IRC office hours/Office hours 2009-12-03

Philippe|Wiki: Good morning everyone (or evening, as the case may be)

[09:00am] Philippe|Wiki: Cary is unable to join us today, and I'm his designated substitute
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[09:00am] jayansonw: standing by! (there's another jw!)
[09:00am] Philippe|Wiki: This morning our guest is Jay Walsh, the Wikimedia Foundation's Head of Communications, and all around good guy.
[09:01am] jayansonw: You're too kind
[09:01am] Philippe|Wiki: He'll take your questions, and possibly even make you a latte, because he's that kinda guy.
[09:01am] Bilyeu: '
[09:01am] Philippe|Wiki: If you'd do me a favor and preface your question with "QUESTION:", that'll keep track
[09:01am] Philippe|Wiki: I'll keep a lineup and then let feed the questions as he finishes.
[09:01am] • jayansonw nods
[09:01am] Philippe|Wiki: With that in mind, Jay, do you want to make an opening comment, or jump right to questions?
[09:02am] jayansonw: hmmm
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[09:02am] jayansonw: Well thanks Philippe for taking the time to help out. And thanks everyone for stopping by. I've been wanting to do IRC office hours for quite some time
[09:03am] jayansonw: I've seen some great conversations posted and I'm just happy to see it works so well.
[09:03am] jayansonw: That's about it!
[09:03am] Amgine: QUESTION: what are the current WMF public relations initiatives? (aside from office hours, of course)
[09:03am] jayansonw: and there's Moka, who is the Foundation's first communications officer
[09:03am] Philippe|Wiki: Amgine's question is first, Jay, so have at it
[09:03am] jayansonw: Sure
[09:03am] Philippe|Wiki: Ah yes, the lovely and talented Moka
[09:04am] mokapantages:
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[09:04am] mokapantages: hiya. thanks, guys.
[09:04am] jayansonw: initiatives... well, in PR you can refer to all our communications work, or some of our more public relations focussed work, but I think we kind of use that interchangeably here
[09:05am] jayansonw: We do have some specific initiatives - right now, based on stuff you might have read or seen, you're probably aware of some work we're doing with a group of PR consultants here in the US - we're tackling primarily support for the annual giving campaign
[09:07am] jayansonw: but close to that we're also looking at trying to shift the tone of media coverage about the Foundation and the projects. We'd like to do that by establishing a strategy to make it easier for strong voices out there, thought-leaders you might say, to say wonderful things about the work of the projects. what they mean to the world
[09:08am] jayansonw: There's all sorts of coverage about things like flagged revs, this article says this, is Wikipedia trustworthy, but we'd like to increase attention on the much bigger picture of how Wikipedia is changing society and the internet. We think that's pretty huge, and at the highest level we'd like to think about how to make more stories like that appear out there.
[09:09am] Philippe|Wiki: (procedural: questions queue is empty. Submit 'em, or I'll make 'em up, and if I make 'em up, they're mostly gonna be about the weather....)
[09:09am] Amgine: <grin> I could ask questions all hour...
[09:09am] Philippe|Wiki: Shocked.
[09:09am] • Jamesofur just got here give him a chance!
[09:10am] jayansonw: And alongside that the communications team is thinking really, really hard about the best ways to help the communications and PR folks in chapters and projects around the world, in dozens of languages, do their work better. It's easy to just say 'hey, the chapters can do communications work in this region' but in reality I know, we know, that there's so much we can do to help everyone - and help all of us help ev
[09:10am] jayansonw: else.
[09:10am] Philippe|Wiki: Jay, a question that was submitted by IM: QUESTION: Can you tell us about Wikipedia Forever? What lead to that, and is it a good campaign, in your opinion?
[09:10am] jayansonw: (beyond that - we're obsess a lot about the 'brand' of the Foundation, the projects - how to think strategically about the decisions we make from a communications perspective, how to stay consistent and on-message)
[09:11am] jayansonw: sure thing
[09:11am] jayansonw: Per previous words above, WP Forever comes from our broader thinking about how to help the bigger picture thinking around both Wikipedia and the WMF
[09:12am] jayansonw: In communications and marketing (and on the projects, during the giving campaign, we really are in the marketing business - trying to tell a story with a small amount of space) you have to think about ways to present big ideas that align with your audience
[09:12am] Natalie: I think it's interesting that it's largely been dropped from all public-facing banners.
