StevenW: So I don't want to dive too deep on logistics like food or what to photograph if you're having a photo walk for Commons.
[09:22am] Qcoder00: OK
[09:22am] Jan_eissfeldt: thx for the clarification, Steven (o:
[09:22am] aude joined the chat room.
[09:22am] StevenW: No problem Jan.
[09:22am] Qcoder00: So there are lots of local events....
[09:22am] Qcoder00:
[09:22am] Beria: hello aude !
[09:22am] Qcoder00: That's good
[09:23am] aude: Am I in time for office hours?
[09:23am] StevenW: BTW, we've talked about offline events plenty, but does anyone have any questions about online activities they want to do?
[09:23am] StevenW: Yep
[09:23am] Beria: no one in france yet Qcoder00 ,
[09:23am] Qcoder00: Anyway thanks for clarifying the ethical question on t-shirts..
[09:23am] Beria: yes aude you are!
[09:23am] Fenix2: Lazers, Vegetarian food, Visuals, techno music, strobe lights, jesus-juice, webcams and digital projectors, helium balloons, merchandise and Jimbos brief speech
[09:23am] Qcoder00: StevenW : Will there be online broadcasting?
[09:23am] Rock_drum: Lazers?
[09:23am] • aude is at national archives spoke with them
[09:23am] Fenix2: brief, stern but fair
[09:23am] StevenW: Not by WMF Qcoder00
[09:23am] Qcoder00: Why not?
[09:24am] StevenW: But maybe between some of the local groups.
[09:24am] Beria: too many events Qcoder00
[09:24am] Qcoder00: I meant as a central thing...
[09:24am] StevenW: Because the people working on this at the Foundation are myself, plus Moka and Jay helping with merchandise and communications.
[09:24am] Fenix2: StevenW: better be fairtrade
[09:24am] StevenW: We don't have the staff to orchestrate simulcasting of events ourselves.
[09:25am] Fenix2: I don't care if the T-shirt costs USD 20
[09:25am] Doc_glasgow left the chat room. (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.12/20101026210630])
[09:25am] StevenW: Though it's a good idea and if you think you can do it, please do.
[09:25am] Qcoder00: StevenW: So there's no plan for say the London event to do it's own Broadcasting from CC music sources?
[09:25am] Fenix2: if it's for the cause (i.e. Wikipedia proper)
[09:25am] StevenW: Qcoder00: I don't know.
[09:26am] StevenW: Anyway, it's been almost an hour, so does anyone have any other questions before we wrap up?
[09:26am] Fenix2: StevenW: must have multicast
[09:26am] Pharos: follow up with me, I know ppl who can do it
[09:27am] StevenW: OK, I'm going to take that as a no on new questions.
[09:27am] Amgine_lurking is now known as BadTypoDog.
[09:27am] StevenW: So if you're interested in more, I would definitely sign up at the Wiki-X mailing list.
[09:28am] StevenW: It's pretty low traffic, so no extra list headache.
[09:28am] Fenix2: get that unlicenced techno party feeling from 1991 to 2011 party party praty *gop gop gop*
[09:28am] StevenW: I'm glad everyone was interested in the merchandise and publicity for events ideas.
[09:29am] StevenW: And thanks for showing up.
[09:29am] StevenW: Adios!
[09:29am] Beria: adios!