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<Jersey> i can't speak like a fucking educated person all the time
<CharlieEchoTango> yeah exactly.. fucking education sucks yo
<Gfoley> !rights Gfoley4
<+Helpmebot> The user rights for User:Gfoley4 are: accountcreator, reviewer, 
<Netalarm> I have a dream
<Netalarm> That one day Gfoley will have rights
<Gfoley> O.O
<Gfoley> I have rights
<Netalarm> That people in this nation will be judged not by the color of 
their skin, but by their
Wikipedia rights
* Ktr101 Party s
<Party> time
* IShadowed dances
*la_pianista hands IShadowed her banana suit
<IShadowed> I like my sex like I like my marathons
<IShadowed> Dressed in a banana suit
<la_pianista> oh crap I changed my clothes
<barts1a> MAJOR WP:OWN problem
<Fluffernutter> la_pianista: does that happen often without you realizing it?
<la_pianista> zomg I changed my sitting position
<la_pianista> the clothes gnomes dress me every morning
<Ktr101> so do kiwis have a furry fetish?
<sonia> no...
<Ktr101> since kiwis are fuzzy
<Hydriz> that is why most females are admins
<Hydriz> they use the mop
<Hydriz> when they are older, the mop becomes real
<Hydriz> and they start mopping the floor
<yetanotherx> "per" is soooo misused.
<yetanotherx> "per not enough experience"
<yetanotherx> "per WP:NOTNOW"
<harej> per manganate
<yetanotherx> perchloride
<harej> percussion
<yetanotherx> peroxide
<Dragonfly6-7> per ineum
<harej> pervert.
<bishonen> pert
<yetanotherx> percent
<Dragonfly6-7> per rywhite
<yetanotherx> perspective
<harej> peripheral
<yetanotherx> pér, Hungary
<Dragonfly6-7> per sianpoetgirl
<bishonen> shut up perforce!
<yetanotherx> per-capita income
<harej> permission to post this on bash?
<PeterSymonds> Ban hm
<PeterSymonds> Ban him *
<Barras> him*
<Barras> :p
<PeterSymonds> Ah but it doesn't count.
<Barras> It does, and I really enjoy it lol
<PeterSymonds> Tsk, Germans.
<PeterSymonds> ;-)
* Barras gives PeterSymonds some English lessons. :p
<PeterSymonds> :-ppp
<Gordonrox24> Fuck my eye it's been twitching all week.
<Gordonrox24> Well don't fuck my eye... but... I'll be quiet now.
<sonia> Gordonrox24: estoy embarazado
<nixon-> sonia: embarazada* xD
<nixon-> embarazado = a man pregnant
<sonia> nixon-: how do you know I'm not a pregnant man?
<nixon-> because your nick sounds girly (?)
* sonia [~openstrin@wikipedia/sonia] is now known as sonio
<sonio> nixon-: now I'm a pregnant man
<nixon-> :O
<nixon-> sonio: I knew it!
<la_pianista> o.O
<la_pianista> I walk away from a few seconds, and sonia has become male
<Ironholds> fuck NEWT and its participants with 30-feet double-ended dildos 
coated in acid and razor wire
<Ironholds> in the ARSE
<Ironholds> for all eternity
<Ironholds> while their mouths are filled with 3000 degree celcius demon 
<Ironholds> not that I'm bitter, or anything
<Fluffernutter> i'd be a lot more popular if i had five pounds of mary jane 
and not five pounds of mary janes
<Dcoetzee> I'm already pirating My Little Pony, bringing down the government 
is the next logical step, right?
<killiondude> a wild J_Milburn appears!
* J_Milburn uses reasonable arguments!
* J_Milburn [~chatzilla@wikipedia/j-milburn] is now known as Drama
* Drama is not affected.
<Ironholds> you'd be suprised how useless knowing the jabberwocky is for 
            picking up girls
<Ironholds> you'd think that announcing "hey, which of you lovely ladies wants 
            to see my vorpal sword?" would work, but no.
<Fluffernutter> Ironholds: Have you tried asking to see their frumious 
                bandersnatches, instead?
<Ironholds> no, I shun those
<wctaiwan> strangest discussion about pickup lines, ever.
Sven_Manguard> It's never a good sign when you submit an FfD with the deletion 
rationale "Photo of uploader's penis. As if the copyvios weren't enough."