[09:13am] Natalie: At least the uncollapsed versions.
[09:13am] jayansonw: It's still in the mix, but it's seen less - yes
[09:13am] Natalie: Because it was largely ineffective.
[09:13am] Natalie: Will there be a performance review of the hired PR team?
[09:13am] Amgine: QUESTION: The vast majority of WMF concentration is on WP. Sue Gardner suggested the focus of the WMF should be where the least effort can have the greatest effect. Doesn't this suggest the sister projects should be getting some of that PR lovin'? (eg: the sister projects ended up with WP logos, there are no project donation pages, etc.)
[09:13am] Philippe|Wiki: Natalie, I'll stick that question in the queue
[09:13am] Natalie: Ta.
[09:14am] Philippe|Wiki: Before Amgine, we have one other one:
[09:14am] Philippe|Wiki: Actually, let's take Amgine's, while I get clarification on the other
[09:14am] Philippe|Wiki: from Amgine: QUESTION: The vast majority of WMF concentration is on WP. Sue Gardner suggested the focus of the WMF should be where the least effort can have the greatest effect. Doesn't this suggest the sister projects should be getting some of that PR lovin'? (eg: the sister projects ended up with WP logos, there are no project donation pages, etc.)
[09:15am] jayansonw: We have a highly complex audience through the banners and in general. maybe one of the most broad of any project online. -everyone- spends time in front of our projects, so we have to develop big ideas that resonate. WP forever is part of an idea to find a concept that resonates with users and hits an emotional chord. It wasn't an idea that simply came from our consultants, we developed it together.
[09:15am] Philippe|Wiki: (sorry, Jay, I stepped on your answer)
[09:15am] jayansonw: oh, this Q is in relation to the campaign specifically?
[09:15am] Amgine: No.
[09:16am] jayansonw: (and yes re: the PR team there was a detailed call for proposals that included performance metrics that we would need to see met)
[09:16am] Natalie: Will those metrics be made public?
[09:16am] Natalie: Or rather, how will the community know if the PR team is meeting its goals?
[09:16am] jayansonw: I don't think the Foundation, nor communications, put a lot more focus on WP than the other projects, if you appreciate that the work we're actively doing isn't just the annual giving campaign.
[09:17am] Natalie: Well, that's simply not true.
[09:17am] Philippe|Wiki: Natalie, I'll add that to the question you've got queue'd up
[09:17am] Natalie: Look at the front of
[09:17am] Natalie: What does it say in huge letters?
[09:17am] Natalie: WIKIVERSITY FOREVER? I think not.
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[09:18am] Natalie: I don't really have an issue with giving most of the attention to WP, but don't be dishonest about it.
[09:18am] Philippe|Wiki: OK, I'm going to ask for chatter/cross-talk in #wikimedia-office-talk
[09:18am] Natalie: It's not anywhere near equal time for the various projects.
[09:18am] nihiltres: ++
[09:18am] Philippe|Wiki: Natalie, please don't accuse people of dishonesty. it's not helpful.
[09:18am] Natalie: I'm not accusing anyone of anything.
[09:18am] Natalie: But there's a direct quote up there that's not based in reality.
[09:19am] jayansonw: and Amgine, we work closely with people from all of the projects. outside of the AGC we're involved with volunteers directly, and most volunteers work on several projects. We want to be part of what individual volunteers believe in and are engaged with. The real challenge is dividing up our limited resources to support everything. And a lot of our energy is focussed on answering media responses and inquiries - an
[09:19am] jayansonw: you can imagine, the majority of those deal with Wikipedia. But that's changing I think
[09:19am] jayansonw: Natalie - does it say wikiversity forever now on the front page of the project?
[09:19am] Natalie: Of which project?
[09:20am] jayansonw: on wikiversity, actually i see no banner there right now. hmm
[09:20am] Natalie: I'm talking about things like
[09:20am] Natalie: You can't say that projects are given equal time or even mostly equal time.
