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User appointedEdit

Thanks to everybody who volunteered to take on the role and everybody else who provided feedback. After discussion amongst the group contacts, we have appointed Harej to be the new channel contact. We thank and welcome Harej.

Rjd0060 20:21, 22 July 2009 (UTC)

Interested usersEdit

The users listed below have volunteered to take on the role of channel contact. If you have concerns (reasons a candidate would not be suitable) regarding any of them please contact a GC privately, or as a group via email to irc-contacts-owner lists wikimedia org. Please do this by July 20, 2009. Shortly thereafter we will announce the new contact.

  1. User:Bjweeks ("bjweeks" on IRC)
  2. User:Chase me ladies, I'm the Cavalry ("TheCavalry" on IRC)
  3. User:Harej ("Harej" on IRC)
  4. User:Juliancolton ("JulianC93" on IRC)
  5. User:Ryan Postlethwaite ("Ryanposs" on IRC)
  6. User:Seddon ("Seddon" on IRC)

Thank you.
Rjd0060 00:21, 16 July 2009 (UTC)

Invitation for volunteersEdit

The #wikipedia-en-admins channel has not had an actual channel contact or “founder” in quite a while. While this has caused no severe issues within the channel, it is not an ideal situation. Currently, the only people who have complete technical control over the channel are the group contacts. Given that the role of the group contact within specific channels has always been deliberately limited (because of reasons explained here) it should be easy to see why the group contacts would rather find a suitable candidate to run the channel on a day to day basis.

The channel contact will, in addition to overseeing the channel operations, manage the channel operator team who in turn assist in managing channel access and issues when they arise. Users in the position should be able to work well with the channel operators, group contacts and channel users alike as well as maintain a sufficient amount of availability to carry out those tasks. The only other requirement is, of course, that the user have access to the #wikipedia-en-admins channel as an administrator on the English Wikipedia or have access for one of the other reasons outlined at IRC/wikipedia-en-admins/Policy ratification.

Interested persons are invited to privately contact the group contact team via the methods outlined below. Please do this by July 16, 2009. Shortly after we reach that deadline the group contacts will post a list of interested parties and invite comments from the channel users via an IRC meeting or other process.

If you have any questions or to state your interest, contact the group contacts:

or contact a GC individually:

  • Cbrown1023 – email / kibble on IRC
  • Dungodung – email / dungodung on IRC
  • Rjd0060 – email / Rjd0060 on IRC
  • Sean Whitton – email / seanw on IRC

Please watchlist this page for further updates.

For the Wikimedia IRC group contacts,
Rjd0060 14:03, 1 July 2009 (UTC)