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<flyingparchment>	roots are like chuck norris.  you only 
need one of them for consensus
<ChrisBradley> Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings,
so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.  -[[Socrates]]
<silsor> ChrisBradley, that could be rewritten for us - Employ your time in
improving other men's writings.
<Dank> IRA? Is that the policy that anyone who violates policy should be considered a terrorist?
<Autobot> !steward
<Autobot> how do i become a steward
<dungodung> oh honey... you don't :)
<Keegan> I love pinging Rjd0060 
<Rjd0060> Who doesn't
<Rjd0060> I do it myself sometimes when I'm bored
<Mike_lifeguard> Rjd0060 pings himself when he's bored
<Mike_lifeguard> TMI
<Cream> Ironholds, remember in canada, 10$ gets you a girl on your lap.
<Cream> and it's legal.
<Ironholds> Cream: I've told you before
<Cream> eh?
<Ironholds> you can't use your mum to set price averages. You know she gives 
you the family discount, like she does with her brother
<Cream> fuck you
• The_Thing has a question...
(The_Thing) Why do vandals always seem to like cheese, and almost nothing else?
(MissAlyx|) lol.
(The_Thing) I can't count how many times I've reverted "I LIKE CHEESE" today...
(killiondude) i like cheese.
(killiondude) maybe cheese is what unites the world.
(Luna-San) Screw democracy. I want cheese.
• TenPoundHammer wants cheese too
(killiondude) Say cheese!
([Wordsmith]) L'etat, c'est fromage
(Ironholds) La gloire, c'est fromage!
(Luna-San) Let them eat cheese.
(TenPoundHammer) ah, mon ami, bot I ehm not speakING ze french
(The_Thing) O_O What have I started?
(TenPoundHammer) heh
(killiondude) Viva la revolucion de queso!
(Ironholds) never look a gift cheese in the mouth!
(Luna-San) "Your overconfidence is your weakness." "Your faith in your cheese is yours."
(Ironholds) "I'm sorry, Han. They got cheese just before you did"
(Ironholds) Luke! USE THE CHEESE!
(killiondude) We've started a cheese meme.
(Luna-San) Quick! Everyone go add it to Wikipedia.
Nick» (The_Thing) is now known as ([Cheese])
(TenPoundHammer) so i herd you liek cheez?
(Ironholds) fails WP:NOT#CHEESE
(TenPoundHammer) we're no strangers to cheese... you know the cheese, and so do I...
(killiondude) The cheese is a lie.
(TenPoundHammer) CheeseOn: Apply directly to the forehead. CheeseOn: 
Apply directly to the forehead. CheeseOn: Apply directly to the forehead.
(killiondude) Mouth!
<cary> guillom doesn't have her body in the closet after all.
<guillom> no, her body is currently used by mark & tomasz
<guillom> let me rephrase that immediately
* Mike_lifeguard puts on a disguise
* You are now known as draugefilekim
* derp stalks draugefilekim
* derp disguises too.
* derp is now known as Mike_lifeguard
* Quit Mike_lifeguard!~derp@wikimedia/fail (Disconnected by services
* <draugefilekim> omg, that was fun :D
<WizardOfOz> I look like an average army man
<Ironholds> WizardofOz: thank you for that relevant, interesting and useful comment. 
<Ironholds> further comments of a similar vein can be filed with NAMBLA
<p858snake> see i find it easier to bug people in here...
                             -tech has all the /scary/ people in it 
<Newyorkbrad> On the other hand, some people have a procedural issue with that sort of thing
<Keegan>	I was aware of your poetry and puns, but not of your ability to state the obvious
(from #wikimedia-commons)
<zscout370> Qcoder00, NSFW is also Now Show Friends and Workers
(from #wikimedia-toolserver)
<tsnag> MySQL slave on thyme is WARNING: SLOW_SLAVE WARNING: 
Slave IO: Yes Slave SQL: Yes Seconds Behind Master: 1182  
<darkoneko> WARNING: SLOW_SLAVE <- whip it so it goes faster
(a quiet moment in #wikipedia-en-help)
<Chzz> !sper
<Helpmebot> There are no semi-protected edit requests.
<Chzz> yay woo hoopla \o/ etc.