[09:20am] Natalie: It's simply isn't true.
[09:20am] Natalie: It
[09:20am] jayansonw: no, we don't do equal time to the projects. it's true. i give most of my time to the Wikimedia foundation and the broad movement
[09:21am] Natalie: And, in general, the WMF focuses primarily on WP.
[09:21am] Natalie: For better or worse, that's the reality.
[09:21am] Philippe|Wiki: Natalie, is that a statement or a question?
[09:21am] jayansonw: and for the AGC I know Rand responded to a lot of that early feedback and we adjusted to move towards broader messages.
[09:21am] Natalie: Philippe|Wiki: Mostly a statement.
[09:21am] Natalie: omg -talk
[09:21am] Philippe|Wiki: Then let's take it to talk pls
[09:22am] jayansonw: i don't disagree, natalie, but at the end of the day, i talk about the movement way more than Wikipedia. I'm asked about Wikipedia a lot, but I want to bring people to the movement
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[09:22am] jayansonw: the foundation's mission is about a movement, and wikipedia, yeah, with 95% of the traffic is a big part of it, in the most languages
[09:22am] Philippe|Wiki: Our next question is from Bilyeu: Can you give your opinion on the reported drop in editors (refercing the NY Times/Ortega report)? Jay, feel free to finish your comment, but then let's move on. We can come back to this if there's time.
[09:22am] jayansonw: I'd like to say though, this is a topic we discussed every day, maybe every hour at the foundation.
[09:23am] jayansonw: oh, the Wall Street Journal story
[09:23am] Philippe|Wiki: Sorry
[09:23am] Philippe|Wiki: WSJ
[09:23am] Philippe|Wiki: That was my mistake, not Bilyeu's
[09:23am] Bilyeu: I read it from BBC
[09:23am] jayansonw: yeah, what to say about that... well if you're asking for official comment than clearly the thing is we don't believe Dr. Ortega's research is framed up quite correctly, and the dramatic claims aren't consistent with our research
[09:24am] Philippe|Wiki: Well that begs the question.....?
[09:24am] jayansonw: But we do recognize there's a plateau/decline situation.
[09:24am] Bilyeu: I think yes
[09:24am] nihiltres: it's not sensational.
[09:24am] jayansonw: So that's official response, but in general It hink it's unfortunate how easy it is for these stories to get traction around the world - the good news is that Erik and Erik (how cute is that?) had a great blog post that also got traction, and I think people want to know there's more to this story. The media makes their dough on exploring the pain of industry, not the constant success
[09:25am] nihiltres: (sorry if I'm being awkward: IRC on iPod is tricky)
[09:25am] Natalie: Not very cute, just confusing.
[09:25am] Philippe|Wiki: Natalie....
[09:25am] jayansonw: yeah, it's a complex story - and I'm glad that the media is telling some stories. We could be out of sight and out of mind, but people recognize an idea like the decline of wikipedia isn't good. that's why it's a big, big story
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[09:26am] jayansonw: it's also not simple enough to slap up a chart and call it a day. it's an invitation for the foundation and our supporters to come out and talk about the bigger story - ask bigger questions, and we think about the big work that people like Philippe and Eugene are involved in
[09:27am] jayansonw: So I'm thrilled that we're actually big, big time involved in finding an answer to that problem. In Communications you're in the sweet spot when you say "we are obsessed with that question and that challenge, and we don't have the answers yet, but we're working on it"
[09:27am] Philippe|Wiki: The next question was Natalie's: Regarding the evaluation of the PR campaign: Will those metrics be made public? Or rather, how will the community know if the PR team is meeting its goals?
[09:27am] jayansonw: I'm happy to see that our chapters, community, staff, board etc are able to keep focussed on the big story
[09:28am] jayansonw: the biggest metric for the PR team is fundraiser performance
[09:28am] Amgine: <blinks> No it isn't.
[09:28am] Natalie: Hold on a minute.
[09:28am] jayansonw: so you can imagine that's part of the picture
[09:28am] Natalie: The fundraising banners that the PR team created didn't work nearly as well as the current designs.
[09:28am] jayansonw: no it really is, it's a shared part of the pie.
[09:28am] Natalie: Who created the current desigsn?
