Administrators on Wikimedia wikis may have access to the #wikimedia-adminconnect IRC channel.

Purpose of the channelEdit

The purpose of this channel is to coordinate cross-wiki administrative efforts. Admins can share data on disruptive users, organize anti-vandalism and anti-spam work, and so on. Additionally, new administrators may seek help with their tools here.

As such, while all administrators are welcome to join, doing so is likely to be useful only to those involved in multiple wikis in some fashion: SWMT, stewards, multilingual/multiwiki administrators, etc.

Gaining AccessEdit

The channel is invite-only. You must have a registered nickname to gain access, and you must have a cloak to get an invite exemption.

"Access" refers to flags set on your IRC account. To enter the channel using your access: /msg chanserv invite #wikimedia-admin (in some clients you will also have to /join #wikimedia-admin after ChanServ invites you in)
You need a registered nickname before you ask for access.
Invite exemption
An "invite exemption" (or "invex") is a channel mode set on your cloak which allows you to bypass the above procedure. Simply /join #wikimedia-admin.
You need a cloak before you ask for an invex.

If you have neither access nor an invite exemption, any user in the channel may let you in temporarily (using /invite nick), however you will have to contact one of the following users to gain permanent access + invex:

Main nick Username Cloak
Az1568 Az1568 *!*@wikimedia/Az1568
Barras Barras *!*@wikimedia/barras
cameron11598 cameron11598 *!*@wikipedia/Cameron11598
DerHexer DerHexer *!*@wikimedia/DerHexer
dungodung Dungodung *!*@wikimedia/dungodung
mardetanha Mardetanha *!*@wikipedia/mardetanha
Matiia Matiia *!*@wikimedia/Matiia
MF-W MF-Warburg *!*@Wikimedia/MF-Warburg
snowolf Snowolf *!*@wikimedia/Snowolf
Savh Savh *!*@wikimedia/Savh
Trijnstel Trijnstel *!*@wikipedia/Trijnstel


To assist in urgent situations, the following stalkwords are used in the channel (in addition to the standard ones):

Specific wiki !admin@... - see IRC stalkwords for construction
Urgent assistance from stewards
Any steward !steward reason

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