* Chzz has a cup of tea to celebrate
* Chzz suspects they are talking to themself
<Chzz> !ohai helpmebot
<Helpmebot> ohai yourself; how goes it?
<Chzz> !not too bad; and you?
<Helpmebot> oh, can't complain, you know
* Chzz waits for the men in white coats to arrive
<Jhs> gah, i hate wikipedia some times
<Jhs> i'm sitting here trying to do my home exam, next thing i know i'm reading 
about [[Nauruan language]] in French
<Jhs> AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW FRENCH!!! "#$%¾½@£²¤¡@£
(if you paid attention in high school chemistry, you'll actually get this one)
<One_over_cos_c> I've never used Farmvill
<One_over_cos_c> And I never wille.
<One_over_cos_c> Woah, e skipping
<NuclearWarfare> +e, -e
<NuclearWarfare> It's like electron transfer!
<One_over_cos_c> I just made an ionic bond!
<Alpha_Quadrant>	I am thinking about starting or requesting the start of a 
WikiProject Anti-Backlogs. Where would I do that?
<killiondude>	Wikipedia is a perpetual backlog.
<Alpha_Quadrant>	not if there is wikiproject whose goal is to eliminate them
<Fleetflame>	should we add that to the backlog of proposed wikiprojects?
<Alpha_Quadrant>	no x_x
<Alpha_Quadrant>	because that would be ironic
<topaz>	ironic would be a Wikiproject to abolish Wikiprojects.
<Ottava> "North American Indians often used burning as a form of execution, either against members
         of other tribes or against white settlers during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
         Roasting over a slow fire was a customary method.[7]"
<Ottava> I guess that doesn't really help Cimon's case.
<cimon> Ottava: actually the fact that there were established protocols to deal with how precisely
        the burning was to be executed (a bag of black powder under your chin, if you were a sincere
        heretic, rather than a trolling heretic), tells me there were quite a few.
<Ottava> There were established protocols to deal with ghost attacks.
<Ottava> Doesn't mean they were used regularly.
<cimon> Actually, I think it does.
<Ottava> No
<cimon> Yes
<Ottava> They wrote on things that were rare.
<Ottava> Commonality is denoted by historical records, not by regulations.
<Abortion> stop arguing about pokemon you two
(#wikipedia-en-help, just following a lovely bit of collaboration, where 
two new editors helped each other - so if anyone criticizes this for
us 'daring to have fun', or it being 'inappropriate', well, meh)
<Chzz> !editcount chzz
<Helpmebot> The edit count of [[User:chzz]] is 49759
<Chzz> party time when I hit 50k?
<Chzz> :p
<Chzz> Algebraist can buy the booze
<Algebraist> if you buy the drugs
* Chzz makes some calls
* Helpmebot will bring popcorn
<Avicennasis> 0_o
(from #wikipedia-simple)
<Yottie> so what's been happening on wiki lately
         (except the rfa I've been following) :)
<Chenzw> Yottie: Nothing much (except the rfa that you've been following) :P
<Yottie> lolz :p
<Yottie> Chenzw: I gather that's the main drama at the moment.
<Chenzw> Yup :P
<barras_> Yeah, some drama
<barras_> I missed it so much :P
<Yottie> lol, me too, that's why I'm back ;)
<[Droidsmith]> Lovely, I have no power
<Risker> and what else is new?
<[Droidsmith]> I mean I have no electricity 
<Risker> LOL!  I thought you were speaking of adminship....
<NuclearWarfare> Does anyone know the policy on DRVing DRV closures
<Newyorkbrad> NuclearWarfare: See [[infinite regress]].
<StewardBot> බිඟුවා edited [[Steward requests/Permissions]] with the following
    comment: Added new request
<Shanel> So can anyone see that dudes name
* Pathoschild can. :O
* hoo can't
<Shanel> I send you to investigate.
<mikelifeguard> laze-fail :D
<mikelifeguard> never admit to being unicode-compliant!
<Pathoschild> Hmph.
<Shanel> lol
<Pathoschild> :D
* (long discussion about a recent desysopping.)
<Pathoschild> Neither is it a desysop'able offense to find editing
    irresistable. ;)
<Pathoschild> ...except, apparently, it is.