[09:28am] Natalie: designs
[09:29am] jayansonw: natalie: it isn't simply the fact that a PR team got together, gave us a set of words and images to use and set us off
[09:29am] Natalie: I don't really like the idea of a PR team getting credit when their idea was quite simply awful and largely scrapped.
[09:29am] Amgine: Uhm, it's a shared part of the pie, but measuring the impact of a given campaign is completely separate from the overall initiative.
[09:29am] Natalie: Because, as I see it, for all intents and purposes, WP4EVA is a relic.
[09:29am] jayansonw: we work with them every day, and we have collaborative discussions about what's working, what's resonating, what needs tweaking. they give us experienced feedback and help shape the direction with us
[09:29am] Natalie: A shell of a bad idea that still lingers on some donation pages.
[09:30am] Jamesofur: though that begs the question if we are planning on bring that back
[09:30am] jayansonw: well, i disagree with that natalie. those words were put in place to set us on a course for a big idea. not just 'wikipedia forever' as a central idea, but getting users and people in media and outside to think bigger, share a bigger vision
[09:31am] Amgine: Natalie: We don't have the data in front of us. For all we know, WP4EVA may have been very effective.
[09:31am] nihiltres: new question, can't submit elsewhere because of bad support on iPod: any plans for work on social usability as well as technical?
[09:31am] Philippe|Wiki: Thanks, nihiltres: it's in the queue
[09:31am] Natalie: Amgine: The data is largely on WMFwiki.
[09:31am] Natalie:
[09:31am] jayansonw: and those things don't necessarily work over night or in 3 weeks. but obvioulsy we're totally focussed on using strong messaging on the campaign. that's a day by day test space.
[09:31am] Amgine: <nods> Well, *I* don't have the necessary click data/traffic overlays to see much of anything there.
[09:31am] Natalie: Seems fairly clear that "Look at what you've done"-type banners didn't work well.
[09:32am] Natalie: And the ones with a clear "donate now" message/button have worked well.
[09:32am] Natalie: Is this in dispute by anyone?
[09:32am] jayansonw: And more importantly, Fenton is working with us on the bigger, broader question of how to set the stage for better media coverage and to help us get to bigger ideas. those are tougher goals to understand, so that might mean we're looking for more generally positive media coverage in the new year, or some big signature stories that shed new light on the movement. One or more of those things unfolding we show that
[09:32am] jayansonw: having some success in these efforts
[09:32am] Philippe|Wiki: Natalie, I really want to make sure that eveyrone gets a chance to ask any questions, so I'm going to table this one after Jay finishes his comment.... again, we can return if there's extra time. I have two in the queue.
[09:33am] Jamesofur: I actually love the donor comment ones
[09:33am] Philippe|Wiki: Amgine submitted this, with the disclaimer that it's a confrontational question: Okay: QUESTION: There seems to be an active branding initiative to conflate "wiki movement" with the Wikimedia Foundation. Can you confirm that is a PR goal?
[09:33am] jayansonw: And I'm not the single voice on the campaign either - it's not a one person decision. Lots of people working on this every hour of every day
[09:33am] jayansonw: to 'conflate wiki movement'
[09:33am] jayansonw: hmm
[09:34am] jayansonw: how do you mean, amgine?
[09:34am] Natalie: I'm out, actually. Thanks, Jay.
[09:34am] jayansonw: no problem - thanks for coming
[09:34am] Philippe|Wiki: Natalie, as always it, was..... fun.
[09:35am] jayansonw: do you mean some notion of diminishing each indivdiual projects presence/visibility?
[09:35am] Philippe|Wiki: Jay, Amgine just submitted another question in #talk, but I've pointed him back here
[09:36am] Amgine: Jayansonw: Several times you've used the phrase "the movement". Other interviews the speakers have said "the wiki movement" in reference to WMF.
[09:36am] jayansonw: I'm happy to speak to the general notion of promoting a 'brand' idea
[09:36am] jayansonw: right right
[09:36am] Amgine: (sorry, running several conversational threads, and I'm a slow typist)
[09:36am] jayansonw: the thing about the movement is that it speaks to what the Foundation is involved in supporting
[09:37am] Amgine: Which?