<Ironholds> somebody get me a bloody API query
<tommorris> Ironholds: hacking on the Help version history stuff now
<Ironholds> tommorris: I love you and shall have your babies
<Ocaasi> have you two ever, ya know, collaboratively edited an article 
off-wiki without pants?
<sumon> i want 2 be a porn actor
<foks> Excuse my shift key, he's not with it tonight
<Fluffernutter> your shift key has a gender?
<foks> Unfortunately.
<foks> Always getting down with the caps lock
<foks> Says she's got a hold on him
<Ironholds> foks: they need some spacebar
<foks> Yeah. He needs to control himself
<foks> I'm keeping a tab on both of them
<quanticle> Dammit, Google! Stop autocorrecting me!
<quanticle> I *want* to search for "Eric Cuntor"
<quanticle> Fuck, that's going on m:bash, isn't it?
<Fluffernutter> is now
<Theo10011> Beria srsly do you mind not talking about sodomizing me!?
<kylu> so's okay if I do?
<Beria> you are trying to make me a lesbian
<Beria> why can't i try to sodomize you?
<Shearonink> I'm not saying how many degrees I have...
<Logan_> 180?
<Earwig> he's a line?
<Logan_> er, 360?
<Logan_> a circle now, clearly
<Earwig> er
<Earwig> well, then 180 would be a semicircle
<Earwig> depends on what number of degrees actually means
<Logan_> damn it, I'm too tired to process geometry
<Logan_> Shearonink is a parabola. Done.
<Pesky> Dislocations during sex are really funny
<Pesky> "Scuse me while I just put my hip back"
<Earwig>	how do you pronounce "Chzz", btw?
<Logan_>	jizz
<Addihockey10>	Earwig: Like Jizz
<Addihockey10>	OMG
<Earwig>	really, Logan
<Hersfold>	I've always gone "chizz"
<Addihockey10>	Hersfold: Yeah
<Earwig>	I've always gone for "Chuzz"
* Earwig	is alone
<Logan_>	Addihockey10: like, I Chzz
<Addihockey10>	I Chizzed; in my pants!
<Logan_>	*Chzz'd in my pants
<Bsadowski1>	o_O
<Hersfold>	oh god I'm leaving now
<Bsadowski1>	Hersfold!
<Bsadowski1>	NO BUDDY
<Bsadowski1>	NOOO
<Logan_>	Addihockey10: this is...strange
[23:41] <MindyB> I haven't got any 'brains' ... I think they got discontinued. and
[12:27] <MindyB> i have a battery operated tree o/
* You (mikelifeguard) now talking on #wikimedia-stewards
<mikelifeguard> Tanvir: HAY GURL, WHACHU DOIN?
<Tanvir> Hey mikelifeguard, with "HAY GURL", did you say I am a girl?
<mikelifeguard> No, I was just being fabulous.
<mikelifeguard> I don't do that very often :)
<DarkoNeko> wow, you just rainbowed the channel
<DarkoNeko> make it double
<Aranda56> if you are a top computer hacker (like some 4chan and GNAA members are)
 u can hack anybody shit if u want to
<Tanvir> Luk, aet iz æ Teles!
<Teles>  yay!
<Teles>  (I don't know what you said)
<Teles>  oh... I think I got that
<Tanvir> Æt iz sértyfæd Enlisch froum PeterSymonds' Enlisch skool.
<Teles>  google translator won't help
<Tanvir> Gøøglé tranßlátë iz fóöl.
* Tanvir iz en-peter-3.
<Demiurge1000> LikeLakers2-1: Are you trying to make this look like a Pac-man, 
or is it unintentional?
<LikeLakers2-1> LOL DEMIURGE1000
<LikeLakers2-1> Demiurge1000: perm link to that pie chart
(the links have been shortened to avoid length issues)
<quanticle> Ironholds: It's okay, I hold you in utter contempt as well.
<Ironholds> quanticle: you're fired
<quanticle> Ironholds: Do I care?
<Ironholds> probably not. you're re-hired.
<WilliamH_UK> fastest episode of the apprentice ever
<Zidanie5> Is William an old guy with a long white beard on a Tibet mountain in UK?