<Shanel> I'm sure you'll prepare an impassioned speech on looking past our
    differences and working together to build a perfect encyclopedia.
<Pathoschild> {{done}}
<Pathoschild> I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the
    difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream
    deeply rooted in the Wiki dream. I have a dream that one day this wiki will
    rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "The free encyclopedia
    that anyone can edit". I have a dream that one day on the red hills of
    ArbCom the sons of former editors and the sons of former editor
    administrators will be able to sit down at the table of brotherhood.
<The_Thing> O_o
<Shanel> XD
<Pathoschild> I have a dream that one day even the wiki of English, a wiki
    sweltering with the heat of arguments, sweltering with the heat of
    bannings, will be transformed into an oasis of editing and lazing.
<Shanel> lol
<Pathoschild> I have a dream that my little children will one day edit on a
    wiki where they will not be judged by the minorness of their edits but by
    the content of their contributions.
<Pathoschild> I have a dream tonight.
* Shanel demands someone save this beautiful oratory for future generations. :'(
* Prodego assassinates Pathoschild
<Shanel> O_O
<Pathoschild> I have a dream that one day, down in Wikipedia, with its vicious
    trolls, with its arbcom having his lips dripping with the words of blocking
    and banning; one day right there in Wikipedia, little minor editors will be
    able to join hands with little self-blocking administrators as sisters and
* Pathoschild dies.
<Shanel> Continue your speech first.
<Pathoschild> o_o
<Pathoschild> Yes ma'am. :O
<Pathoschild> I have a dream today.
<Prodego> that's true, I'm not supposed to do that until after you finish
<Pathoschild> I have a dream that one day every article shall be exalted, every
    talk and Wikipedia page shall be made low, the contentious issues will be
    made plain, and the unresolved arguments will be made solved, and the
    consensus of the Community shall be revealed, and all monitors shall see it
* Shanel wails dramatically
<Pathoschild> And when this happens, when we allow editing to ring, when we let
    it ring from every talk page and every article, from every wiki and every
    wiki farm, we will be able to speed up that day when all of
    Jimbo (and Larry)'s children, minor editors and self-blocking admins,
    ArbComs and Cabalmen, Stewards and Trolls, will be able to join hands and
    sing in the words of the old Wiki spiritual, "Wiki way! wiki way! thank the
    Community Almight, it's the wiki way!"
* Pathoschild dies.
* Shanel arrests Prodego.
* Prodego confesses, escapes, is recaptured, and dies of hepatitis C.
<Shanel> Truly a Wiki ending.
<Bejinhan> whatever did oiugfy want?
<killiondude> idk. sometimes chinese people come in here to complain about
    their gov's firewall.
<pengo> and we never hear from them again
<shimgray>	it's probably a bad idea to avoid writing about drug 
use at all as a result, though!
<slakr>	...unless of course you're doing so while high, then it's 
<shimgray>	yeah, but so's doing your tax returns
(on the steward channel)
<StewardBot> Barras changed user rights for Tiptoety from sysop to 
sysop, bureaucrat 
with the following comment: per [[Meta:Requests for 
bureaucratship/Tiptoety]] and [[WM:B]]
<Tiptoety> Oh.
<Tiptoety> That was fast.
<Pathoschild> We can do it more slowly, if you'd like.
(on #wikipedia-simple-admins)
<scream> I made an article today!
* Griffinofwales claps
<Brian_S> Casual sex?
<scream> No thank you, but thank you for offering.

(Steven_Zhang) judaism people cant eat bacon<nowiki>]
(The_Thing|Laptop) heh
(Ironholds) and I WOULD hate to miss out on bacon
(Ironholds) "judaism people"?
(Steven_Zhang) idk what they're called.
(IShadowed) XD
(Ironholds) where were you born, Fuckup Alley?
(IShadowed) Jewish?
(Sunderland06) Jewish? :p
(Steven_Zhang) lol
(The_Thing|Laptop) Jewish?
(IShadowed) FAILLLLL
(Steven_Zhang) oh yeah
(Steven_Zhang) lol
(Steven_Zhang) XD
(Ironholds) Steven_Zhang is hereby instructed to sit in the corner with 
a Dunce
 hat on
* KFP	slowly removes firearms and other weapons from the vicinity of 
<stwalkerster>	!trout KFP
* Helpmebot	catches a fresh trout from the river, then slaps KFP 
with it
a few times.