[09:37am] jayansonw: When you have people's attention for 30 seconds (which reporters, possible funders, business partners etc) it's impossible to run down through each and every project of the foundation and what we do
[09:38am] jayansonw: We don't want to, nor do we ever instictively try to, just say 'look, we are all about Wikipedia and some other stuff' - so we talk about what the Foundation's work means towards a movement, the collective energy of tens of thousands of volunteers working on many projects in our space that share a common goal
[09:38am] Philippe|Wiki: The next question (take it at your leisure, Jay, when you've completed this one) is from nihiltres: QUESTION: any plans for work on social usability as well as technical?
[09:39am] jayansonw: we know that's where growth is - in everything. that's where energies are spent. It's kind of like any other non profit talking about just one program they offer - they generally want to talk about th epositive difference they're making overall
[09:40am] jayansonw: social usability, that's interesting. Probably not a lot of plans directly within communications, but certainly we'll be closely following any work that unfolds. People want to know
[09:40am] Philippe|Wiki: Next question was submitted by IM: QUESTION: What’s next for communications? Where do you see yourself (and Moka) spending time over the next year or two?
[09:41am] jayansonw: I'm personally quite obsessed with the basic technical challenges we face in our projects, and how so much change could take place in our big picture goals with tech improvements and more examination of the social barriers. That's a fantastic story. It's the stuff we can get to work on now (and we are)
[09:41am] jayansonw: I see myself spending too much time at our little desk space, or at home, staring at email and mailing lists talking to people all over the world - reporters and volunteers (which of course is the whole reason for having a job like this)
[09:42am] Philippe|Wiki: Care to expand on that?
[09:42am] jayansonw: but strategically, I think most of our time will be spent continuing to labor over the idea of helping really big, engaging and appealing stories make it into the media sphere
[09:42am] mokapantages: and i think to jay's earlier point, one of my goals as i lean more about the chapters is to start working more closely there proving more support
[09:42am] jayansonw: Philippe: just providing a literal sense of where I see myself/us - doing a lot of reading/writing, but that's what we're here for and it's what we love to do
[09:43am] Philippe|Wiki: Another from the prolific Amgine (at your convenience): QUESTION: Social Software seems to be a growing part of WMF strategy. Are there initiatives which will be implemented?
[09:43am] nihiltres: got to go soon, thanks Jay, Phillippe
[09:44am] Philippe|Wiki: Thanks nihiltres
[09:44am] jayansonw: totally yes - moka and I have been talking about this a lot. What services and tools are we missing to support the chapters - people doing the exact same work as us? What can we do to help? It's a huge and complex challenge to have a distributed system of communications like this, with so few people to support it. but it's a huge opportunity. If everyone supporting the cause had better tools, more information, m
[09:44am] jayansonw: consistency, we'd do more with less!
[09:44am] jayansonw: I can only imagine the strategy folks are looking at the questions around social media - I haven't read all the proposals
[09:44am] Philippe|Wiki: We are
[09:44am] jayansonw: Philippe - I'm going to get a download from you over lunch on that
[09:45am] Philippe|Wiki: Sweet.
[09:45am] jayansonw: There's just no way you can be involved in communications without deeply understanding social media
[09:45am] jayansonw: newspapers decline, classic media is evolving or getting hard to work with
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[09:46am] Philippe|Wiki: There are some great discussions about this happening in the "Community Health "task force on strategy wiki (
[09:46am] jayansonw: and yet there are millions of actively communicating people now taking up that new space. It's astonishing. This is what communications is about now. We can have a hundred thousands conversations, even if it's still mostly just say say say. We can listen immediately and respond and say more, or answer more correctly what WMF is doing. At the end of the day our project communication space is absolutely breaking
[09:46am] jayansonw: ground in this area
[09:46am] Philippe|Wiki: Also has come up for the Technology and Quality task forces, I believe
[09:46am] mokapantages: and with the fundraiser, one if my main goals is to get the SM tools up and running looking at ways we can use them best
[09:47am] Philippe|Wiki: Next QUESTION: how does Communications Committee - and other community-based communications-related processes - fit with your role as WMF Communications Officer? (NB: He's the Head of Communications, which is I think what the questioner meant: Moka is the Communications Officer, as I understand it. But I could be wrong.)