<Zidanie5> I imagine him that way
<Zidanie5> Legs crossed, admining the world
* WilliamH_UK strokes his beard
<Zidanie5> ^^
* Narodnik (~Severin@wikipedia/Skomorokh) has joined #wikipedia-en-admins
<KFP> Hay Narodnik. 
<KFP> o.o
<Fluffernutter> o_O
<Narodnik> I started typing "hi" but got bored half way.
<tommorris> Wikipedia Asshole 12-Step programme
<tommorris> 1. Admit you are an asshole.
<tommorris> 2. Come to believe that a power greater than yourself can stop you 
    from being an asshole.
<tommorris> 3. Made a decision to turn over one's will to the care of an 
<tommorris> 4. Admitted how much of an asshole we are to the admin.
<tommorris> 5. Provided admin with a full list of diffs of us being an 
<tommorris> 6. Agree to have admin prevent these defects of character from 
    surfacing again.
<tommorris> 7. Humbly ask admin to block our sorry asses.
<tommorris> 8. Make a list of all the newbies we've bitten.
<tommorris> 9. Give newbies WikiLove.
<tommorris> 10. Continue to realise that one may continue being an asshole and 
    try to pre-emptively tell admin to block you before asshole traits come 
<tommorris> 11. Sought absolution through generous donation to the Wikimedia 
<tommorris> 12. Had spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, and 
    decided to spend the rest of one's life answering OTRS questions from 
    disgruntled newbies.
<jps> seriously, I once went up to a teenage girl at 5th and Harrison in San
Francisco, and said, "hey have you ever edited Wikipedia?" and she called me
a meatpuppeteer. I am not making this up
* SigmaWP is happily slaughtering the non-sentient shit-cunt-turd-waffles
<WilliamH_UK> now that's something I won't be putting in my toaster
<bawolff> after fixing that, the error should go away (or at least change to a
different error message)
May 05 08:31:26 <Ironholds>       everyone gets huggles but me
May 05 08:31:29 *       Ironholds pulls out his harmonica
May 05 08:32:37 *       sonia snorgles the Ironholds
May 05 08:34:15 <Ironholds>       what is a snorgle?
May 05 08:34:33 <killiondude>     a pokemon
May 05 08:36:09 <sonia>   Ironholds: it's a mildly aggressive snuggle
May 05 08:36:16 <Ironholds>       why aggressive?
May 05 08:36:23 <Ironholds>       what have I ever done to you but give you legal advice? :(
May 05 08:36:53 <sonia>   because you seemed like the kind of person to appreciate slightly violent snuggling
May 05 08:38:32 <Ironholds>'ve been talking to my ex, haven't you? ;p
May 05 08:39:16 *       sonia neither confirms nor denies this.
May 05 08:40:00 <Ironholds>       well, if you have, tell her she's a bitch and I hope she gets cat AIDS
May 05 08:41:16 <Ironholds>       and if you have not, avoid her
May 05 08:41:24 <Ironholds>       she's a despicable human being, and that's ME saying that
May 05 08:43:31 *       sonia backs away slowly.
May 05 08:45:41 <Ironholds>       sonia: what?
May 05 08:46:37 <Ironholds>       sonia: we dated for five years, from the age of 15. High-school sweethearts, as it were. Then I found out she'd spent those five years cheating on me, lying to me, being jealous of my female friends without ever telling me anything, the whole kit and kaboodle. And I was the one left fucked up. I think I'm fairly justified to wish harm upon her.
May 05 08:46:47 <sonia>
May 05 08:47:38 <Ironholds>       and when I say "lying to me"
May 05 08:47:58 <Ironholds>       I mean "when things went bad, she assured me that we'd try our best to fix stuff, then spent 5 months planning how to dump me without saying a word"
May 05 08:48:25 <Ironholds>       it finally came to a head when we were out on a date one day and I went "things are getting better, right?" and she turned to me and went "yup. You know I'm still dumping you, right?"
May 05 08:48:29 <sonia>   that... really sucks.
May 05 08:48:44 <Ironholds>       tiny bit
May 05 08:48:59 <Ironholds>       suprisingly enough, the list of people I trust in the world numbers 3
May 05 08:49:12 <Ironholds>       and the list of people I respect, 7. She kinda screwed me over.
May 05 08:52:01 <Ironholds>       but hey, water under the bridge