<stwalkerster>	Helpmebot can always go fishing and get more :D
<KFP>	D: We're doomed.
<stwalkerster>	heheh
<imaginewizard>	Hmmm
<imaginewizard>	!trout Helmebot
* Helpmebot	catches a fresh trout from the river, then slaps Helmebot 
with it
a few times.
<imainewizard>	Heh
<imaginewizard>	Oh wait
<imaginewizard>	I spelt it wrong
<imaginewizard>	:(
<stwalkerster>	imaginewizard, try again, but spell it right :P
<KFP>	!trout Helpmebot
* Helpmebot	takes out a somewhat fresh trout from the fish supply, and
smacks KFP with it.
* stwalkerster	chuckles heartily
<imainewizard>	Ha]
<KFP>	Well, I had it coming. :\
* imaginewizard	is pleased he avoided that trap
<imaginewizard>	I smealt something fishy
<imaginewizard>	No pun intented
<Ottava> The US Government should confuse me for someone who 
deserves to be sent a stimulus check for 5 billion dollars
<Ottava> MuZemike, I'd buy you a 20 year supply of muffins
<DiegoGrez>	I haven't ever reviewed a page :P
<DiegoGrez>	(on Wikipedia, I review lots on Wikinews)
<IW|pingme>	On the Russian Wikipedia, pages review you
<CrazySane>	lol @ IW
<IW|pingme>	:)
<KFP>	IW|pingme: No, no. It's the Soviet Wikipedia where they do that!
<KFP>	IW|pingme: Weird place.
(on #wikipedia-simple-admins)
<barras_>	PeterSymonds' gender is unkown... So he is a "it" :p
<barras_>	or she is...
<PeterSymonds>	Does God have a gender?
<barras_>	since it is unknown
<PeterSymonds>	I think not.
<barras_>	lol
<Peter-C> "I am being abused by a admin"
<Peter-C> "Please list where he touched you"
(two minutes later...)
<openstrings> I've had a troll say that I'm using my femininity to 
seduce admins,
but never heard admin abuse used in *that* context
<Peter-C> OMG you're a girl o.o
<Peter-C> Why is it the one I least suspect ><
<openstrings> see, I can't be seducing you if you don't know I'm female,
<mikelifeguard> DarkoNeko: There was lots of off-topic stuff... not that
 it's bad, obviously 
some social lubricant is important AND I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT FISTING
<Dragonfly6-7> Act. React. Behave. Perform.
<Dragonfly6-7> Do something.
<Ashlee> I came.
<topaz> thanks for sharing.
<topaz> but that's a little TMI.
<Ashlee> We're collecting the sum of all human knowledge.
<Dragonfly6-7> so does a rabid dog
<jps> hm. For years 100-900 AD/CE the documented idea of "God" involved 
fewer bits 
than either Pokemon or Transformers did five years after their introduction.
|<-- a7732|hw has left freenode
<CB|AFK> .....?
<Roadgeek_Adam> Best exit message eer
<Roadgeek_Adam> ever*
<CB|AFK> lol
-->| a7732|hw has joined #wiki-hurricanes
killiondude eyes Ktr101.
NA_0 eyes killiondude.
killiondude covers NA_0's eyes.
Ktr101 eyes NA_0
NA_0 feels...eyed
<Amgine> <mounts the campaign for Klingon Wikinews>
<Amgine> Or Lojban, same difference.
<shimgray> klingon lojban!
<Pathoschild> Argh, artificial languages: landmines of the Wikimedia language 
edition debate.
<shimgray> "We have tried to create a language suitable for expressing clear 
and obvious thoughts 
by ensuring that we have removed all the fluffiness and laxness from Klingon"
<shimgray> someone's got to have tried it, god help us
<Crimedog> Without verifiability we can't know if something's "the truth" 
unless "God" edits wikipedia
<TheCavalry> Arguably not even then
<TheCavalry> because it's not in policy
<TheCavalry> possibly OR
<alyxuk> Congrats tomaw, you seem to share the most freenode channels with me!
<alyxuk> we're officialy compatable for a sexual relationship!