[09:47am] jayansonw: that's good to know. I think our community has milked the wiki for so, so so much power. But there have to be new and better ways to do some communicating more efficiently. or do we have everything we need? Maybe, maybe not
[09:47am] jayansonw: cool - who asked that pw?
[09:47am] Philippe|Wiki: <grin> Amgine.
[09:47am] jayansonw: or from the ether
[09:47am] jayansonw: heh
[09:48am] jayansonw: comcom has always been this massive, essential resource for me personally
[09:48am] Philippe|Wiki: (BTW, the questions queue is empty, for anyone who has one they've been sitting on. Just send it my way.)
[09:48am] jayansonw: it's a huge braintrust - it's people who know the history of the org and people who know what people all over the world are saying about our projects and our work
[09:48am] Philippe|Wiki: Can you give a feel for who ComCom is?
[09:49am] jayansonw: and historically that group did it all - and they still do a lot of it, though I've worked (I hope) to help the discussion be easier for people, so questions can be asked and people can focus on what they love to and want to do - rather than, say, crafting a press release 12 hours before an announcement
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[09:50am] Philippe|Wiki: wow, wonder how I did that.
[09:50am] jayansonw: comcom is some staff members from WMF, some board members, it's represntatives from each of the projects (almost - I think we're missing some representation) reps from key tactical activities, like translation/technology, and most prominently it's international representatives from all of the regions - the chapters, or in some cases places where we have no chapter
[09:50am] jayansonw: You sneezed?
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[09:51am] Philippe|Wiki: Fired up iTunes
[09:51am] Philippe|Wiki: The questions queue is empty at this point.
[09:52am] Philippe|Wiki: So I'm moving to asking Jay about the weather, unless ya'll come up with something better....
[09:52am] jayansonw: comcom has this name, and it probably has a lot of different perceptions in the community. It's mostly a discussion space though, where I can (or anyone on the list can) ask questions and seek advice from people who've been down a road before. I'd like to help us bring in more communications professionals who wan tto volunteer their time and energy to support us
[09:52am] jayansonw: how is the weather in san francisco, philippe?
[09:52am] Philippe|Wiki: no no, i ask *you* about the weather. But it's warmer here than in Tulsa, which is my home. It's snowing in Dallas and Tulsa
[09:53am] jayansonw: in dallas? shoot
[09:53am] Philippe|Wiki: Jay, could you tell us something about Moka? Or better yet, could she? We'd like to get to know her.
[09:53am] Amgine: Where are you at, Jay?
[09:53am] jayansonw: I gotta get me in front of some snow
[09:53am] jayansonw: I'm in San Francisco too
[09:53am] Philippe|Wiki: I love the fact that she gave Rand a gold-star on his fleece a while back.
[09:53am] jayansonw: Moka moka moka
[09:53am] jayansonw: she's got micro barnstars, look out
[09:53am] mokapantages:
[09:53am] mokapantages: giving him another one
[09:53am] jayansonw: well she's just over a month in the door, more than a week of which I left her alone while I went to japan
[09:53am] mokapantages: soon
[09:53am] Amgine: <was going to ask Jay about the moose>
[09:54am] mokapantages: and you could get one too!
[09:54am] jayansonw: and she was here when I came back!
[09:54am] Philippe|Wiki: moka, I've got a blog post. Would that get me there?
[09:54am] mokapantages: haha. until i'm fired...
[09:54am] jayansonw: there won't be any of that
[09:54am] jayansonw: But moka can you tell us about your first impressions?
[09:54am] mokapantages: re: star for pw. yes!
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[09:54am] jayansonw: even though you weren't necessarily planning to be in the hot seat
[09:54am] Philippe|Wiki: ooooOOOooo, good question for moka from, well, Jay.
[09:55am] mokapantages: hah.
[09:55am] mokapantages: sure
[09:55am] jayansonw:
[09:55am] mokapantages: first: it's been overwhelming. in a good way.
[09:55am] mokapantages: so much to learn and people everywhere to help. from all over the world; it's amazing.
[09:56am] mokapantages: but i think im coming in at a HUGE turning point for the foundation
[09:56am] Amgine: QUESTION (for Moka): Can you describe your position as far as responsibilities?
[09:56am] jayansonw: mmm, good one
[09:56am] mokapantages: sure. and jay can come in bc my main role is to support him
[09:57am] mokapantages: and the overall foundation programs
[09:57am] mokapantages: so, as I'm learning about the organization my role will shift, I'm sure
[09:57am] mokapantages: but first: get social media up and running
[09:58am] mokapantages: and start looking at processes
[09:58am] Amgine: Define social media?
[09:58am] mokapantages: and this is centered around mainly chapters.. how to work more closely and efficiently
[09:58am] Philippe|Wiki: Friends, Romans, and Amgine.... our time here is drawing to a close. Jay, do you have any final comments to make (once Moka has finished, of course)?
[09:59am] mokapantages: as well as look at how we're tracking coverage both SM and traditional
[09:59am] mokapantages: nope, I'm cool
[09:59am] mokapantages: thanks, philippe!
[10:00am] jansonw joined the chat room.
[10:00am] Amgine: I'd still like to know how you're defining social media?
[10:00am] Philippe|Wiki: Poor Jay fell off the channel
[10:00am] mokapantages: oh!
[10:00am] mokapantages: sorry
[10:00am] Philippe|Wiki: oh, he's back.
[10:00am] jayansonw left the chat room. (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[10:00am] mokapantages: missed that
[10:00am] jansonw: whoops
[10:00am] jansonw is now known as jayansonw.
[10:00am] jayansonw: I missed stuff, but I said this - disconneted
[10:00am] mokapantages: sure
[10:00am] jayansonw: jayansonw: absolutely - but also moka is super experienced. she's got really cool skills that I don't have
[10:00am] jayansonw: :[09:58am] jayansonw: so although there's so much to get done - lots and lots of media contact every day, lots of support needed in fundraising, business development, legal areas, people speaking abroad - she's here to really drive and manage stuff, not just get it done
[10:00am] jayansonw: :[09:59am] jayansonw: We have that kind of a situation on our hands. We didn't just need someone to read the newspaper in our office we needed someone who could apply years of experience to complex challenges
[10:00am] jayansonw: and i missed moka's comment and I've got to boost soon - but i'll hold on
[10:00am] Philippe|Wiki: Jay, I was just asking you for a closing statement
[10:00am] mokapantages: regarding SM: the way we'd like to use it
[10:01am] mokapantages: oh, we'll take this offline, amgine
[10:01am] mokapantages: if you like
[10:01am] Philippe|Wiki: Or ya'll can stay here.
[10:01am] jayansonw: or we could blog about it!
[10:01am] Philippe|Wiki: but office hours will officially end after Jay wraps us up
[10:01am] Amgine: mokapantages: I'll be here after.
[10:01am] mokapantages: ok
[10:01am] mokapantages: :_
[10:01am] mokapantages:
[10:01am] Philippe|Wiki: heh smiley-fail
[10:01am] jayansonw: This has been great - thanks Philippe, and thanks to those who had some spicy questions, and for thoughtful stuff that I know is hugely important to our volunteers
[10:02am] Amgine: <possibly in multiple guises if I get the other computer working again>
[10:02am] mokapantages: hah. ok. should i wait?
[10:02am] jayansonw: I just want to say that this conversation goes on and on every day we work. Sometimes we have it on irc, sometimes on lists, sometimes email or in person. but it's all about conversations. so it's good to carve out time and do it this way. We'll do it again soon!
[10:02am] Amgine: Wait till Jayansonw goes away, so we can talk about him behind his back.
[10:03am] jayansonw: yeah - let's blog in a few days, or talk about me behind my back but i have to get into the office
[10:03am] Amgine: heh.
[10:03am] Philippe|Wiki: Ladies, and gentlemen, that will do it for today. As always I'll put up a log on meta, but in the meantime, thanks for being here and for your questions. Cary will send out an announcement about the next victim guest shortly.
[10:03am] mokapantages: hah! he's omnipresent... it wont work
[10:03am] Philippe|Wiki: **** END OF LOG ****